11 A Word of Wisdom


The weekend arrived, and as my father had promised, we set off for Lucland. Everyone else went to the city, except for our grandparents who chose to stay at the estate. We didn't go to our mansion because it wouldn't accommodate all of us. Instead, we went to the Stepanov estate, where Lord Newton and his wife were present, making it a suitable alternative.

I found it difficult to concentrate. My desperate desire was to go East and implore Uncle Leo for his assistance. Since I hadn't received any further communication from Sophia, I could only hope that she was safe.

In order not to dampen the mood, I made it my duty to conceal my feelings and fears throughout the weekend.

Harper could see through my pretence, but she allowed me to keep up the charade. Meanwhile, Charlotte, Gemma, and Jewels were preoccupied with plotting ways to sneak off and explore the Islands when we reached Mountain. The triplets were daring and persistent, and I was grateful that they were taking on those
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