Chapter 86


"She's using her ability! Stop her now!" Ferox ordered. Everyone turned their attention to Acacia who was still standing and starting at Marcos head. Only difference was she was shaking and her skin took on a blue tint. It was freaky. The thought didn't cross my mind that she had an ability, clearly she did and it was strong.

The guards charged her. Acacia didn't move until they were almost on her and then she attacked.

Long, jagged icicles sprang from her wrists. She back flipped and stabbed one into the eye of the first guard to close in and another into the heart of the second. The room was so cold now that her chains crumbled to pieces as soon as she yanked them.

"I WILL AVENGE MY LOVE!" Acacia roared viscously. The queen was nothing but pure rage now. A few vampires looked terrified and cautiously made their way to the door.

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