Chapter 87


Cassandra allowed her eyes to bled black and her fangs burst free as all her rage surfaced when she turned back to Catalina. It was time for the princess to die...

"Your mine b**!" Cassandra roared and then she attacked...

Ana Pov

The guards were closing in on Seb and Jace. My instincts to protect them took over. I raised my fingers and four short blasts of lightening shot out and stuck all four vamps with excellent precision. Their bodies exploded into black dust causing Jace and Seb to duck and cover.

Wow, that's new! I have no clue how I did that but it doesn't matter right now. Before they could even stand back up, I launched myself at them, hugging them both a little too hard.

"I'm so happy to see you guys!" I exclaimed

"You too Ana" Jace said with much relief

"Are you okay? Have you been hurt?" S

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