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Naomi knelt down before the Alpha king and gazed up at him with hooded eyes. He looked down at her, angry and waiting. She couldn’t believe she was about to submit to the monster before her, but just for tonight, she would lose herself in the painful pleasure he was offering. “Suck it, you dirty little slut.” He sneered, his manhood bobbing its head in her face. And just like The king ordered, she sucked it like it was her last meal. Naomi was the runt of the pack, tortured and bullied for her weakness. But her stubborn spirit made her never give up. It was her edge, until… It became her downfall. Realizing she was the Alpha king’s mate, the man she hated the most, she rejected him in front of the whole kingdom. But what she didn’t know, you can’t run from destiny. Running from a man who loved to chase his prey. And unluckily for her, the Alpha king, the predator never lets go of what belongs to him. How long would she run for before she’s caught?

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Katlyn Graciale
So far I'm loving the book but I'm not done yet so we'll see what happens but so far it's good
2023-11-26 20:52:21
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Thank you everyone for reading my book... Please if you love this book,don't hesitate to drop your comments! I love you all and our babies love you too!
2023-11-04 14:40:12
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eve korbos
please update more chapters this is great story great writing I've got to admit I love your story terrific I stayed up all night to read all 51 chapters so far so please put up more chapters so we can finish this book
2023-10-22 21:20:50
default avatar
Please finish it it was amazing love to read more books by you
2023-10-22 07:00:53
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Love this storyyy
2023-10-22 07:00:36
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Intrigued, highly recommended.
2023-09-12 04:38:33
user avatar
The story has a really interesting start. I can't wait to see the conflict and drama it holds. And there's already tension. King Seth is hot ...
2023-09-11 14:32:47
100 Chapters
"Where is that crazy slut?!" Thunderous steps echoed as Violet, the beta's sister and a spoiled brat, stormed out of her room.I already knew I was in trouble. Unlike the Beta who was nice, Violet was a rotten egg who wanted everything done for her and always threw tantrums when things don't go her way.I was assigned to serve her along with my normal duties, and it has been hell.Goddess, what did I do this time?"In the kitchen," Bruce, a fellow pack maid like me, snickered, and he and his friends laughed, reveling in the situation.I ignored them, already used to their antics by now. It was a norm to bully me, even among us omegas.Violet stormed into the kitchen, and the moment her eyes landed on me, I knew what was coming."Stupid bitch! How dare you?!" A hard slap landed on my face, the stinging pain echoing in the room. I stumbled back, my hand instinctively flying to my cheek.Laughter and cheers erupted from the maids in the room. I didn't have time to recover as she struck
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The whole hall fell silent as my words echoed in their ears.The Alphas looked at me with rage and shock in their eyes. The Alpha king himself looked at me with an expression I couldn't understand. But I didn't wait for him to speak.No one had ever rejected a king and lived to tell the tale.So, instead, I ran. I ran without looking back. I ran to my house at the edge of the city, away from civilization, and I began to pack my things and my mother's things. It wouldn't take much time before my mother and I are found, so we had to hurry.My mother lay on the bed, her eyes shut, and her fever was high. Dread filled my gut. How would I run away with my mother? I couldn’t just leave her here.I lifted her frail body off the bed, and I hurriedly went to my neighbour's house."What?" My neighbour answered angrily."Please, help me hide my mother for a while. I'll do anything you ask." I pleaded, looking over my shoulder. "Why?" She frowned, suspicious about my actions. "I'll tell you.
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Naomi It has been two years since I became the king’s slave. There are no words to describe how those years have been.There was no more bullying from everyone, but what I experienced was worse. I became invisible. Everyone avoided me. I became lower than dirt, not worthy of contact. The maids who I worked with laughed in my face when they saw me and mocked me with the words I uttered that very day.The Alpha King Seth has been nothing but cold and ruthless. I barely existed to him. I only saw him when I brought his breakfast in the morning and when I gave him his dinner.He barely looked at me, and when I refused to do what he asked, he showed his superiority by locking me up in the cell.But I have been good. My mother’s health was getting better thanks to his treatments. The only reason I did as he told me.I still had the burning hatred for him, and with the contempt in his eyes, I knew he hated my guts too.The only one who showed me a bit of respect was Connor, the beta.But th
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Four. What’s already broken.
I was thrown forcefully into the cell, the guards ignoring my screams for mercy. I did nothing wrong. Why should I be punished?The guards cuffed my hands to the chain in the middle of the room, the whips right in front of me. I have never been flogged with a whip. Oh moon goddess, let this witch not take this too far.I didn’t know what came over me. The minute she locked lips with Seth, I would have left, I should have turned back and walked away. But I just couldn’t, my feet were rooted onto the ground.Brittany came to seal my fate. My mate would never be mine and I would be nothing but a low slave. And she confirmed one thing, Seth didn’t see me as someone worthy of anything. That was the revelation that hurt the most.I shivered as the guard passed in front of me, his hand reaching out to the whip. My bloood ran cold. Oh no no no.“Please!” I pleaded harder, tears running down my face. The guard looked at me with emotionless eyes, and every attempt for mercy flew past him. He wa
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Five. What did you say?
SethIn my twenty seven years of living, power has been my alibi. Born to be the Alpha of all Alphas, I had everything I wanted, but I realised the true power was the one within.Sure, I loved the way people trembled with fear when I spoke, or how the Alphas respected every word that left my mouth. I loved how the normal wolf calls being in my presence an honour. I loved how I slept with a different woman every night, and I loved the worshipping look that swam in their eyes as they choked on my powerful cock.I loved being the Alpha king. But the power I loved more, was the one I cultivated. My emotions were always in check, a skill that made me earn the respect people had, especially the Alphas. Fear was nice, but respect was sweet too.Now imagine how irked I am when this slut in front of me has none of those things for me.The first night I laid my eyes on her, I hated her. My wolf wanted to claim what was his like the feral animal he proved to be most times when he bedded she-wolv
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I fumed as Seth walked out on me. My throat burned with anger and my eyes filled with unshed tears. I hated that man with everything in me.What did he gain from making me feel less than human? It seemed like his kink was getting on my nerves. Unluckily for him, I was done giving a shit. I might be a weak she wolf , but I’m strong in my will.Begrudgingly, I finished up cleaning the room, avoiding the soiled sheets as much as I could and I finished the rest of my chores in a hurry. After my chores every day, I resume hunting for treatment for my mother’s illness. Werewolves hardly fall sick because their wolves help fight every sign of illness even before it grows. But my mum’s wolf died when she lost my dad, and since then, she has been battling with an incurable disease. The only thing keeping her alive was the medication the pack doctor gave us, but she was growing immune to the treatment.I spend most of my free time looking for stronger medication. I have found none yet, but I
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SevenMy plan to stop Brittany worked, but at what cost? My wolf stood at alert, in case push comes to shove and we have to shift to defend ourselves. Especially my mother. I know I've bitten more than I can chew, but watch Brittany hurt my mother? I rather die.Which is what I might do by the time Brittany is done with me.My hand balled into fists as I watched turn rather slowly, her wolf fur already showing on the surface of her skin. Her wolf claws were already halfway out and her green eyes were now completely dark, accompanied with the wolfiah snare on her lips,her protruded canines showing.Shifting halfway was something only Alphas and Their kids could do. It is the act of coupling both their normal human strength with the strength of their wolves, making them more powerful in human form.In this state, they become faster, more ruthless and less humane because their wolves are half in control.In other words, I might die today.She advanced towards me and I backed away in fea
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EightSethThe red head bobbed on my dick expertly, providing a great combo of tongue and saliva on the tip of my dick but that didn't do the trick of making me cum. It unnerved me, the fact that my throat goat has been on this for almost thirty minutes, and I still haven't found my release. An image kept reappearing in my head, the sight of Naomi pouting her pink full lips, and more than once I stopped myself from imagining those inexperienced lips on me instead of my throat goat’s.Being my slave meant pleasuring me was part of her duty. That made a wicked smile perch on my lips. Her even being feisty made me desire her more. Maybe having her would be the solution. Why would I settle for just a blowjob when she could so much more? After all, she belonged to me, she is my mate.I moved to push the red head off my lap when the door opened wide, a furious Brittany standing in front of me.Her dark eyes flitted to the red head and she growled deeply, causing the red head to spring up t
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Naomi“His Highness is requesting for your presence immediately.” The minute the maid uttered these words to me, I lost my appetite immediately. My wolf whimpered as I took a step out of the door to the direction of Seth’s office. Oh, moon goddess, what would happen to me once I step into that office? No doubt, Seth would believe anything Brittany tells him. After all, I’m just a slave. But what would be his next line of action? Would he discipline me himself or leave me in the hands of the devil spawn? I shivered. None of those emotions were desirable in any way because I already annoyed both of them today.Way to go, Naomi.The only prayer is that I survive this.Halting at his mahogany door, I took a deep breath and muttered a quick prayer, then I twisted the door knob.Brittany, who was seated at the couch in the room, snarled at me immediately. I walked in. Connor stood in front of the desk; his eyes trained on the floor. My brows furrowed. The expression on his face wasn’t o
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NaomiMy punishment began the next morning. Immediately I woke up, I had to follow Seth to the pack training ground, where he, Connor and the Gamma who I wasn't really familiar with trained younger wolves and went over battle strategies. Seth often trained the soldiers, and the sight of him barking out orders did something to my Insides.That and the sight of him pulling his shirt off and throwing it to me to hold.I had to refrain myself from taking a long sniff of the shirt.I blamed my strange reaction to him on the forced proximity between us. I didn't react this way in two years of being his slave, so why now? Why is it now that I am fighting myself from thinking about how his muscles would feel under my fingertips?After training he would take his shirt from my hand and wear it back and leave without casting a glance at me. Then I would begin cleaning up his room, then get his breakfast. At this point, Brittany is always in his room, and I skillfully avoided her evil stares a
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