Rejected and pregnant by Alpha

Rejected and pregnant by Alpha

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I shoot without any kind of fear, with violence, I advance in the lair of the Romans that I hate so much, while I protect my belly. The confrontation is complicated, because we have the same level and weapons, but, if I have come here, it is because I want to end right now with the hatred that has prevented us from advancing. My babies in my belly move and I transform into a wolf to advance quickly through the place, until I collide with a big wolf that makes me angry. The man transforms into a human and smiles at me. “I didn't think you would be so vindictive. It was just a little rejection, Rain, you should let me go.” Lake says, the man that in the past, I loved with my soul. The desire to transform into a human and shoot him flashes through my mind, but I can't give myself away. So, I jump to bite his neck, but, he grabs me in his arms and throws me to the other end of the room, where one of my men grabs me and I, out of shock, transform into a human. “Are you all right?” my bodyguard asks worriedly and I nod in fear. “Are you pregnant?” Lake asks in a daze, looking at my bulging belly. 'Oh, no. Now he knows. Darn.' I mentally tell myself with worry. “'That baby... “If you came to talk, you can talk in hell.” I say shooting at him and he doesn't dodge my bullet, but, instead, rushes towards me. “It's my son, isn't it?” Lake asks. “I don't have to answer anything you ask me; our connection was broken when you rejected me as your moon.” I say coldly.

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love it :)
2024-05-18 21:53:05
269 Chapters
Chapter 1: Deciding
Knowing what I want to do, I wash up and look smilingly at the box in the middle of the bed, which looks like a monster to me, well, to my father. My phone rings repeatedly, but, I don't answer him, the thing I least want is to marry an alpha, who I don't know and I can't allow him to give me as an object just because he wants it that way.If I really must get married, I will do it after giving myself to the man I love and if my fiancé doesn't like it, he can cancel the engagement, which bothers me I'm not going to get high. So, whatever the outcome, they won't get what they want.‘With these tiny clothes inside the box, I will give a clear message that I will be obedient with his order, but, that does not imply that my virginity is for whom my father wishes and that to whom I will give it, I will enjoy doing so.' I tell myself mentally.“I will make my own decisions because it is my life that I am living and not theirs.” I say firmly, as I grab the tiny intimate garment that barely c
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Chapter 2: Surrendering to him
His arms were wrapping around my legs and his dominant hand was at the beginning of my vaginal lips, from where it descended to that pleasure button that I feel so sensitive.“You don't know how many times I dreamed of this moment.” Lake whispers.“Then make it possible for reality to overcome what you did to me in the dream.” I say and immediately, Lake takes off my underwear and joins that sensitive part of my intimacy with such intensity, that it takes my breath away.There are no more thoughts of my marriage and much less, how much my relationship with my boyfriend will change, when I must leave. My mind is blank and the worst thing is that the color starts to be set on fire in such an ecstatic way, that I'm about to explode, just with his touch.“Honey, please... I'm asking you.” I say and he smiles at me, moving slightly away from my body, to look at me and with lust, leaving me completely naked and he does the same with himself.So, I can see its magnitude, one that leaves me s
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Chapter 3: Be with him
The next dayAfter a night where I barely slept an hour because we really were lustful until the end, we left the hotel and I am taken home, to change my clothes, to go to classes.“I hate when I must leave you, but, I know you wouldn't be able to miss a class, miss... my lady and model student.“See you later.” I say ready to get out of her car, being on the facade of the building where I live.“I love you, Rain. Don't ever forget that.” says Lake and I give her a chaste kiss.“I love him too, Rain's boyfriend.” I mean, to then get out of his car, smiling."Miss Evaniff," someone says in a cold voice and I turn around with concern.“Oh no.” I whisper as I see my father's butler in front of me.“I need you to accompany me to a major place, Miss Evaniff.“Since when has my father been here?” I ask worried “We've been looking for her since yesterday.” says the butler and I drink hard.With concern, I get into the car that stops in front of me and I implore them not to notice that I am
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Chapter 4: Seeing them
Three weeks laterMy interest in going out and looking happy was reduced to zero, my good mood is on pause since Lake left leaving me a note on his pillow with a: "see you soon". “You're sick, really bad.” Shania says and I take a deep sigh, while we put away all the books we used in the class.“I know.” I mean worried.“You're getting married, Rain, and you know it's not with him.” Shania says to me and I make a sign of silence, looking at everything around me.Wishing I wasn't thinking about it, I walk out of the classroom and bump into someone's toned chest.“I'm really sorry, I was distracted and...” I say looking up, to be completely mute when I see the person I've collided with.“Good afternoon, dear.” Lake says and I start crying, then I hit him.“You're an idiot!” I exclaim with annoyance.“I'm sorry, dear. Yeah, I'm an idiot. But, don't cry for this idiot, please.” asks Lake, while she hugs me and I feel like through crying, I let go of all the worries I had felt until now.
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Chapter 5: Deciding
‘I was supposed to only have a loving relationship with my boyfriend, being the only person, I choose in my life, but, now... What am I going to do? Why did you have to be so fertile, Rain? I was supposed to be unlikely to get pregnant if he didn't have his orgasm inside of me! And now I'm pregnant and abandoned’ I tell myself mentally I run away from her house and beg for everything to be a fucking nightmare, but, almost getting run over, it makes my senses stay alert and notice that no matter how terrible I'm going through it now, it's my reality.‘Maybe it's just a mistake. Maybe I'm part of that remaining percent where the test fails. So, the best thing is to take a blood pregnancy test. But, then they would find out that I am a werewolf and logically, I would inform my pack that there is a new baby on the way.’ I tell myself mentally.“This can't be happening to me.” I whisper fearfully.” No, maybe it's good. Humans say that a baby comes with his blessing under his arm. 'No, no
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Chapter 6: Concerns
I am aware that it is not a good idea to talk about marrying a stranger, when I am pregnant with someone else, but, I cannot object with my father, when I will soon give him a shocking news.'Maybe if I talk to my fiancé about my affair, he will cancel the marriage without so much scandal.' I tell myself mentally.Knowing that I don't have much time to cry without others noticing, I release all the pain I have, although when I return home, I feel that new pain grows like a flower that grows with magic, so the pressure in my chest becomes as or stronger than before.I sigh deeply and remind myself that he doesn't deserve me to cry for him, but, it hurts too much to pretend that it doesn't hurt and therefore, I bite my lips and implore to have the wisdom to face what from now on, it will be my turn to live.My phone rings insistently and it's Shania, knowing that she must be calling me to tell me the news of my marriage, I don't answer her and with disappointment, I get out of the taxi
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Chapter 7: Wife Preparation
I get out of the car knowing that there is no way to convince the butler otherwise, so, I get on the plane where Shania sticks to me like an animal that if it gets loose from me, it will die, so, I sigh deeply, before Shania's penetrating gaze.“Stop, please.” I ask when Shania sits in front of me, just to annoy me.“I need you to tell me what's going on, because I doubt you'll be so calm when you're done with your great love, Lake.“He is not my great love, as I have told you, he was someone I loved intensely in the world where only humans are seen, now, I must return to my pack, where I am the mafia heir and strongest werewolf of my clan.>> So, I can't be distracted by a past love that was meant to end. Since I came here, I knew that at some point this day would come, so why am I going to stress about something that I knew would happen eventually?” I ask in a cold voice.“Rain, you're scaring me. All these weeks that Lake was not in the country, you were sad and incredibly stressed
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Chapter 8: Being in Russia
During the whole trip, I spend time thinking about everything I need to do to evade my mother. Although alphas have an amazing sense of smell, I can fool my father by telling him that my scent is a side effect of drinking potions to keep me being a wolf inactive. But, my mother wouldn't believe it, because she knows what a pregnant woman's body looks like. So, from her and from any woman who has had children, I had to stay away. Only then, I could keep my pregnancy a secret."What a mess you've got yourself in, Rain.’ I tell myself mentally, as we are getting so close to my homeland, that they are already announcing that we are going to land.I immediately turn pale and my body becomes rigid, because I know that as soon as I get off the plane, the real tension will begin, now I must keep childless men and women, close to me, so as not to be betrayed by my own body.“I must make it clear to you, that you will not be able to take any more potions to suppress your wolf version, miss. He
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Chapter 9: Not Being Alone
With my father's comment, I completely tense up, so, I just wait for the blow that seems not to come. So, with a deep sigh, I turn to face my father.“Sergey, don't you think Rain smells strange?” my father asks his eldest son.“I don't think so, Father. I don't know what you're talking about.” Sergey says with confusion.“It's probably because I haven't had a bath in days.” I'm lying and that makes them both back off.“What did you say?” my father asks with displeasure.“I've had a lot of things to do at university, so I haven't had time to take a proper bath.” I say shyly.“Oh, damn, Rain, go take a good bath.” says my father covering his nose and I run to the second floor where my room is.As soon as I enter my room, I take a deep breath and let myself fall on the floor, and then hide in the space between my legs and my chest.‘I'm in serious trouble.’ I tell myself mentally.The worry of everything that is going to happen from now on, makes me cry with helplessness, because I will
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Chapter 10: Arguing with my father
One week laterI run out of the house, before my mother or someone from the family prevents me, after two days being here, the effects of the potion have been disappearing little by little.But, only until last night, I have been able to maintain my transformation into a she-wolf for at least an hour. So, holding on to my wolf version, I leave leaving marks in the snow that the bodyguards will surely follow.I have not yet started with the personalized classes to be a good wife and the worst thing is that the wedding is so close that I can already hear the bells announcing my admission to a wedding that I do not think will take place.“Why is it so difficult to meet with my fiancé?” I wonder, moving quickly through my family's property.“Miss, please don't leave. Mr. Evaniff will scold us for it.” says one of the guards who refuses to open the large bars that divide my family's private property, with the rest of the land.Knowing that this door will not be opened to me, I run fast and
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