Rejected love: Second chance mate

Rejected love: Second chance mate

By:  Fairy ❤️❤️  Completed
Language: English
28 ratings
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Rejected and banished by her mate, she's left to the cold hands of death. However, she was blessed with a second mate, with a chance to love again, and be loved in return, her first mate returns to make claim over her, and this lead to a battle between two great Alpha's, fighting to win her heart.

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Great story!! Enjoyed it!! Sad to see an alpha act so poorly! But loved the novel. Thanks so much
2023-11-25 02:21:12
user avatar
Fairy ❤️❤️
Thank you everyone for supporting my books, please check out my new book " "Alpha Chester's Obsession" thank you so much again ............ I really appreciate......
2023-10-19 01:33:57
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Christine Owings
64 chapters 9/26/23
2023-09-27 07:19:16
user avatar
Derena Marie
do the 2nd chance mates cheat?
2023-09-21 16:54:15
default avatar
Joan Williams
Could you please CREATE A STRONGER FEMALE LEAD. Most of these novels follow the same theme. So boring!!!
2023-09-16 02:17:52
default avatar
Crystal Pebblez
Nice craft you've got, author. Bring it on
2023-09-14 03:22:48
user avatar
Joy Oluwaseun
Awesome ......... keep up the good work
2023-09-14 01:02:55
user avatar
Elizabeth Isaac
The first chapter drew my attention ... I love Kylie already ... I love girls who are dark hearted ......
2023-09-05 03:37:12
user avatar
captivating. I couldn't get my mind off this book. I expect more sweet chapters from you, author.
2023-09-05 02:54:42
user avatar
What an interesting plot! I like Astra's character and I can't wait to see Kylie finally stopped. Good job, author.
2023-09-05 02:39:41
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Majestic Dave
wow! what a masterpiece from a wonderful writer. I can't have enough of this book. each chapter got me hooked
2023-08-23 18:06:30
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
25 chapters 8-10-23
2023-08-11 01:55:50
user avatar
the book is a good read ,I love every chapter and the character design
2023-08-04 23:09:37
user avatar
Bella Hemsworth
The first three chapters had me hooked! I'm definitely seeing this story to the end.
2023-08-04 05:21:17
user avatar
Amy white
The beginning got me! Very intriguing storyline. I look forward to more chapters.
2023-07-26 17:42:52
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67 Chapters
Chapter 1
Astra pov..."I demand to be let in." I said again, staring daggers at the guards. "I'm his mate, for crying out loud! This is preposterous!"My cheeks were already heating up in embarrassment, as I could see other people being let into the pack house. My feet were killing me; I'd been standing under the sun for literal hours.I just needed to see Noah. I just needed to fix things between us.I stood in front of the guards in Noah's pack house, their eyes trailing my every movement. I could feel the tension radiating off of them, almost as hot as the sun beating down on me."Who gave you this instruction?" I asked, hands on hips. "Surely not the alpha, because I'm his mate, for fuck's sake!"The first guard looked over at his partner, who answered me. "Miss Kylie made the request to not let you in, and the alpha consented to it."That bimbo again?What in the name of the Moon Goddess did she want this time?I stared at the men in front of me, my eyes narrowed. I could see that they di
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Chapter 2
Astra pov ...Again, the fear that I'd experienced when Noah had pushed me at the stairs was back again, gripping my heart for all it was worth. I stood glued to the spot, watching as Kylie sashayed out of the room, my heart thundering in my chest.What in the name of the Goddess had she told him?!"Miss Astra?" The guard called out. "Miss Astra!"I snapped out of my thoughts and took a tremulous breath. I'd been fisting my fingers, and my nails had been digging painfully into my palms. I closed my eyes and took another quivering breath, then opened my eyes and walked towards the door. "Sure," I murmured. "Let's go and see the alpha."****Rage was a dangerous emotion, and yet it was so powerful when channelled well. My heart was simply pumping ember-hot anger through my body. I wanted to turn around and sniff Kylie out within the pack house, make sure she had a few scratches on her face, curtsey of my nails. But on the other hand, I wanted to face whomever she had managed to buy with
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Chapter 3
Astra pov...Hopelessness was an almost alien feeling, something I thought I would never come across after I got mated to Noah. Now it had happened again, and it had wrenched my only source of joy away and left me adrift and alone, like a flightless bird on a deserted island. I wanted to scream at the misery life was forcing on me, to scream and scream until I lost my voice the way I'd lost my mate.Noah had been my support system. Without him I felt naked; a plant starved of sunshine and warmth.Somehow, in the midst of my hopelessness, I found myself at the door of the room I usually occupied in Noah's house. A guard was standing at the front of the room, his face grim and unwelcoming."Please..." I said, gesturing weakly at the door. The guard shook his head and stepped in my way as I moved forward."No can do, Miss Astra." The guard almost snapped at me. "The alpha specifically ordered thay we shouldn't let you into this room to take aby personal effects."I stared at him with eye
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Chapter 4
Astra pov ...I promptly inclined my head as the two men who had captured me walked forward. From the corner of my eye, I watched as they bowed, then one of them said:"She was found loitering at the border of our pack, my alpha. We guessed she was a spy, trying to gain information about our security at the perimeter."I heard the alpha grunt as I stared at the grass close to his feet. "And you think bringing a spy into our borders was the best choice? Don't you think you are giving her more opportunity to learn about our security inside the perimeter?""I...we didn't think—" I felt rather than heard one of the men shuffle uncomfortably."Shouldn't one of you have sent word to me while the other stayed by the "spy" at the border? Couldn't you have, oh I don't know, killed her there, perhaps?" I heard the alpha continue. His voice had a mocking edge to it now. I could almost see the half-smile on his beautiful face."We're...sorry, alpha—""That's alright," the alpha said. "Leave her b
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Chapter 5
Ramsey's POV"My mate," I whispered, and my inner wolf leapt for joy.Her eyes widened as I said those words, and I caught myself melting in their deep-brown intensity. The ecstasy inside of me was unmatched: In a sudden twist of fate and destiny, the Moon Goddess had given me my mate. I wanted to pull her into my arms and hold her there for forever. My mate, however, had other ideas. "You pervert!" She yelled and pushed against my chest until I took a step back, and then she staggered towards the dining room door. I watched as she fumbled with the doorknob for a few moments, then gave up and slid towards the ground.I immediately crossed the room and crouched beside her before she hit the ground. I took her in my arms and pulled her to my chest as she shivered."It can't be..." She murmured, her voice muffled by my shirt. "It can't be....""It is, Peach." I whispered. "The Moon Goddess blessed us with each other."She leaned away from my chest and searched my face, her eyes darting
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Chapter 6
Astra’s POVMate?Is he joking? That would be the last word I would love to hear after everything alpha Noah did to me, he couldn’t believe his mate and decided to believe that wrench over me, he should have known she is a liar and wants him but he was blind and her words were more meaningful to him than whatever I had to say to him. My wolf whimpered at the back of my head when she heard the word mate and I almost rolled my eyes, she easily forgot what we have gone through and why we are here now, we wouldn’t have been a rogue if our first mate didn’t decide to believe a whore over us. His eyes pierced into mine and his gaze was focused, probably hoping to see a false trait in me, he held my jaws gently and I tried to move away from him but I couldn’t as his grip was suddenly tight. “Why are you mated to me?” he suddenly asked the most ridiculous question ever, I was supposed to be asking that question, I don’t need a mate now. The goddess chooses the wrong time to bless her child
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Chapter 7
Astra’s POV “Astra”I remembered telling him my name the previous night, I woke up stretching my body and I felt unnecessarily good. I stood up from the bed and remove the curtain binds. I suddenly screeched when I noticed someone in my roomZoe bow her head before me and I was still trying to catch my breathe after screaming so horrified “You don’t do that Zoe, I was scared to death” I said and she chuckled slightly covering her mouth up when she noticed my brows were arched at her she stopped laughing immediately “I am sorry ma’am, I wanted to help with your bath before waking you up but you woke up before I could do that” she apologize and I nodded“It’s fine and I am not ma’am, you can call me Astra,” I said and she arched her brows disapprovingly “I prefer ma’am” she stated “I don’t like being addressed that way, it makes me feel old and I don’t think our ages are that far apart” I replied “We have different status…okay, I will call you Lady Astra, Miss Astra. Any of the two
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Chapter 8
Astra’s POVIt’s been a few days I started living in the moonstone pack, everything has been okay except for Luna Eleanor who seems not to like me, I can’t really say why she doesn’t like me and as much as I didn’t want to be bothered by it, it does bother me and I don’t know what to do. I stepped out of my room in the hope of having a walk around the pack, my stay in the pack so far has been boring, all I do is walk around the room. I suddenly saw Zoe approaching me with a wide smile on her face. “Good morning Lady Astra,” she said and I smiled kindly at her “Good morning Zoe, how was your night?”I asked “It was great, alpha Ramsey request breakfast with you,” Zoe said and I sigh. I thought Alpha Ramsey have been avoiding me, we haven’t talked or seen each other in the past few days “Okay,” I replied. We started walking down the stairs and Zoe was walking behind me, I suddenly saw Luna Eleanor walking towards me and I put on a smile immediately, I hope she will let the hate go
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Chapter 9
Astra’s POV “I would love to get myself busy with something,” I said as we walked through the field. Alpha Ramsay has requested a walk with me which I have granted. The sun was at the peak of its horizon shining mercilessly at us and that wasn’t enough to deter us from the long stroll. “What do you want to do? Is the pack boring for you?”Alpha Ramsey asked tilting his head to look at me “Yes, all I do is stay indoors always, perhaps I can engage in something to make the day more beautiful and have more expectations on the following days” I replied and Alpha Ramsey chuckled “Then what do you want to do? I’m sure I asked that before” Alpha Ramsey said and I stopped walking turning to give him my attention, he stopped walking too. “Well, I don’t know. Something enticing that a woman can engage in” I replied shrugging and he sighed “You can ask Zoe to give you a list of things you can engage in, I will definitely support whatever you want to, and also, I will be leaving the pack fo
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Chapter 10
Astra’s POVAs the day progressed, the sun began its descent toward the horizon, casting a warm glow across the landscape. The pack members emerged from their homes, eager to savor the beauty of the fading day. Couples strolled hand in hand, children laughed and played, and elderly residents found solace in their rocking chairs on the porch.I was in my room with a cup of coffee in my hand watching the sunny late afternoon filled with warmth and tranquility. the golden rays of the setting sun paint the sky in hues of orange, pink, and purple. The light filters through the leaves of the trees, casting long, dappled shadows on the ground below.I sigh and put down my cup when I heard a knock on the door, I was lazy to move away from the window because I was enjoying the view but I had no other option but to move, I went closer to the door and pull the door open revealing Zoe who has an ever lasting smile on her face “Zoe” I called and she raise her hand for me to see the materials she
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