Xander's lips claimed hers in a kiss cutting off any further speech from her

She was so sweet and soft he loved her full lips they were so suck-able

 she moaned as he sucked on her lower lip

 before plunging inside hungry it has been so long god he had missed her so much 

she pressed herself against him seeking the warmth of his body shivering from the heat of his touch on her skin

 cool from their time in the water

he held her closer to his body one pair of his wings wrapping tight around her to keep her warm 

she snuggled against him in delight arms winding around his neck loving the softness of the feathers of his wings on her bare skin

 the second pair of wings unfurled and lifted them into the air and they flew down

 from the cliff landing under some trees on the edge of the shore 

they lay the grass beneath the tr

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