Ocean Dates

Gabriel paced angrily back and forth in the council chamber how could this happen? 

Michael's daughter his brother's own child had been living here

among the host as an orphan, and it was kept a secret from him the entire time

and now she had disappeared vanished the very day of her placement trials in the midst of a demon invasion on Sparda how could this be? 

Michael was supposed to be dead how could he have a daughter?  to undermine him? was that why he had hidden her?

he left his legacy to unseat him and reclaim his host is that what it was?

Lord Gabriel! Yurian Captain of the Sparda Guard entered 

what is it? he asked pausing in the middle of pacing 

i found the housemother in charge of the orphanage sir,

bring her here to me! he ordered with a growl

a female angel entered the chamber holding her head bowed

look at me Gabriel ordered the moment her eyes met, his mind locked int

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