Xanders Pov

"What the hell was that?" Azeazel demanded the moment she was out of hearing range,

He was still going through the Tai-chi exercises,

but he was pissed because of what I had done

He had been the one to raise me and train me ever since he had found me In that orphanage.

"She's my true mate and I've decided that I will claim her"

I stated

"Xander we have talked about this," he said his tone told me he was at the end of his patience,

"No, you talked about this" I responded pissed off as well

" you're the one who told me that if I claimed her, I would be making her target for our enemies,

that her life would forever be in constant danger, that I could never be with her if I wanted to truly protect her, and yet despite all of that,

she and I are meant to be together,

our bond has only ever gotten stronger over the years,

and she's the only mate ill ever have I will not give her up, there has to be a way for us and I'm going to find it."

He stopped moving he opened his eyes giving me a black piercing glare,

"You will not claim this girl, you will not go near her ever again"

I felt the power of his command slam into my chest,

and then another more powerful force shove it back at him,

His eyes widened and he gasped as he felt it slam into him

"You haven't been able to command me since I turned sixteen and got my wings,

the only reason I have continued to obey you was out of respect,

but I can't obey you about this I will claim my mate" I responded in a determined tone I had to let him know I serious and that nothing would change my mind

Before I could take my next breath, I was suddenly Slammed up against the wall that separated my yard from my mates,

The wall shook under the impact,

Azeazel's hand wrapped tight around my neck in a chokehold,

cutting off my air supply.

"When I found you, I saw potential in you boy I saw greatness, you will not throw away everything, he growled furiously

I taught you, all these years I have spent in training you will be wasted!" he ground out angrily

I struggled to pry his hand away, but I was just an adolescent angel in training,

newly winged and not yet strong enough to take on someone of his caliber,

Azeazel was a full-fledged Archangel and a commander of an elite squad of Angels,

he was centuries old despite the fact he only looked like he was in his late thirties.

standing at all of six feet, well-built and heavily muscled from years spent as an elite warrior,

shoulder length black hair that was greying at the temples only served to make him look more distinguished and imposing,

and piercing green eyes that missed nothing

At present they were filled with his wrath, but I had a mate who needed me,

I would not let him kill me I refuse to leave my mate alone in the world.

I gathered every bit of strength I had left, every shred of power,

my new wings granted me, every ounce of determination I possessed,

I blasted him with it letting it all out,

the powerful force was more than I had ever expected

he was blasted across the yard and through the brick wall

and then through two more walls of our other neighbors

his body finally coming to a stop in the backyard two houses down from our house

I didn't move, I couldn't, I stood rooted to the spot in utter disbelief,

never had I ever believed I would have been able to do something like that, to Azeazel

He was one of the strongest of the angels left over from the old generation,

He was one of The originals,

I never should have been able to faze him that much,

Just enough to get him to let go of me

I rubbed my neck, It was sore and bruised from his tight grip

but I would heal and be fine in a minute or two,

but as for Azeazel, I wasn't so sure, he hadn't moved from lying on the ground where he had finally fallen

"Azeazel, Xander? You guys breakfast is ready"

Abigale called she was a female Archangel assigned to fill the role of my mother,

and Azeazels wife so we could all pass for a normal family to the humans,

She was of the new generation, blond-haired, blue-eyed, lightly tanned, slim willowy framed, positively perfect bundle of goodness,

she was nothing like my red-headed, green-eyed, sassy, curvy, incredibly beautiful, and sexy imperfect human mate.

"Shit" I cursed under my breath as she came out the back porch,

I was going to catch hell for this, seeing what happened,

she stood there a blank shocked look on her face,

before hurrying to Azeazels body

With a sigh I went to help her, he was unconscious which should have been an impossibility,

I picked up his limp body and took him back to the house,

while she took care of the damage to our neighbors' yards.

I placed him on the couch, she came in with a pinched look on her face

" I'm sorry about this," I said

"There's something wrong with him isn't there? besides what I did"

She sighed "yes but he's not willing to talk about it, or tell anyone, so its not your fault

You never should have been able to do this much damage to him as a fledgling,

If he was healthy"

He groaned and opened his eyes "what happened?" he asked

"Good you're fine and I'm leaving" I started getting up from the couch I was still pissed at him

"Xander wait" he called me back I paused on my way out the door

"This had better be good old man" I replied

"I'm sorry but nothing has changed you can't claim her

if you do, you'll be putting her life in danger they will come hunting for her and she will never be safe" he stated

my anger resurfaced "go to hell" I growled and stalked out the door.

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