Chapter 6:  Finally Got to Meet Big Bro

Standing in front of her was a handsome young man clad in a full suit. Adriel only had two questions in mind. Is everyone on this farm darn good-looking? And is this Hendrix—the big brother that Milo has been talking about since forever?

"No! Where's big brother?" Milo whined.

The good-looking man chuckled as he ruffled Milo's hair.

"Hendrix just went out, Milo. He had an important phone call to make."

Milo pouted and crossed his arms on his chest. "I want to see big bro!"

"You can see him on your grandpa's birthday, little one. He's really busy right now with all the preparations."

"No, I want him now," he stubbornly said in that cute voice of his.

Seeing that the little boy was upset, Adriel knelt down on his level.

"We'll be seeing your big brother on grandpa Earl’s birthday, okay? In the meantime, the two of us can play, hmm?" she gently said, coaxing the young child.

Although Milo was still a little bit upset, he nonetheless nodded his head and held onto Adriel's hand once again.

Adriel stood up and was surprised to see the handsome man looking at her with wonder.

She touched her face. "Is there something on my face?"

"No," he shook his head and smiled. "I'm just...amazed to see someone tame Milo in such a short time."

"Well, he's not an animal. He does not need taming."

The man cleared his throat. "Right," he said. "He's not. It's just that...Milo doesn't really listen well to anybody except for his big brother."

"Then, I guess I'm just special," Adriel smiled.

The man was dumbstruck when Adriel smiled, but he quickly composed himself and also smiled.

"Yeah. I guess you are."

"I'm Kayden, by the way," he offered his hand.

"Adriel," she shook his hand.

"Adi, let's go play!" Milo tugged on her shirt.

"Well, I guess I have to leave now," she said, gesturing to the grumbling little boy beside her.

"See you around, Kayden," she said before finally walking out of the event hall.

Kayden watched as the beautiful girl retreated.

"Yeah...see you around," he whispered under his breath.


The days passed by quickly, and it was now time for the mansion's most awaited event—Earl Gray's 80th birthday.

Adriel was just about to finish getting ready when Francine went into her room.

"Miss Adriel," she knocked on the door.

"Come in!" she shouted while placing on her earrings.

Francine watched the young lady as she finished getting ready.

"The party is about to start, miss. Are you finished with your preparations?"

Adriel brought out her lipgloss then placed it on her lips. "Done," she said, facing Francine. "And you can just call me Adriel, Francine. We're not that different in ages."

Francine merely nodded her head and opened the door for Adriel.

As soon as she went out of the door, she felt a sudden wave of nervousness flow in her veins.

She quickly turned around and faced the stoic-looking girl.

"Do I look alright?" she nervously asked, fiddling with the hem of her dress.

"You look beautiful, Adriel," Francine sincerely complimented, leaving Adriel flustered. This was the first time that Francine spoke to her in a casual tone.

"Thanks, Francine," she said, her nerves easing up a little bit.

She now went down to the party and was greeted by numerous unfamiliar guests. Some of them turned her way, probably curious about the unfamiliar lass who looked beautiful as she walked.

As much as she hated to admit it, she felt quite nervous. This was her first time meeting all of the people living on the farm, and she didn't necessarily have someone she could call her "friend" here.

Aside from Sandra and Heri, who is probably back in the kitchen preparing some food, she doesn't know any more of these people.

"Oh, look. It's Adriel!" a jolly voice said from behind her.

She turned around, and saw two identical twins looking at her with smiles on their faces. They seemed familiar, and the moment she recognized who they were, a scowl appeared on her face.

"Hey! What's with the glare? We haven't even been introduced to each other yet. I'm Kian, and this is my brother, Cedric."

"Hey," Cedric shyly waved.

Adriel narrowed her eyes at the twins. "Your...friend isn't here, is he?"

"Friend?" Kian asked, confused. "Oh," he clapped his hands. "Are you talking about Zeth?"

Adriel's frown deepened as he said his name.

Kian looked around and clicked his tongue. "He isn't here...yet, I believe. But that's just how he is. He's always late to these kinds of parties."

Adriel sighed in relief. "That's good, then. That means that I don't have to see his face."

Cedric chuckled. "I'm guessing he still hasn't apologized to you?"

Adriel straightened her back and looked away from the twins.

"Well, if it makes you feel better, I think he's been thinking about the incident and feels very guilty about it," Cedric added.

"It doesn't seem like it," Adriel muttered under her breath.

The twins chuckled.

"Then, let us apologize in his stead."

"You don't have to," Adriel shook her head. "You didn't do anything wrong. I'm even surprised that you're hanging out with such an asshole when you're both so nice."

"Right?" Kian agreed, making Adriel giggle. "But Zeth's a good person, Adriel. A little rough on the edges, but he's definitely got a soft heart."

"Adi!" a cute voice screamed from behind Adriel. She turned around and saw Milo running in her direction.

"Careful, Milo," she said and smiled as she held onto the little boy's hand.

"Hi, Kian! Hi, Cedric!" he joyfully greeted the twins.

"What's up, buddy?" they greeted back.

"Well, I guess we have to go now. My stomach's been screaming for some food the moment that we got here,” Kian said.

Adriel smiled. "Go ahead and help yourselves. I'll see you guys around."

"See you around!" Kian said as he dragged his twin to the snack table.

"Let's sit over there!" Milo dragged Adriel to the middle-most table. She looked at the extravagant setting and hesitated if she could sit down at such an important table.

"I don't think I can sit here, Milo. I'll just sit in the back with Francine," I proposed, trying to get up from my seat.

"Nooo," Milo whined. "I want you here! Everybody that I love is going to be sitting here. There's you! There's my grandpa! And there's also my big brother! I don't want my icky uncles and aunties to be sitting here, please."

Adriel's eyes widened in surprise. So, this really is the family table, she thought in her mind.

"We'll meet after the party, okay. I'll just sit in the back—"

"You can sit here," a familiar voice interrupted.

She turned around and saw Kayden standing right beside her. "Oh, hey there," she greeted. "You can take my seat. I was just about to leave."

"You can sit here," he repeated. "The seats are too many for the main family members anyway, and Milo could use some company."

She glanced down at the sulking child and saw him looking up at her with big puppy eyes. She tried to resist, but the little boy was just too cute for his own good.

"Fine," she caved in. "But, I'm going to leave if the seats aren't enough for the main family."

"Yay!" Milo exclaimed and jumped in his seat.

Kayden and Adriel chuckled as they watched the cute kid rejoice.

"So, how have you been—"

"Adi! I want chocolates!" Kayden was interrupted by Milo's sudden request.

Actually, he has been keeping his eye on Adriel ever since he met her two days ago. Something about the girl just intrigued him, and he couldn't get her out of his head. He wanted to speak to Adriel the moment she got here, but Milo was making that a hard task for him.

Just as he was about to speak to her again, the Master of the Ceremony spoke into the mic and declared the start of the celebration.

The family members walked in one by one, and Milo excitedly watched for the arrival of his brother.

However, he was quickly disappointed when he didn't enter along with the elders of the family.

“What's wrong?" Adriel asked, sensing the younger's dismay.

"Big brother isn't here."

Adriel pursed her lips together. Milo's big brother, whoever he is, seems like such a busy person that he doesn't even have time to visit his own family.

“He'll come soon, okay?" she reassured, although she wasn't sure herself. "He must be very busy with all the arrangements and all, but he'll come."

"Okay," Milo said, accepting Adriel's words.

The elders finally sat down at the table, and they curiously looked over to Adriel's way.

"Adriel," Mr. Earl greeted. "I'm glad to see you here. Milo has been talking about you non-stop. It seems like he has taken a liking to you."

Adriel smiled. “I'm very fond of him too, Mr. Earl."

"Well then. Don't let my grandson ruin all your fun! Milo," he said, calling for the young boy. "Play with your little cousins and leave Adriel here. I'm sure that she also wants to have fun."

"No, it's okay—" she tried to argue, but Milo had already stood up from his seat and excitedly walked over to the children's table, leaving Adriel behind.

"Now," Mr. Earl said. "Pour Adriella some drinks, Kayden! Let's begin the party!"


Adriel doesn't know how many drinks she's had, but it sure as hell couldn't be counted with one hand.

The elders on the table seemed to have taken a liking to her, and they would fill up her glass as soon as it was empty. She didn't have the heart to refuse since they all looked to be elated by her presence, so she just drank all of them without any complaints.

"Adriel, I think you've had enough," Kayden whispered beside her.

"No, no, no!" she said, her voice slurred. "I can drink more! Mr. Parker! One more," she exclaimed.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Mr. Parker, one of Mr. Earl's friends, said as he poured her another drink. Which, Adriel didn't hesitate to down in one shot.

Kayden looked at her with eyes of concern.

"This can't be," he muttered under his breath as he watched Adriel playing with the utensils on the table.

"I'll take you up to your room," he said, standing up from his seat and walking over to Adriel's.

"No," Adriel resisted and grumbled under her breath.

However, with Kayden's strength, he was able to make her stand up and start walking toward the exit.

Just as he was about to lead her up the staircase, a commotion was heard from above.

"Oh my god. Is that Hendrix?" the girls gushed.

"Zeth, my man. You're late!" some of them greeted.

"Big bro!" Milo excitedly shouted and ran towards the tall and looming figure.

"Milo," Zeth said, carrying his little brother. "Did you miss me?"

“I missed you so much!” the child excitedly said.

Milo wandered his eyes around until they settled on Kayden, who was supporting Adriel at the bottom of my stairs.

"Adi! Big bro, let's go to Adi!" the little boy shouted and pulled his brother down the stairs until he was met with Kayden and Adriel.

Zeth frowned as he saw their position. With the way Adriel was leaning on Kayden, they looked very cozy with each other.

"I can drink more!" Adriel mindlessly said, flailing around Kayden's arms.

Kayden must have underestimated Adriel's strength because the next thing he knew, Adriel fell off from his arms.

She would almost fall face flat on the floor if it wasn't for Zeth, who placed his arms around her waist.

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