School Days

School Days

By:  Chisom Iwu  Ongoing
Language: English
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The air between them became hotter as she bit her lip, trying to stop herself from smiling so much. The closet was dark and stuffy, so small that their bodies were almost touching, her heart thumped like crazy. "D-Derek" She called out as he hummed in response, holding unto his sides for some unknown reason. "Will you be my boyfriend?" She blurted out, closing her eyes so she wouldn't see his reaction, he groaned, it almost broke her heart but when she looked down, she saw his shirt was now soaked. Blood trailing down his abdomen which made her gasp, slamming open the closet door. "Somebody call an ambulance!" She yelled as the guy she had just asked out dropped limp to the ground like a pack of soggy spaghetti. *A Nigerian themed novel* |16+

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Really nice
2020-12-28 11:53:47
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Chisom Iwuajoku
I’m the author so I rate it 5 Teehee❤️
2020-12-27 09:40:39
34 Chapters
√1: He's back.
Janet wasn't one to scribble on the table. No, never. She was absolutely against vandalizing school property. But she honestly couldn't help it. That was the fastest way to zone out of the conversation her friends were having on top of her head, well not literally anyways."Madam! Are you even listening?"She heard one of her friends call out. Not to sound like a prude but Janet didn't really fancy listening to Yinka; the beauty on buzz cut whine on how one of the girls in the lower class was trying to snatch her man. By man, she meant the guy she sat next to, who had hardly started growing a beard, or breaking in voice."Huh?" Janet murmured as she looked up at Ada-or miss ebony as some people called her due to the last contest day in their school; to see a scorn on her face. Ada hissed, clicking her tongue against her teeth as she took over from Yinka. "My own sef, that guy was a waste of time! After running his parole. What a loser he turned out
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√2: Derek Damilayo.
It seemed like forever, the way he slouched against the wall as if asking for permission to go to his seat. Everyone just stared at him with wide eyes, the whispers getting louder by the minute. "Keep quiet!" Mrs. Yetunde scolded, slamming the ruler against her table. "You see? He's present." She hissed at her students before motioning her ruler for him to get to his seat.Janet watched, her mouth still parted in shock, as he silently strolled to his seat like he wasn't just absent for about four weeks. All the visible scars on his face made her almost believe the rumors of him going to jail. This wasn't just an 'I fell' injury, no, not at all. He looked more intimidating than she remembered.Janet's fingers clutched tighter against his note, trying to muster up the courage to give him his note, weird, right? Once he was seated, Ada nudged Janet. "Give me, let me go and give him. If he tries any rubbish ehn, he's a goner."This made Jan
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√3: Big breasted Shalom.
"No, I haven't seen Janet."Yinka huffed, this was the fifth person she had asked about the whereabouts of her friend; it wouldn't take a genius to guess that she was with Ada. That prostitute! Ada was such a bad influence on Janet, ever since they—Ada and Janet started hanging out like they were joined at the hip, it showed that Janet was growing tired of her, tired of Yinka.The class was scanty; the only people present were the weirdos of the class and that ex convict. What was his name again? Damilare? Derek? Yes! It was Derek, that guy. Rumors had it that Janet leaned in to kiss him when he had arrived, but that wasn't like her best friend, kiss that scum? No way!But maybe he knew where she was. Sucking up her pride, she strolled down to his seat; the guy had his head down, it seemed like he was writing something. She scoffed, she didn't know why she despised him but she just did. To make the whole situation worst, she had a feeling that Janet had a
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√4: Caught red handed.
This wasn't like any other private gives she had looked out for, no, if not-- they wouldn't have been practically flying the stairs to escape the wrath of their very fuming physics teacher, Mrs. Kehinde. What made the whole situation a whole lot worse was that this woman knew Janet's mother first handedly. Yes, she was royally screwed.But in Janet's defense, she only got distracted because she had spotted Derek. Not only that, but he spotted her too, with a boy, on the wall, it looked like they were almost kissing. Over her dead body would she kiss that twat! Gbenga. Gbenga was the person Subomi asked to watch out, like he didn't trust Janet enough! He was all sorts of bold to the girls in her set, commercial, art and science, he had no preference, as long as the girl had big breasts and ass, he flirted away. In SS3C, as one of the most admired boys, both by juniors and his mate, Gbenga could care less. It seemed like he only needed one thing in his life.
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√5: Mr do good.
Ada, Janet, Gbenga and Subomi all lined up in the woman's office, kneels down and hands in the air like a bunch of children, which was embarrassing, Mrs. Kehinde had even asked them to close their eyes! What did they look like, ten year children? Janet groaned as her arms began to shake, knowing that this was only the mere beginning of their punishments'."I am so disappointed in all of you, the head girl and even the assistant!" She began, Janet heard footsteps before a wardrobe drew open, she definitely knew what was next. Mr do good. Which was also know as the cane one student had plucked from a tree, so it was more like a darn bamboo stick!"Even you, sports prefect." Mrs Kehinde hissed, referring to Gbenga. All of them, in unison muttered a 'We're sorry ma.' which surprised them. "Shut up! Sorry my foot!" The teacher said, the footsteps getting louder from her heels. From the sound of it, she could here how the cane, sounded as it tore through the air, her attempt
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√6: Text messages.
"Which teacher?" Great, now she was playing dumb; she even tilted her head and gave the oh so innocent eyes to her mother, who looked rather pissed. She had on a black robe and fluffy slippers. Yes, her mother was boujee.Janet was a hundred percent sure that the only teacher's number her mother had was Mrs Kehinde. In her words, she said 'Why would I want them to be disturbing me?' Her mother was working as a saleswoman, she hardly had time for unnecessary calls."Mrs Bankolé."Oh, okay maybe she was one percent less sure now. Mrs Bankolé was one of the amebo (ah-meh-bo) teachers who practically hunted for gist, apart from her being the pregnant biology teacher, she was also a serious gossiper. The type that could leave the class she was teaching to go and watch as a student and teacher fought in the other classroom. Janet internally groaned at the thought, she had probably heard the gist by now, and came to tell her moth
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√7: Rude.
The next day came fast.Faster than Janet would have hoped, she honestly did not feel like seeing anyone. Staring at her reflection, she sighed. Her plaited hair had gotten all rough because she forgot to put on her bonnet. After she did her morning prayer, she stepped into the ice cold shower, just how she liked it. It helped her get her mind out of the cloud, that was the last place she wanted to be in right now."Hm, lip gloss or no lip gloss" She said to herself, like it made any difference. Janet really wanted to look extra cute today, well, just because.So she did her edges, a little mascara and alladat.When she was done, she took her bag and went to school. Sometimes she would walk because she wanted to think and sometimes she'd take a cab, today was one of those days.Her parents always refused to get a driver for her because according to them, she needed to be independent.-"I've been looking everywhere for yo
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√8: Sports day.
It took a day for Janet and Ada to conclude what her punishment would be, the girl's name was Busola, she was one of the girls that thought she had made it in life because the likes of Subomi and other guys in their set stooped down to her level to toast her. Immediately Janet had arrived at school, her and Ada went on a search for Busola. They knew she wouldn't skip school because they had threatened to report to the principal if they didn't sight her first thing in the morning."Did she go and steal her moms' own, abi what?" Ada asked a laughing Janet, adjusting her shorts so they were resting on her flawless thigh's. Today happened to be sport's day. A day when girls in their school anticipated, so they could show off how seductive they looked in their tight blue shorts. It got so bad that the school had to give out tracksuits to cover it up but that didn't stop them. Of course it didn't.Ada's shorts were reaching her mid thigh, which looked nonexistent when she pu
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√9: Protect?
Janet was frozen in the spot.Scared?Shocked?She didn't know which. Kareem had her against the wall, his hands gripped on her wrist so hard that she had to squeal. Why did he suddenly get so pissed off at her? Kareem grimaced, narrowing his eyes at how pathetically scared she looked, with Adebola at his back, Janet's eyes wide; but Adebola did nothing, she just put her head down."Listen up."Kareem muttered in annoyance."Stay out of my way, or you'll regret it."Kilodé? What was this guys own? So Adebola was now his 'way' or what. This guy was a joker. They stayed that way, Janet putting up her best tough face even though she almost pissed her pants. "Guy, leave my hand oh." Janet spat at him, ignoring how much her mind told her not to put up a fight. She knew Kareem wasn't one to be messed with, but she wasn't going to let that stop her."Which one is I'll regret it sef?" Janet continued, hissing at him
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√10: Tell me about you.
You know that feeling when you're meant to stop someone from punching a person that clearly deserves it? Then you wait for just a minute so they'd feel the pain.That was the spot Janet was in.She waited, letting Derek punch Kareem. Over and over, to her; it was one of the most exciting things to see; it definitely topped any film trick action movie she had watched in the cinema.After a while, she decided to speak up, well that was what she had said to herself but she knew it was because people were beginning to gather near the tree. All thanks to the screams of Kareem.What a wimp."Derek stop!" Janet finally spoke up, after Kareem stopped screaming. Whispers surrounded them, students watched in horror. "Heh!! Damilayo, you want to kill him?!" Mr Wesley yelled dramatically as Obinna ran and pulled a fuming Derek off Kareem. The boys seemed unfazed by his behavior, like it happened often. "Guy, haba now." Ope said throug
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