Second Chance Alpha-The Bond (#2 book)

Second Chance Alpha-The Bond (#2 book)

By:  Ali_M  Completed
Language: English
181 ratings
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((A\n; Please read the first book. "Second Chance Alpha" to have a better understanding.)))Jason protected and saved Kimberly from her crazy mate, and in return, Kimberly saved Jason from the pain and depression of losing his mate.Maybe they were meant to find each other or maybe it was just a big coincidence, but nevertheless, they found each other and unexpectedly fell in love. Kimberly has taken her place by Jason's side as his Luna. For a while, everything was perfect for Jason and Kimberly, but nothing stays perfect forever, and their smooth road is about to get a bit bumpy again.

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Terry Spain Stephens
Love this story. So beautiful ...
2022-01-21 13:39:37
user avatar
I enjoyed this sequel
2021-12-30 22:19:48
user avatar
Linda Stokely
good book I think it is very well written.
2021-07-18 09:55:52
default avatar
Another great story by this author! Any chance for a 3rd story of Jason and kim? Would absolutely love that author! Good job 😊
2021-07-11 07:05:08
user avatar
Sharon Taylor
both book 1 and 2 were beautifully written. After hating Emma all the way through, it was strange to fell pity for her at the end. Jason and Kim a great couple so glad there happy ever after came true. your and AAA author, keep up the good work
2021-06-22 02:04:04
user avatar
Renee Barlow
I love this story ❤
2021-06-04 22:46:18
user avatar
Sarai Ortiz
loved it. now going to read book #3
2021-06-02 00:17:56
user avatar
Stefanie Adriaanse
will there be a book about how Logan grows up and about kim and jasons life together...?????
2021-05-31 14:36:43
user avatar
Andrea Bunn
Great Read!
2021-05-28 02:02:49
user avatar
Julie Degryse
5 stars. enjoyed the book
2021-05-16 08:47:39
default avatar
Karen Haugen
Good book, great story line.
2021-04-07 11:06:07
user avatar
Rebecca Hardy
brilliant read 👍
2021-03-11 00:19:44
default avatar
Amazing book, loads of drama. I just wish it was a bit longer...
2021-03-08 00:37:39
user avatar
Terry Tack
these books are so good you have me hooked
2021-03-03 06:51:41
user avatar
Great book
2021-02-28 14:03:40
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28 Chapters
Chapter 1
           Jason POVI sit here in my office at the packhouse, finishing up with paperwork for the day. Now I see what Luke meant about the paperwork being a pain in the ass, but it has to be done. It's my responsibility as alpha to make sure that the pack has everything it needs.It's been three months since I've taken my rightful place as alpha, leading the pack the way my father taught me to, since I was a little kid, watching him lead the pack. I may have been born to lead, but I don't think I could've been the alpha I needed to be without Kimberly by my side. Kimberly wasn't born into this world, but she seems to have adjusted pretty quickly. She has all the qualities of a great Luna. She's a peoples person and the pack loves her. Deep down I always knew there was something special about Kimberly,
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Chapter 2
            Jason POVI leave the clinic with Emma, heading to the house, deciding to walk to have time to think. I walk a few steps ahead of Emma, trying to figure out how to explain all of this to Kimberly. How do I tell her that I'm having a baby with another female? A female that just tried to kill her not so long ago. I frowned trying to wrap my head around that Emma is carrying my pup. I don't want this with her. I don't care for her. I don't want anything to do with Emma. She says I'm the only male she's been with, but I think she's lying. She has to be lying.For the last past three months, everything has been perfect and now this has come crashing down on me.It's too soon right now, but once the pup developed inside her womb, I'll be able to sense
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Chapter 3
           Kimberly PovAfter Jason leaves the kitchen, I stand here angry, slicing the tomatoes. All I can think about is Emma trying to kill me and now she's pregnant by Jason. I know Jason and I wasn't together at the time, but that doesn't mean I have to be okay with it. It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt to know that he's having a baby with someone else.My eyes start to water as this pain fills me. I stop slicing the tomatoes as I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to stop myself from breaking out into tears. I take in a few deep breaths, wiping away the tears that managed to escape.I can't stop the memories that start to fill my head. The memories of Emma choking me. The memories of the way my lungs burned from the lack of oxygen. The only thing that stopped her from kill
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Chapter 4
               Jason PovI take a seat on one of the stools at the countertop in the center of the kitchen. I look at Emma, before looking over at Kimberly at the stove cooking. I don't know what was being said in here before I walked in, but whatever it was neither one of them looked happy about it. I can't sit around and keep an eye on the two of them whenever they're here together, so they need to learn to tolerate each other presence for the next couple of months. Kimberly told me she wouldn't attack Emma unless Emma attacks her first, but an argument could easily escalate into a fight. I've made this mistake and I'm the reason why Emma is here. Kimberly has a good reason for feeling the way she feels towards Emma. Maybe if Emma
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Chapter 7
                   Kimberly Pov
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Chapter 8
                            Jason Pov
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