Bound by the moonlight.

Bound by the moonlight.

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“I want to go home,” “You think you can come into my territory without my permission and then decide when you leave?” He said, “That is not possible,” “Please Let me go,” I pleaded. “You are mine now,” ~•^•*•^•*•^•*•^•*•^•*•^•*•^•*•^•*•~ Blue Winter had entered into the most feared and ruthless wolf pack territory with a burning desire for vengeance against those who had taken her father’s life. But what she doesn't know is that she is mated to the Alpha of the pack responsible for her dad’s death.

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Nice creation! highly recommended
2023-09-15 14:52:57
135 Chapters
The air was thick with shouts, and cries of women and children, and the sounds of clashing blades, lifeless bodies, and flames consumed my village. My eyes fixed on my father. “Run” he shouted, his eyes locking with mine, urging me to move. But shock rooted me to the spot, my feet heavy as if weighed down by the horror surrounding me.Just then, a large werewolf far larger than any I have ever seen emerged from the dark, his eyes shining steel. It lunged at my father, sticking him with a force that dropped him to his knees, in an instant his powerful jaw clamped into his neck ending his desperate plea. “ Stopppp” I cried out.“ Blue, Blue wakes up,” Alex said. I snapped my eyes open, gasping for air as if I had been submerged underwater. My body drenched in cold sweat.The nightmare still haunted me.“It’s just a dream,” Alex assured me. I felt Alex wrap his naked body around me and kiss my forehead, trying to comfort me.No, this was not just regular nightmares, This was a part o
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REDMOON PACKTROY’S POVMy intense training in the gym was interrupted when one of my men rushed in, breathless and alarmed. “Alpha, there has been an attack on our land.”Who would dare to challenge us like this? I thought, anger flaring within me. Well, whoever they were, I was going to teach them a lesson. I was going to treat this interruption as an extension of my training regimen.I went outside to see my pack was already engaging in battle. Amidst the chaos, a distinct and enticing scent reached my senses, It was a smell I could not ignore. I walked towards the direction of this alluring pull trying to figure out where it was coming from until I stood face to face with her. Her presence hit me like a bolt of lightning. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her blue hair flowed gracefully, and her golden eyes gleamed like the sun.Mate. The word echoed in my mind. She was my mate.Our eyes locked, and I could see the anger burning within her. “This ends now,” she declared a
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The night was cool and calm as the pack settled to rest.I lay in my bed in a deep slumber, tired from all the stress and worries that had weighed me down during this period.In the quietness, a rustling sound reaches my sharp ears, faint yet consistent.I stirred in my sleep, a frown formed on my face from the annoyance caused by the sound.“ Blue” a voice whispered urgently, followed by a gentle shake to my shoulders.My eyes flutter open, slowly trying to gain focus. Alex stood by my bedside with a tense expression. I had told Alex earlier this evening that I did not want him in my bed today because I wanted to enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of my room. “ What is it, Alex?” I asked groggily.“ We are under attack,” Alex uttered.The declaration hit me like an electric bolt instantly sharpening my sense, my pack was under attack again and I needed to protect her.“ How many of them?” I asked.“Quiet a lot, they are larger werewolves. I guess that they are from….” “…from the
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I walked into the spacious room holding hands with Mira who was frightened to be alone.I looked at the man who was sitting behind the desk. He was the same guy I had fought with when we first attacked the Redmoon pack. Was he the Alpha? He was younger than expected, I was hoping to see someone older, someone who looked like the man who killed my father but he was different. The man standing in front of me was breathtakingly gorgeous. He had a very angelic face that felt so unreal almost as if he was incapable of doing any harm and his body was finely built. He caught me staring and I coughed which planted a tiny smile on his face.“ Alpha Troy Hunter, I suppose,” I said.“Correct, and you must be Blue Winter, the Alpha of Moonlight pack,” he replied.I nodded slightly. His eyes noticed Mira and he looked at her in shock then at me. “ I did not know you had a child.” He said genuinely taken aback.“I don't. Would that have made any difference,” I asked irritated. “No,” He seemed
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I stretched under the soft covers when I got startled by a figure standing in front of my bed. My heart raced as I quickly sat up, and there he was. “Alpha Troy,” I said as I managed to compose myself, my heart still racing. He offered a faint smile. "Good morning, Blue."“What the actual fuck.” I cursed. “Is this how you welcome people here? Walking into their room without any warning?”“You were sleeping so peacefully, I did not want to disturb you.” “ Then you should have waited outside this room.” I frowned.He nodded at the possibility “Yes, I suppose I could have. But I thought you looked too adorable, sleeping with your mouth open and drooling.”“You are unbelievable,” I muttered, feeling a flush of color rise to my cheeks.“ So why are you here?" I asked. “ I wanted to talk to you personally before I leave for my duties.” “ About what?”“ Well since you will be staying with us for the time being, I want to make sure you are properly settled in, there is no point in treatin
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I readied myself for my first day working with Alpha Troy Hunter. Although the situation that brought me here was not ideal, I was determined to use this opportunity to gain insights into the Redmoon Pack.I arrived at the designated location, and just as I expected, Troy was waiting for me. He greeted me with a nod. "Morning, Blue.""Good morning, Troy," I responded.He informed me that today's plan involved a tour of the pack's training area. As we strolled along, I could not help but notice the training grounds were conveniently close to his house.The training area was even more impressive than I had anticipated. It stretched widely and was well-equipped with various obstacles, weights, and training dummies. Sounds of effort, grunts, and the occasional clang of weights hitting the ground filled the air.As we entered the training room, my eyes widened at the sight before me. Hefty men, each one of them looking like they could lift a building, were engaged in various training act
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TROY’S POV.Since the day Blue joined my pack, I have felt a lot happier, but I can not shake off my concerns. Seeing as Blue does not know I am her mate. Sometimes, I am itching to tell her, but deep down, I know that is a terrible idea. Our first meeting was not exactly friendly, and I did keep her here against her will. But was that a bad idea? It was the only way I could think of to keep her close.When I saw her hugging and being all affectionate with that human, Alex. It stirred up this feeling of jealousy in me. I have heard the rumors that they might be dating and it looks like it might be true. The thought of them together was making me angry. It took everything in my power not to get rid of him that day, but that would put me in a bad position and Blue would hate me forever and the last thing I needed after searching for my mate for a long time was to get rejected. It was not just the hug, it was the way he looked at her like they shared a secret world I could never be a par
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Troy and I found ourselves in the training area again, but this time, it was different. He had called me here for our first joint training session. As we stood facing each other, the warmth in his eyes was hard to miss."Today, we will work on your combat skills," he announced.Following his guidance, I settled into a defensive stance. His eyes lingered on me, studying every motion. His first punch came swiftly; I managed to block it, though his speed caught me off guard.The session continued, with Troy patiently leading me through various techniques.“ You are too tense, you need to relax,” he said as he walked towards my direction.As Troy came closer to me, I could feel the air change around us. His steps were slow and precise, and I sensed his attention fixed on me. My heartbeat quickened, and it became hard for me to catch my breath. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as he stopped right in front of me.Standing there, Troy's hand gently rested on my shoulder. His touch sen
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As the sun went down, I stood in front of my mirror, thinking about how I looked for the pack's yearly festival. I took a deep breath and came out of my room. The place was full of energy, with the smell of food and the sounds of people having fun. I looked around and saw Troy with some pack members. He noticed me looking at him, smiled, and walked toward me. Even though I was annoyed with him, I still felt nervous and happy."Blue, you look stunning," he said"Thanks," I replied, my tone guarded.“Shall we?" he asked, extending his arm for me to take.I placed my hand on his arm as he guided me around the venue, showing me the different attractions.Suddenly, a young boy around six years old rushed toward us, excitedly exclaiming, "Alpha Troy, look at what I made!"“Look, I drew a picture of you because you are my favorite person in the whole wide world,” he announced proudly. He proudly displayed a crudely drawn picture of Troy, which was barely recognizable. I struggled to suppres
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“Hey, Blue, what are you doing here?" Mary's voice sliced through the air as she swung the door open, her unsteady steps causing her to stumble backward. It was clear she was intoxicated.I glanced up, attempting to mask my surprise. "Uhmm… Nothing much," I stammered, my fingers fumbling with the scattered files.Her giggles danced through the room, laced with a teasing edge. “What are you up to, you sneaky little bitch” she taunted, her hand poking at my cheek."You are drunk. Let's get out of here," I suggested, struggling to regain my composure while arranging the last few files."Nah, not really," she replied in a sing-song manner, her words wavering with her intoxicated state."Why did you come here?" I asked, steadying her with my hands, my heart racing as I prayed to the moon goddess that we should not get caught."I saw you leaving the party. I called your name, but you did not answer. So, I followed you here," she whispered quietly and then giggled.Shit, I thought to myself,
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