Secrets of An Omega

Secrets of An Omega

By:  Thenightingale  Completed
Language: English
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Cold. Ruthless. Decadently dangerous. These were the only words to describe Alpha Rose. Everything she touched bent to her will, and although strikingly beautiful as a red rose, she had a wall of vicious thorns.But, what happens to this "Big Bad She-Alpha" when she stumbles upon her mate- a mysterious omega from a poor rogue pack? And, what happens when an old friend with whom she shares an unspoken past, comes back into the picture?Is Alpha Rose prepared to face the most difficult battle of her lifetime- the battle of love, desire... and secrets?

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48 Chapters
Prologue: Betrayal
I stood there; my deep blue eyes locked on my mother's. Her eyes were a shade of icy blue which glowed in the silvery moonlight, reflecting my small, skinny figure in them. Her teeth were out in two shard- like fangs, an indication that she was at her limit with regards to her overflowing, and usually infinite patience.I was, however not in the mood to back down from this little spat she and I were having. I refused to lose today and my patience with her had grown thin a long time ago.“What do you mean a proposal? What kind of proposal are you trying to make? You cannot simply tell me to go to one of the most powerful werewolf packs with a simple ‘Good day, Alpha, my mother has a proposal for you’”. I then shook my head, vigorously and in absolute shock at her lack of clarity. Was she trying to make me look stupid?By now, my mother and I were at the brink of falling further away from each other and the familial bonds which
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Chapter 1: Old friend
ROSE "Alpha..." I heard from the other side of my door."Not now!" I said scanning through a stack of paperwork which had made its way onto my desk a few hours ago. This stack of paper contained the exceptionally long, and very boring financial report which I needed to double- no- triple check. Part of being an alpha of the largest pack ever was to make sure all our finances were in order and I preferred not making any mistakes."Alpha!!" The voice, I now recognised as having belonged to my beta, screamed from outside of the wooden door to my office, and soon her loud voice was accompanied by loud banging noises from the door.As she screamed my pencil slipped causing a long dark grey streak across my page filled with numbers. I growled in anger and prepared to rip my hair out. This was the fifth time this week that she had pulled a stunt like this, and I was running out of copies of the report, patience, and I suspected I w
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Chapter 2: An Invitation
ROSE What could be said about this powerful being standing before Deamian and I? Well firstly she was powerful- of course. She was also in charge of the whole "mates" thing. So, she decided who each person would spend their entire lives with. Miserable, I know. She chose the titles each wolf was born into and was basically in control of everything to do with werewolf magic. Her most important job, however, was keeping balance by making sure that werewolf magic was being used properly and wisely. The only thing she seemed to have difficulty controlling was her arrogant son, Deamian. Nowadays, however, nobody could control him, not at all. Ever since my parents died when I was 18 and he decided to disappear-My thoughts about the Moon Goddess were, however, brought back to the present when the loud shouting began. My office was beginning to seem less like an office an more like the set of a long-winded family drama TV show.
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Chapter 3: The stranger in the woods
ROSEThe party was tomorrow night and I was still unsure as to whether or not I wanted to attend. I never left my pack... ever. And why would I? Without me I'm sure there'd be chaos. Only I could control this pack properly. Only me.I sighed, looking at myself in the mirror as I tied my curly, dark copper hair back. I had turquoise coloured eyes just like my mother and apparently, I was as beautiful as her as our facial features were quite similar. But I never saw it. I was an alpha, I wasn't supposed to be beautiful, I was supposed to be feared. The question that Deamian had asked before, however, was still on my mind. I hadn’t found my mate… I had no boyfriend. He seemed to be the only person not satisfied with my current relationship status. Then again, he wouldn’t be, not when he still thought he knew me. He was unfortunately in for a rude awakening.I then decided to go over my notes on the various reports to get my mind
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Chapter 4: Ryker Bane
ROSEI sat opposite my mate who was clearly very interested in me. We sat in my office, the only place which could offer us a bit of privacy.He was in an oversized shirt of mine to cover up and sat there playing with the hem of it, and occasionally relishing in the remnants of my scent which lingered on the material. Creep.Unfortunately It turned out that my mate belonged to a pack of rogues and as per the agreement between the Moon Goddess and my pack, if an important pack member is to have a mate from a rogue pack, our pack must welcome the rogue pack in. It was their choice to stay or not.But that wasn't the problem. The problem was that my mate existed. What was worse was the he was an omega, the symbol of weakness in any pack. I was a strong alpha, there was no way I could have such a weak werewolf for a mate."Why don't you just reject him," Carina, my Beta whispered in my ear. She was the only one who actually knew
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Chapter 5: The caged mate
ROSEI woke up the next morning, hoping that last night's events were all just a dream. Unfortunately, reality came in the form of a brunette with green eyes- Carina. She insisted on "talking" with me about throwing my mate in the basement. I truly didn't see what was wrong with it. I just threw my mate into the cold, windowless, foodless basement along with his pack. Absolutely fine. I mean, it wasn’t as though I’d let him die or anything.Of course, Carina harboured something called compassion. A horrid thing to harbour, if you ask me. It made one quite weak! She went on and on about how mates are amazing and how my mate will make me stronger and take some of my work load off because I was, and I quote, "cranky"."I'm not cranky. I'm just...""You're just lacking love. And a mate comes with that!" She said as she sat on my bed and watched me search for a pair of shoes in my cupboard.I turned around and sighed, "
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Chapter 6: A Night with Deamian
ROSELater on, in the day, after checking up on Ryker again and then again- it was just because of Carina, at least, that’s what I told myself- I decided that I would in fact go to the party after a heated argument with him. He just couldn't stay out of my business and the troubling part of it was that I was slowly becoming addicted to our little quarrels... And it was only day 2 of knowing the idiot. So, I told him I'd go to this party and just to tick him off, implied that I would be dancing in the arms of strangers. The downfall of many mate pairs was their jealousy and possessiveness. All I did was use that to get under Ryker’s skin.That however was not my actual plan. My actual plan was to-"Are you done yet? I want to see what you look like!" Carina yelled. I just groaned, irritated by her childishness, and continued to run the straightener through my copp
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Chapter 7: Delightfully Dreadful
ROSEI woke up the next morning with a killer headache and Carina laying at the foot of my bed. Idiot.As I looked at her weirdly positioned self, an evil idea made its way into my mind. So, I slowly crept out of bed, tiptoeing and allowing the wolf side of me to take over. I then went to the bathroom, filled my water jug with some water, snuck back into my room and dumped it all over Carina. She awoke with a loud scream while I just stood there, arms crossed and an evil smirk on my face."The other day you questioned my maturity. This would be revenge!" I said.Carina looked up through her soaking red strands of hair. She was drenched with theicy water which made her poor, expensive, navy dress cling to her body."Rose! I hate you!" She yelled.I shook my head and tisked."Th
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Chapter 8: Pack tour
ROSEDeamian looked at me curiously. He knew I was lying but didn't say anything as he just smiled and attempted to hook our arms together. I pulled my arm away and shook my head at him. This happened multiple times."So where to first?" He asked me.I sighed and told him that I'd take him to the training grounds. By this time, it was midmorning and the sun shone brightly in the sky making the cut green grass appear shimmery. The place was large and divided into sections through the use of white paint, fences and some places even covered in netting. Each specific place had a specific purpose. The netted sections covered muddy terrain for training in rainy weather. Others contained deadly obstacle courses, combat grounds, gymnastic areas, open space for running, sections containing small pools for underwater training, sports grounds toward the end of the large field, bordering the woods, and finally, the large indoors training building.As soo
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Chapter 9: Protecting Ryker
ROSEDead was an understatement. As soon as the brunette with grassy green eyes looked at me, I saw her smile for Deamian turn to a scowl of resentment for me."You. What are you doing here?" She spat, crossing her arms over. Although she had every right to be angry, she was still talking to her alpha and I was not one for letting others disrespect me."Excuse me, but I am not a dog that you can just speak to like that." I said. It was then that Deamian spared the both of us confusing glances."You sure do act like a dog! And you look like one too. Like a mutt." And that was it. That was a boundary she overstepped... not even overstepped, she leapt across it and stomped on it.I could feel my claws elongate and my fangs as well. I let out a low, angry growl which ripped from my chest. But she didn't look like she was scared.
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