Seduce the Playboy

Seduce the Playboy

By:  Swan  Ongoing
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I could have smacked him. Trying to play like I’d had zero effect on him when his cock was still as hard as stone underneath me. Fortunately, I wasn’t that easily deterred. “Yes. Now you give me your phone number.” He only hesitated for a fraction of a second before pulling out his cell phone and unlocking the screen. He handed it to me. “Text yourself.” I shivered. How could a person make something so innocent sound so naughty? Because he was experienced, that was how. Because he knew things that I didn’t. Because he was The Professor. *** Determined to track down her missing friend Amber, Emily follows a chain of clues that lead her to the enigmatic billionaire Reeve Sallis, a hotelier known for his shady dealings and play boy reputation. Now, in order to find Amber, Emily must seduce Reeve to learn his secrets and discover the whereabouts of her friend. But as she finds herself more entangled with him, she finds she's drawn to Reeve for more than just his connection to Amber, despite her growing fear that he may be the enemy. When she's forced to choose where her loyalty lies, how will she decide between saving Amber and saving her heart?

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117 Chapters
ONEDYLAN“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” Weston, my business partner,exclaimed from the front passenger seat of my service car as wepulled away from the curb.Restraining myself from directing the driver—a habit of mine,surely not useful now when I’d been out of New York City for so long—I looked behind me out the rear window at the two figures we’d leftbehind. Donovan Kincaid, another one of my partners at Reach, Inc.along with Weston King, was chasing down a girl who worked in theoffice—Sabrina Lind.I had only just met Sabrina this evening. The woman waspleasant, smart, straightforward. Had a good head on her shoulders.Weston and I had dined with her and her younger sister and had justbeen finishing up when Donovan had come in, all blustering andnoble and knightly.“Donovan called himself her boyfriend,” Weston saidincredulously, recalling the scene we’d just left. “Was I the only onewho heard that? I can’t be that drunk.”It had been an out-of-character declaration for th
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But I wasn’t.She was a very attractive young lady. I couldn’t help how mybody reacted. I’d been respectful. For the most part.“This is me,” Weston said, pointing out the window to his building.My driver pulled over next to a large bank of snow. To be fair, theentire street was banked with snow, lingering from the storm the daybefore.“Guess I’m going snowshoeing,” Weston said with a sigh. Hestepped out of the car and immediately cursed, the door slammingbefore I could make out the full extent of his blaspheme.I leaned over Audrey, and not just because I wanted to smell therose bouquet in her perfume, but so that I could roll the windowdown and call after my partner.“Have a good Thanksgiving,” I said, “if I don’t see you againbefore the holiday.” He was flying off somewhere later in the week—Utah or Kansas—the United States Midwest was always a blur tothis Hampshire native.“You too, friend. It was good seeing you. If even briefly. And nicemeeting you, Audrey.” He turne
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“Are you saying that you are not…? That you haven’t…?” Icleared my throat, floundering a bit with how I was asking this nearstranger about her virginity. It was like the opening of a poorly writtenporno.Holy mother of God, I was going to be fantasizing about this forquite some time.“Oh, no,” she said in a rush.And to my relief. I couldn’t handle the weight of knowing that andlater having to get out of the car to see her to the door of herapartment building.“I’m not that innocent,” she went on. “I’ve had boyfriends. Twoserious. Long-term, each of them. Very committed, very in love withboth of them. And, maybe, even, either one of them could have beenthe guy. You know, The Guy? The Forever Guy?”The fairy tale. Yes, I knew that story.She was in a car now with me though. Not with me, but shewasn’t with anyone else either, from what I’d gathered during thenight. So those fairy tales had obviously ended. The way that everyfairy tale eventually does and life returns back to
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“Are you worried about it?” I challenged.His eyes never left me. “Of course not.”“Then what are you afraid of?”His restraint broke, and his mouth swooped down on mine like awolf descending on its prey. There was no foreplay. No sweetseduction. Just hungry determination as he placed a hand at theback of my head and attacked with fierce ardor. He was firm andaggressive. He was skillful and demanding. He was in charge.Silly, stupid, willing lamb that I was, I latched myself to him,throwing my arms around his neck and licking at the greedy plungeof his tongue between my lips. I wanted his taste of wine andsmoked bass to be my taste, to be the only taste I could remember. Ineeded to drink him and devour him the way he seemed to need todrink and devour me.We were frenzied and sloppy, our teeth crashing against eachother at times, our breath coming in irregular measures. It felt asthough the whole of time had been reduced to this moment, theentirety of the universe reduced t
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Disappointment sounded in my tone nonetheless when I finallyreplied. “Yes. The hotel.”The car signal clicked rhythmically as we waited at a light to turnuptown. I sunk back in my seat, letting myself remember, for amoment, the person I’d been when I’d wed. I’d felt so much oldermarrying a woman ten years my senior, but I was really such a childthen, only twenty-five.My, how I’d grown up since.And now my thoughts turned back to Audrey, younger than I’dbeen when I’d married, but just as enthusiastic and charmed withlove and life as I’d been.I opened my texts and found where she’d sent herself amessage.A: A million people in the city, and you and I met. That’skismet.I laughed out loud. My driver was spot on—she was fantastic.Fantastic and trusting and young and that was enough reason todelete both her number and the whimsical message from my phone.But I saved it instead. Not because she’d hooked me, butbecause I needed to know it was her when she called. If she called.
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“Donovan Kincaid doesn’t know what to do with a kid. This is youtrying to keep him from me, like you always do.” This conversationreaffirmed my decision to get a second apartment in New York City—so that I could visit more often and have more access to Aaron.“I’m not keeping him from anyone. You are delusional.”“And you’re ice. Cold and bitter and mean. Exactly the qualitiesthat drove me to leave you.” Maybe I was going there after all.“You didn’t leave me because I was cold and bitter. You leftbecause I cheated on you.” She’d destroyed my heart with herbetrayal and she almost sounded like she was gloating.To hell with her.“You were ice cold and bitter before that. It simply took the act ofyou cheating on me to recognize that I couldn’t…” I paused andinhaled deeply. I didn’t need to relive this. I didn’t want to rememberhow deeply I’d once believed in her. In us.“That you couldn’t save me?” she finished for me. “Couldn’t makeme whole again? Is that what you were going
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But I’d already thought about that.I kicked off my shoes and pulled my knees underneath me on thecouch. “Dylan is not actually your boss. He’s more like your boss’sequal, if you want to be technical.” And, to be fair, she herself wassleeping with a different man who was her boss’s equal. If therewasn’t an issue there, why would there be an issue with me?She dropped her coat and purse on the back of the sofa and puta stern fist on her hip—one of the postures she took when she wasassuming a motherly role with me. “If you want to be technical, he’sold enough to be your father.”I rolled my eyes. “He is not. He’s just experienced and wise.” Tobe honest, I wasn’t actually sure of Dylan’s age.“He’s twenty years older than you.”Huh. I’d guessed more like fifteen. “Maybe I have a thing fordads.” I didn’t, I didn’t think, but I could. Could I? Was that thecomfort I’d been unable to replicate with my previous boyfriends?“Don’t knock my kink. I don’t knock yours.” I was possibly m
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I WAITED until Sabrina had left before coming out of my room forbreakfast. I didn’t want her to drill me about my plans for the day,and boy, did I have plans.First, I hustled over to a boutique lingerie shop nearby Sabrina’sMidtown apartment. They were on holiday schedule and openedearly, so I got what I needed and was at the register well before ten.With my purchases “in hand,” so to say, I finally pulled out myphone to get ahold of Dylan. Sure, I could have texted him before I’dgone shopping, but I didn’t want to seem desperate, contacting himbefore the sun had reached a decent place in the sky. Because Iwasn’t desperate. I was eager. There was a difference, I was sure.I had, however, composed my text the night before so it wasready to go with just a press of the send button.A: Happy Tuesday! Did U sleep OK?Polite, harmless. A message that wouldn’t scare him off.Still, he took his time answering. Almost seven whole minutes.Thankfully there was a Starbucks next door s
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“I lured you? How is that possible when I’m the one who hasjoined you on your day’s plans? It seems, Dylan Locke, that you mayhave lured me.”Her expression was so convincing, I momentarily doubted myself.“No, no. I most definitely didn’t lure you. You lured me with your talkof fate and finding out what it had to do with us.”“Kismet,” she corrected.“Yes, that’s right. Kismet. You dangled the word out in front of methe way a fisherman dangles a—”“Hook?” she guessed.I narrowed my eyes. “Lure.”Her smile widened. “That’s amazing that a simple text messagecould hold that much power over you. Why do you think that is, doyou suppose?”And that was the real question, more important than why she washere. The question about why I was tempting myself with somethingI was never going to believe in. About why her particular lure was soirresistible. The question I’d hoped she’d be able to answer becauseI was at a loss.A question that wasn’t getting answered now either because thees
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“Incredible!” Audrey gasped from behind me. She ran giddily tolook outside, stopping several feet short of the actual windows.“You don’t feel the true impact without getting close up.” I’dapparently forgotten my determination to pretend she wasn’t there.“That’s okay. I’m good right here. I’m afraid of heights.” Sheglanced quickly to Jeff Jones who’d entered the room with her. “Youknow that, Daddy,” she added, remembering her ruse.I hadn’t thought she could be afraid of anything, daring andimpetuous that she was. This new insight added to the enigma ofAudrey Lind. Part wildling, part devil, part innocent, all contradiction.“I thought you’d grown out of it,” I muttered. Whatever was Idoing, playing along?And she was invading my space again, standing too close,smelling too good. Making my jumper feel too hot and my throat feeltoo tight.I had to hurry this tour up.Sticking my hands in my trouser pockets, I turned to the agent.“The website said this unit is up for lease as
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