Seductive Vibrations Book Four His Brat

Seductive Vibrations Book Four His Brat

By:  Billiejo Priestley  Completed
Language: English
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The fourth instalment of Seductive Vibrations. Ever wondered what happened after the move to America? Marcus takes a step back from his relationship with Alena. When he hires a new personal assistant Anaya, and they attend a work event, things turn when Marcus can't resist her, but after sleeping with her, he knows he can't let her go. As Marcus moves forward with Anaya, we see a new side of Alena, one that becomes bitter and will go to just about any length to get Marcus back for herself. Even risks her marriage with Jackson, as she pushes Marcus to a point where he crumbles and the result is a deadly crash. If you thought things got twisted in the last season of Seductive Vibrations, hold on tight, as Demitri is becoming a main character, fighting to win Anaya from Marcus after letting her go when he was younger.

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232 Chapters
In The Dumps
It feels like a dream, not real at all, but it is. Standing here, my heart is beating slowly, my breathing perfectly relaxed, and I never thought that would be possible. I look down at the large metal cuffs around my ankles fastened to the wall, my hands tied with the rope above my head. If anyone saw me now, they would think I was here unwillingly; my friends would freak out if they knew I agreed. Marcus Mancini stands before me, his leather chaps slightly open as his hand grips the leather whip and his wicked smile melts my heart, I should have ran, I know I should have. I am falling in love, and even I know Marcus Mancini is not a man you want to love.I never thought a month ago, that walking into that interview room would have the end result of me being here, not at all. He saved me in so many ways, and while I enjoy every aspect of this relationship, I know he will never truly be mine, somewhere, somehow, he will always be hers. A month before...Another rejection, I sit outsi
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A new Job
I look at the building. Mancini is written in large letters on the front. I'm shaking as I prepare myself to go in, yet I don't want to. I know I should, I don't even know what the company is.My mistake, I spent all night reading his contract I didn't consider searching and finding out about the company. What if he asks me what I think of the company?I can’t even answer that. I go to walk in, yet I can't, I need this job even if he has a side of him I don't feel comfortable with. I stand looking at the building, time seems to be passing me by, as I keep glancing at the clock, watching as it moves. I should have been in there twenty minutes ago, I am late.Why I am so afraid to walk in there I don’t know. I laugh slightly, I know why. I have the words of that contract burned into my head and now my mind is playing games with me, telling me that is what he wants.Maybe I should leave? I am late now, so no doubt he will be busy. Giving my head a wobble, I walk through the doors; a youn
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Wrong moves
Everything costs hundreds, if not more, I can't spend that much. I have no choice though, my hand stops on a silver dress, a long and a trumpet-type of dress, picking it up I don't look at the price.If I do, I know I will just put it back down, so I carry it across the shop, grab shoes and a bag to match, and place them all on the counter as she begins to scan them."Can you not tell me the prices please?" The counter assistant looks at me confused."Please? Honestly, if I know how much it costs, I will put it back." She simply nods."Okay, well, I am not sure what to say, but it needs to be paid for. How will you pay?" I hand her the card and watch as the dress gets paid for, I would never shop here,I rush home and get ready, with barely minutes left to sit. I look around me, realising that he is coming here, sure not inside, but outside, what will he think? It's the worst place in town.I hear the doorbell, grab my jacket and rush down, opening the door he stands there in a suit.
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Leaving Day
Waking up, I feel the bed moving. Marcus is next to me, his face serious."We should talk." Nodding, I sit up, and he hands me a plate with food."Last night was a mistake. You can't work for me. I can't risk this happening again." There it is, I have officially lost my job before I even start."It is fine, I understand. I will get ready and leave." My body turns to move and get off the bed, his hand grabbing mine and stopping me."Don't, Anaya. You don't understand. I don't usually do what I did last night. You somehow made me forget everything. Hell, I had sex in this bed, I never have sex in my own bed." Turning, I look at him confused."Then where the hell do you have sex?" He shakes his head back at me and rubs his forehead in frustration."Look, let's not get into that either right now. You can work for me, but I will have a call around and see if I can get you a permanent position elsewhere. I can't risk this happening again, not with a worker." Well, I guess for now I am safe
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"Anaya." My body stiffens, my hands wiping away the tears as I turn to face Marcus. He shouldn't be here, not at all."What the hell are you doing? You honestly turned down every job I secured for you? Why?" He looks angry, but he shouldn't be."Because I don't want anything from you Marcus, you shouldn't even be here and like it matters now anyway, I am moving back to Gosnold today, that was the life I was meant to live." I turn messing with my bags, any excuse not to look at him."Anaya, just accept one of the jobs, stop being so stubborn, you don't have to go back to a tiny town and work on a checkout for the rest of your life." I laugh at his words; he has no idea."Actually, I am going to be a waiter, not that it has anything to do with you, Marcus. You made it clear that night was a mistake, now can you leave, please, I am waiting for someone to pick me up." My words get louder until I am shouting. What is it with men? He can't have me, but doesn't want me to leave the city? Wel
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Becoming His
I need to know about him."Marcus, what about you? You know why I am here, about my family and past, what about you? And why are you so afraid of me?" Okay, I missed out a lot, he smiles softly his hand grabbing mine."I was in the Navy, and I had a wife, we ended badly, my dad left when I was young, and my mum raised me. I inherited money from my father, and my brother hates me."I don't feel he is telling me everything, I wait, and he senses I am, and seems to give in and begin to talk more."I have a son, things were complicated with that. You remind me..No, how I feel reminds me of his mum. That ended badly multiple times, I gave up being safe for her. I ruined her life and my own, you make me want to forget, like before. That is why I am scared because that will end badly."I feel I need to know more, about his son's mum. I sense he loves her, but won't admit it. I read that contract, I know this isn't a relationship, even if my mind tries to make me think it is. We're not a coup
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Safeword? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Next, begin to go through things I never tried what I am willing to try and what I won't"Safe word? You need one" He looks at me and waits."Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." I sit and smile, and he shakes his head, clearly not amused by my attitude right now."Seriously, take this seriously." He looks at me clearly wanting a safe word, but this is just too much fun."Super-cali-fragilistic-expiali-docious, maybe I should say it twice?" I say it in a taunting way, slowly. He moves, his hands grabbing me and throwing me over the table, his hand sliding up the inside of my thighs, slowly lifting my skirt to expose my arse."Okay, smartass, now try to say it while I spank this pretty arse of yours, if you manage to say it before five, then you can use it. Oh, and you have to count each spank as well."My mind is telling me I am crazy, but surely I can do it. I scream and jump as the sting of his hand hits."Count," His voice is low, and my mind trying to find the number to say."One.
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Meeting Her.
I stand looking at myself in the mirror, glistening silver grown flows over my body, the slit up the side exposes my leg. With Marcus, finding a dress was quick. He picked which I am grateful for because I am not comfortable with the price. I knew the moment we walked in the shop, one or two of each dress at the most, champaign in glasses. I knew the dresses would cost too much, and I felt uneasy choosing knowing he was paying.So, when he walked in picked up the dress and said this is perfect, I looked and agreed, because well I guess I do. The dress is perfect what more can I say? Nothing really can I when that is the truth. The truth though, had I gone alone I wouldn't have even looked at that shop."Thinking hard there aren't you." My body jumps at the sound of his voice as he slowly stalks towards me, his eyes taking in the sight of my body in the gown."Now, I don't like to gloat, but damn I made one hell of a good choice with this." He rubs his hand against my exposed legs, sto
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Giving More
I stand staring at him, what is he doing? Alena looks at us both confused."Would you ever leave Jackson for me, Alena?" She looks at him shocked and shakes her head,"You know full well I would never choose you over Jackson." Her face shows she means it but at the same time she is sad, she has clearly hurt him by saying that."Right, and have you begged me before to come back and get back into the same arrangement as before?" She looks at me, and it is like a lightbulb moment."Yes, and you refused totally, Anaya, you have nothing to worry about, I have lost Marcus and it is something I am learning to live with, and I will never leave Jackson for him." Jackson is simply standing there watching and listening."Here it is Alena, and you, Jackson. From now I will not join you again, ever. If Anaya walks out and leave,s I still won't. The whole point of this was to distance myself, to get my own life and one day walk away, and today is that day."Alena's eyes spark with hurt, then she lo
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Deathly Past
Waking up I smile, sweet and tempting memories of last night flooding my mind. Rolling over my arm reaches out, Marcus is no longer by my side, I continue smiling though. He stayed until I was asleep clearly before going to his own room, something I'll get used to quickly.It is part of the contract, one I'm sticking to although something inside me is telling me soon that will change.Sitting up I look around at the room, it is beautiful, elegant and the erotic paintings somehow don't appear to be only okay for adults to see. Getting up I walk into the shower, my mind on last night, Alena flashing in briefly before I push her away. The sound of the door opening makes me turn to look where Marcus stands. The shower door blocks my view. I'm just about to see his outline."I thought I heard movement, we have business to deal with today kitten, so once you're ready we will make our way." Smiling at him I nod, no idea why when he can't see me. My mouth opens to reply then I remember someth
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