She Tempted The Devil

She Tempted The Devil

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The throne of hell has been long contested by Lucifer and Satan .Both had their era that they ruled. Lucifer ruled at the beginning of human history and Satan ruled till the end of world war 1 and 2. The prestigious title of the Devil was only shared between these two brothers,who were actually twins and were sometimes mistaken as one entity. Lucifer was the demon of pride and Satan, the demon of wrath.Both were powerful so they had every right to rule the empire of demons. Well,everything was rosy until the demons make a declaration .Pride and wrath were no longer the sins that ruled the world,lust was.Yes, the demons wanted Asmodeus, the youngest prince of hell to take the throne. But wait,did they expect Lucifer to swallow his pride or Satan to act like he was not enraged by their demand. Asmodeus,the MC was definitely not into the whole becoming the Devil thing but Lucifer offers him the throne in return for a soul.The soul of the only one not corrupted by Asmodeus' lust which the dominated world at that moment.He is not interested in the throne but is moved by the challenge. Who is that mortal,who dared tempt the devil.She is Maria, an innocent young virgin lady who decided to live a celibate life .Oh that decision would never hold,hell no,not with the god of lust around.

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118 Chapters
The Devil
Who is the devil?.Some called him Lucifer,others called him Satan. They were practically twins but there were more of them and the youngest was by far the greatest.Lucifer was the fallen angel of pride but he wasn't Pride.Lucifer and Satan attempted a coup. It of course failed and they both fell.But,not without taking 1/3 of the angels with him.Those angels mingled with humans and their children became the demons.God destroyed them with Wrath that poured out water onto the earth.It caused a flood that destroyed all the living.But they weren't gone they became ghosts roaming the earth after being banished to the underworld.Their parents,the fallen angels became deities.Those Deities had fetish priests and seers.There were seven major Fallen angels,Lucifer, Asmodeus,Satan,Beelzebub,Baal, Leviathan and Belphegor.The Devil was a title chosen by the seven princes.Satan was the Devil in World wars and Lucifer was King in the fall of man and Babel.It had switched for generations between the
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All hell broke loose literally.Who would be the new king 👑 of hell, who deserved the throne and title as the Devil.The crowd started to speak.Demons,seers, ghosts and even the neutral spirits were chanting for a new change of government.Enough of the Lucifer/Satan lead regime.It was getting boring,totally cliche and absolutely one way.But who would be king except from them.Every demon was selfish,every ghost was thinking of their well being and the neutral spirits were still neutral.So they made a compromise,if they wouldn't allow themselves to get it and definitely,they would not hand it back to the Twin kings then they would give it to stranger.The youngest amongst them. The prodigal son who wasn't even at this vital meeting.They chose Asmodeus to be the Devil. The question was what did The twins have to say about this. Asmodeus was not at the meeting for complicated reasons.He had not stepped in hell for a while now.He fell out with Lucifer and Satan so he left to planet earth.He
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"What the hell on earth",A handsome man with a devilish smirk on his face said as a bunch of men sitting around a big office table briefed him on the state of hell address.Yes,he was the famous Asmodeus,the youngest Arch demon,most cocky prince of hell and the soon to be Devil.He was amused to hear what he had just been told.Hell wanted an election,the demons wanted democracy."Ha,I can't believe this,I wish I could see the look on Satan and Lucifer's face."So, Asmodeus what do you say about our proposal",the men around the table asked.Asmodeus looked at them one by one then spoke,"Why the hell would I do that".They all gaped at him,this was the greatest opportunity of a lifetime for any demon and Asmodeus was....well,he was.....not giving a fuck!!!.Asmodeus said that for one reason and one reason only.He gave up on the mission of hell long ago.He gave up fighting a lost war against their Father,the Almighty God.Why after leaving hell for over a century,would he want to comeback to be
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Who Wants The Throne
Asmodeus was on the move with the other demons,they were going to Hell Industries Inc.Yes!,hell had headquarters all over the globe and these places always had an underground chamber.It led to the actual realm of hell. Asmodeus wasn't really interested in the throne but he thought,"It's time for a great family reunion".He smiled to himself with a sense of satisfaction and relaxed in his seat. They finally arrived at Hell Inc and were met with a royal welcome.It was so grand that some of the chauffeurs recommended that Asmodeus should be lifted into the building.Ofcourse,he declined.Asmodeus was a simple guy.Well, except for the fact that he was a billionaire.He just wanted to get this over with it.He was going to disappoint all these fanatics and go back to his earthly abode to pass time,right before their inevitable war in the end times.Yeah, Asmodeus knew they would lose the war against their Dad after they failed to corrupt his divine son.He no longer saw the use of fighting for a
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Lucifer's Decision
IN THE REALM OF THE FIERY PIT....They were bracing their selves for the arrival of their new king.Asmodeus the Devil,the one with dominion over evil.Satan was ranting to Lucifer as the demon of pride stayed quite seeming to be lost in his thoughts,"Are we really going to let these fools choose that premature idiot of a brother to rule the ultimate kingdom of hell.We have to do something. Lucifer!,come on are you just going to sit there doing nothing".Lucifer suddenly whispered,"Asmodeus doesn't want the throne,he doesn't want any responsibilities related to our fight.I think this will be good for him".Satan's eyes opened wide and he gaped at Lucifer that instant,"What!!,don't tell me you are on his side, accepting this silly idea"."On the contrary,am on no one's side", Lucifer replied.Satan was just too shocked and flustered to say anything else.He walked away and left Lucifer pondering.Why would Lucifer want Asmodeus to have the throne?.Only he knew and considering the fact that
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Finally Home
The moment had finally come, Asmodeus had arrived home at last.All the demons, neutral spirits and ghosts rose to their feet and shouted the praise of Asmodeus the great.He waved his hands up embracing their applause and cheers.The last time he was here,things didn't end so pretty.All seven of them fought each other for one woman.That woman was Mrs Lilith,the so called Queen of hell.It seemed that she played them all and really was doing Lucifer's bidding.He just wanted to use her to keep the other six princes of hell in check but it all went wrong and Asmodeus fell for her.Once he found out he was tricked,he went straight to Lucifer but he ended up being ignored and went picking a fight with Satan.It turned ugly and Asmodeus banished himself to self exile on earth.He now couldn't believe he was back, his past was bittersweet and now his present was glorious.Once the applause receded,he headed straight to Lucifer's chambers.He wouldn't dare want to meet Satan right now,not after how h
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That White Speck
Asmodeus couldn't believe his ears,how was this possible.When he left for earth,he made sure to build his empire and sin into an unstoppable force.All the porn companies,the condoms,the whole freaking explore your sexuality campaign shouldn't haven't left anyone standing. Lucifer brought hell's crystal ball and Asmodeus saw the woman who was that single white speck in his all black world.He couldn't deny it,he wanted to find this innocent soul and study how she managed to elude him for so long."Why did you show me to this",he asked Lucifer starting to get suspicious."I didn't want anyone finding out before you.I know if anyone can make her fall,then it's you",he replied honestly,if that was even possible."What do you want me to do now",he asked looking Lucifer straight in the eyes."I want you to make this lady fall,make her a slut of hell and soon she will bow before this throne",he said heartlessly. "Who told you,I will do your bidding", Asmodeus asked seeming indecisive."I know yo
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Asmodeus King Of Hell
Lucifer's words rang through his mind.He had accepted the throne!!!.His mind screamed,"What the hell are you doing".He answered himself beautifully,"Am taking what I deserve!!!".Days later, Asmodeus had returned to the Earth.Lucifer had agreed with him to tell the others that he had some unfinished business back on earth and after he was done,he would gloriously return.He began," Project Damnation".He was going to find that lady.Oh and when he did,he would.....Well he wasn't sure exactly what he would do but it would be sexy and tempting.Now where was his target hiding exactly?.He would leave that to his Lust Board of Directors to find out .He had to go and see Mammon,his best brother.He was going to invest a billion to get that lady.She was special to him now,she was his obsession and his temptation."Oh Maria,am coming for you",he smiled telling himself.He arrived at the World bank office.He was greeted by a bunch of horny attendants.They always had sexual fantasies about him,h
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Asmodeus stared at Mammon,he hadn't been there to see what happened but as usual he was never late to crash the the party.Asmodeus spoke,"Momo don't be ridiculous!,stand up and greet me like a brother should".Momo was a nickname Asmodeus called Mammon."I must acknowledge my king or should I still call you Asmo".Asmo was the nickname of Asmodeus.He rose to his feet and gave Asmo a big warm brotherly hug."I missed you bro,been long since you came to my office in person.Let me guess you need a loan?".Asmo broke into laughter then said,"Is that all you think I came for,I blessed you with my presence today to get you out of your office,let's go to some strip club and enjoy ourselves".Momo backed away from Asmodeus and stared at him,"What do you think people would say if they saw the boss of the World bank at a strip club.""They would say World bank boss giving back to community".Mammon grinned trying not to laugh after Asmo's joke."Now seriously,what do you really want,you know time is mo
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Maria Ave
DAYS LATER AFTER THE MEETING IN A RURAL TOWN IN ITALY.....A woman was seated by a lake that met the sun at a distant horizon.The breeze that passed by made her hair and the beautiful grass field dance.It was such a serene environment and the woman embraced the natural environment around her.This woman was no one else but the infamous Maria Ave.She was Asmo's target without her knowledge.She looked so innocent,so pure and angel like that you could ask why anyone on earth would want to hurt her.But Asmodeus wasn't just anyone,he was the prince of lust and now the Devil,king of hell.Asmo didn't see corrupting this woman as doing her wrong.No!,he was actually doing her a favour.How could she live for over 25 years without becoming a woman or deprive herself from the pure pleasure of sex.Well the woman got up to leave the tranquility of nature and return to her busy town.She was a psychologist and one of the best counselors in her town,the townfolk were probably looking for at that very
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