Chapter 05


I have never felt so confused in my whole life. Am I supposed to wait for what’s coming or should I try to run like I was trained to do? I can’t decide, but I admit there is something urging me to stay back, give it some time and trust that I chose the right one.

Lilith takes me down the same way and back to the same bathroom which seems to be allotted to humans in a way. I remember how werewolves used to keep all the human slaves in the same room after they were done torturing us. It was a way to keep humans out of their business and it always protected their strengths and weaknesses from us.

When we reach the bathroom, she sits me down at the edge of a rusty bathtub and goes out of there.

My hate for the monsters increases some more as I stare at the dirty tiled floor of the bathroom, waiting for Lilith to come back.

The filth and the nauseating smell of the uncleaned bathroom makes bile rise in my mouth.

Lilith comes back after five whole minutes like she was personally torturing me by leaving me here.

She sets down a first aid box beside my left thigh and catches my arm in a strong grip. Her fingers and nails dig in my flesh, but the pain never shows on my face. With the same harsh movements, she begins dabbing at the wound on my shoulder. The more she puts pressure, the more I start feeling lightheaded and extremely nauseous.

A hiss leaves my lips just as I double over to throw up on the floor, but I only end up gagging on my empty stomach. Lilith takes a step back from me instinctively as her hold on my arm loosens a bit.

“ Dirty humans. ” She hisses through her teeth, pulling a disgusted face at me.

My eyes move toward her closed right fist which is clutching onto a ball of cotton stained in my blood and I notice how hard she is trying not to just raise her fist and knock me out clean.

I wipe the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand and sit up straight.

Keeping my head down, I sneak a glance at her and the instant anger flares inside me. It’s like I am burning from inside out, waiting to burst and end all of them along with myself perhaps.

My eyes go down to the floor and she continues cleaning my wound violently. My teeth start hurting with the force I use to grit them in order to refrain any sounds from leaving my mouth.

It seems like the harder I try to endure the pain, the more Lilith tries to hurt me. Typical of these monsters who only how to hurt others. I bet they know nothing other than inflicting pain and causing destruction.

When she dabs a little harder than before, black dots appear in my sight. I shake my head, trying to break free of the drowsiness weighing heavy over my senses, but it doesn’t help my condition.

I shake my head once more, but the unbearable pain makes me loose grip over my consciousness for the second time today. I find myself falling forward and feel Lilith stepping aside to let my body hit the ground before everything blacks out.


It feels like I dreaming. I see Izel, Mario and Samantha. And Mom and Dad. It’s like they are standing on all sides of me, looking down at my body. Funny how I can only ever see the dead, before the monsters finally make their grand entry in my dreams.

Lorraine. Noah. The moment they come, everyone leaves and I am left there, bound, helpless, staring blankly at the pitch black darkness, wanting everything to end in a way everyone feels the affect of my anger and hate.

Lorraine smiles at me. Her smile is so charming yet feral. I stare at her, unmoving, vengeful and completely silent as always.

“ Violet. What are we doing today? Suggest something. ” Noah steps forth, blocking my sight of the ever pleasant Lorraine.

My eyes trail off to him. His face is so soft, so human yet his heart is so monstrous and unyielding. He is tricking me into suggesting a way, knowing I will always choose death and they will only laugh it off.

Cruel and Grotesque.

He leans in toward me, a normal smile plastered on his lips and just as his hands touch me, I gasp for air, leaving the dream behind and coming back to my senses.

My first instinct is to push myself up from the lying position and the second is looking around myself.

I am in what seems like a room with a familiar metal door. A dungeon.

There are a lot of humans around me, but they are too disoriented and hurt to pay me attention.

I think Lilith dumped me here. My eyes catch sight of my shoulder, inspecting the injury which is bandaged completely. I touch my head and find a bandage there as well.

Blood has stopped flowing. I still feel nauseous and lightheaded, but at the very least I won’t die from loss of blood now.

“ Why did you do it? ” I hear a girlish voice hissing at me.

Surprised, I look to my right where I see a familiar face. It’s not hard for me to recall that she is the same girl who was under me when I first woke up in a similar dungeon to this one.

My eyebrows bump together in a frown as I try to make sense of what she is asking off me.

“ Wh - ” I try to ask what she is talking about, but my dry throat doesn’t allow me to finish what I want to say to her.

A look of understanding crosses her face and her eyes roam down my body in a knowing way.

“ They won’t give us water so soon. ” She whispers in a horrified voice, her wide eyes lifting to mine.

And for a mere second, I can see myself in her eyes. The girl is near 15 or 16 years of age, definitely younger than me and she knows so much about these monsters. It’s clear this is not her first time here.

I gulp the lump in my throat, the hard feeling making me want to choke on my breath and die.

“ If it was not enough that we were caught, you recklessly chose him. ” She shakes her head like she is talking to a child.

I narrow my eyes, taking in the girl before me. She has ash black hair, her eyes a blue colour. Her cheeks are hollow and her nose is broken and her lips are bleeding.

I trail my eyes down her body. She is naked and her bones are sticking out in all places. There are bruises everywhere on her body, but I don’t see any bleeding wounds except for the wound on her forehead, over which blood has already dried off. She is physically weak, I can see and being physically weak is a death sentence here.

“ What - what do you mean by choosing him? ” I manage to force words out of my dried up mouth.

I need to know what they all are taking about here.

“ You chose Wolf. No one in their right mindset ever does that. ” She scoots closer to me like she doesn’t want anyone to hear her.

Probably she doesn’t that those monsters have enhanced hearing and even if she whispers in my ear, they will still be able to hear her talk, hear her breath and hear her choke on her own blood when they kill her.

I shake my hurting head and my frown deepens. What is she talking about?

“ Wh - Why? ” I breath and scoot closer to her, committing the same stupid act as hers.

“ You don’t know? ” Her innocent eyes widen.

She seems to be in disbelief of my ignorance. What is it that that I don’t know anyway? This question is making my heart beat in the pit of my stomach.

She leans in, our faces inches away from each others. Looking at the other disinterested humans from the corner of her eyes, she finally opens her mouth to reveal to me. “ It’s bad enough when we choose the low ranking werewolves. ”

Her eyes water up and I notice the same violent - blazing loathe in her blue orbs.

“ But you accidentally chose their King’s son. ” She drops the bomb over my head, shaking her head in disappointment.

My mind goes numb listening to her. I close my fists as my hands turn cold. My heart beat slows down just like the rest of the world around me.

“ He is some sort of a Prince around here and he is the one who killed our general and his wife and maybe his son and daughter as well. ” She continues talking and with each of her word, I feel my body turning colder.

I can’t breath. I can’t bring myself to think even.

The girl leans in and brings her mouth close to my right ear. My body stiffens as tears burn at the back of my eyes.

A voice screams at the back of my mind. Louder and Louder. Until all voices are drowned and I can only hear that scream and the girl’s words.

“ It’s because of him that those MONSTERS are now ruling our world. ” She whispers in my ear hatefully, the anger directed at Wolf.

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