Chapter 04


“ My brother - My brother asked me to choose you. ”

No response. Just the blank - predatory stare which penetrates my body and I feel needles pricking my skin as a result of this.

I swallow the lump forming in my throat, but another one just appears back in its place.

“ His name is Elias Bane. He said I should choose the one named Wolf in the Silver Moon Pack. Is this - is this…Silver Moon Pack? ” I ask him, hoping to stir his silence.

Still no response.

…But I do sense the Golden colour of his eyes almost fading to some other colour - like black or maybe, alluring darkness…That’s more like it.

The longer he looks at me in silence, the more I feel like I am getting tortured. I want answers - At this point, I think I will do absolutely every possible and impossible thing to get those answers.

Unable to look in his eyes anymore, I let my eyes wander down to his side. This time, I catch sight of some engraving on his chest. My eyes go still on the left side of his chest. Is this possible that I missed it earlier? I definitely did, because a tattoo can’t just pop out of nowhere.

I gulp and move my eyes down to his wound. The blood has stopped pouring out of the gash on its own just as his wound has started to heal. I am not surprised, because at least I know that werewolves have healing abilities unlike humans.

He takes a step forward, coming to stop beside the foot of the bed. My eyes jump to his eyes that are not Golden anymore. This time, I don’t think I am mistaken.

His eyes changed colour, turned fully black without a hint of any other colour in them.

I set my lips in a thin line to stop them from quivering.

I can’t even imagine what he’ll do to me if I am mistaken about the whole thing, but…That’s the point. If he was not who or what Elias said, he wouldn’t stand there, listening to me or he wouldn’t leave me unhurt for this long.

Still, I can’t feel at ease so soon. He is one of the monsters after all - some sort of leader on top of everything.

Things go back to the futile silence and staring.

I inhale deeply, wrapping my arms around my hurting body. He notices my gestures, but doesn’t say anything nor does his eyes go back to the Golden colour. It seems like he is standing right in front of me, but his mind is somewhere far away, like he is talking to someone or seeing something that is not here.

Is this even possible? I can’t say for sure. From what I can tell, everything is possible when it comes to these monsters.

I wish I had the power to not stand here, the power to kill him and kill every single monster in this pack-house and in this world. I hate them all down to my core, but my hate will remain hidden deep inside me unless I ever find the courage to fight back like my brother Elias.

Courage. That’s all I need. And it’s impossible until I let go of fear.

Lifting my chin, I heave a heavy breath.

“ Why won’t you answer me? ” I question with exasperation.

He snaps out of the trance, his Golden orbs appearing through the haziness of the darkness which clouded his eyes.

He pays me his full attention and the dangerous vibe that I get from him, sends shivers down my spine.

Some strange emotion passes through his eyes and I feel like his eyes just faintly smiled at my fake display of courage to demand answers from him. Yes, I am sure that’s what I saw, but I don’t know how I am actually sure about it. It’s like I felt it deep within me when something stirred inside.

He knows I am shit scared of him, but I am simply pretending to be fearless in front of him. His eyes say to me that this fake courage won’t take me anywhere.

He knows this and I know too.

“ It is a good start. ” He hums.

I get surprised when I actually hear his voice again. It sounds different from earlier. Less aggressive and more plain like he can’t even bother intimidating me at this point.

“ But what will you do if this is not the Silver Moon Pack? ” He adds and rolls his shoulders.

I hate him.

“ I - I will…” I stutter on my words, fear seeping back through the cracks of my fearless facade.

He has won. With just a simple question, he has won and he has made me realise my mistake. I shouldn’t have asked him anything.

I should have waited and observed him first. I should have gone with my first thought that he might not be the person my brother asked me to choose and until I was sure that he was the person after all, I shouldn’t have opened my damn mouth to utter any word to him.

Now, if he is not the person my brother said will protect me, he is going to become the monster who will torture me for more information. And for the fact, I don’t know a bloody thing about the Wolf who is betraying these monsters and who is aiming to protect someone like me.

I am shaking so bad I hope he doesn’t notice. I don’t want him to know the true extent of my fear.

Suddenly, a knock sounds on the door behind me and I jump in my spot for the third time today.

My eyes are instinctively drawn to his Golden globes. He is still eyeing me, waiting for an answer which might fuel his amusement.

A moment of silence passes between us when the door finally opens behind me.

“ Lilith. I said clean her up. That included getting rid of all the blood on her. ” He says to someone behind me, but his eyes are not leaving mine.

I feel the unfamiliar electric sparks engulfing my body once more when I look too deep in his eyes. The feeling makes me uncomfortable and soothes me at the same time.

Uncomfortable because I don’t know what it is and soothing because it hurts less when I feel it.

Slowly, he takes his eyes off me and directs his warning gaze at Lilith behind me. His aura changes, turns to suffocating when his eyes loose all shine and life in them, looking at the other person in the room.

It’s strange how I can tell everything about him so easily.

Before I realise, I feel a hand sliding up my left arm, reaching for my bicep. When the person gets a good grip of my bicep, she turns me around and I come face to face with the woman with velvety purple eyes.

She scares me more than usual, because she reminds me of the devil of my personal hell.

My body starts shaking even more when she turns around and begins pulling me out of the room.

I glance at Wolf from over my shoulder. My eyes convey the plea to him.

‘ If you are going to save me, do it now. ’

…But, he makes no such move as to save me.

And so, I turn back to look at Karina’s black haired head in complete silence.

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