6. Kissing Him

We've talked about the weather, the app, then venture to favorite food and drinks, up until it was getting too personal for a first date. Though he seemed to act casually about everything.

"Tell me about yourself?"


He chuckled as I was crumbling on the inside while listening to his deep sexy laugh. I don't know what I did in my previous life to deserve to meet the handsome smart man in front of me.

"Well, I'm a, well I try to be."

"Yeah? I've always wanted someone to do a portrait of me."

"You're really fond of yourself?"

He laughed and my heart almost skipped a beat when he gets a clean napkin and gives me his pen.

"Please?" he plea adorably, making me want to do things to him.

Breathe Ella...

"Not my first choice of media, it'll look a bit cartoonish but let's try it out."

I took his pen and started sketching on the napkin, I don't really have to look at him to draw his facial features, but I was not going to pass the chance of watching him actually pose for me.

"So, tell me what do you do?" I asked pretending to be oblivious to his very successful writing career.

"It's refreshing to meet someone who doesn't recognize me."

"So you're famous?" I asked while I sketched his manly jaw slowly, very very slowly. I was sketching at a snail speed not wanting to end my drawing session. But I could only delay very little time as I was drawing on a napkin.

"My agent kept on reminding me that, I write fiction."

He was being modest, I like him.

I was sketching his hair, finishing the last couple of details when he scoots inches to my side and looked at my drawing. I could see that Gemma was still lurking from the bar but already started talking to a guy.

"Wow, you're very good at this."

You should've seen what I've done at home.

"Thanks, you pose well."

He laughed, put his hand on mine and leaned in close to me then whispered in my ear.

"Let's dance."

"I don't dance..."

"Ah, me's just that I think you're cute and I want to be closer to you." His hand rubbed my back and his hot breath fanned my neck as he said his words huskily.

I'm freaking cute!

Breathe, Ella...

His back was to Gemma when she looked at me giving me a thumbs up, I could see that she was all too excited for me while I was a nervous wreck.

"Okay..." I said meekly when he helped me up and ushered me to the dance floor.

"See, not that bad," he said as he moves expertly to the music. His hand was to my waist and his blue eyes looked deeply into me.

"It's so strange, I feel like I've known you from somewhere."

He took my hands to his chest then up to his shoulder, his body was flat to mine. His hard chest and shoulder were firm when I felt them against my hands. He smiled, not knowing what he did to my insides.

"Yeah?" that was all I could say until he holds my body to his while his manly cologne invaded my senses.

"Mm-hmm... so, you still want to meet me after tonight?"


"Good, so tomorrow. Lunchtime. Can I pick you up?"


He laughed telling me that I didn't sound too convincing, but then I look into his eyes and pull him down and put my lips against his.

I didn't know where I dare to do such a thing, but he was not stopping me.

I could feel his smile while he caresses my body. I opened my mouth to his demanding one and let him slipped his tongue to deepen our kiss. His hand move to the base of my neck and tilt my head for more of his kisses.

The music seemed to fade while he engulfed me to his body, sheltering me from others who dance around us. I was breathless but didn't want to let him go. He moves my body, while still kissing me.

Sensually slow.

"You, are something else, Ella." He whispered while kissing my cheek. His hand was still on my back, and his other one was holding onto my waist.

"But, I need to get back. I have a date with my laptop," he laughed softly when I froze at his words.

"Okay." Another choppy answer, but he ushered me back to Gemma who's now talking to another man in a very serious manner.

"Gemma, this is Brice." I decided to introduce his real name and she smiled brightly at me.

"Hey Brice, Ella, uh...this is my boss, Larry."

She had mentioned about her boss Larry, the demanding yet never in the office boss, who ordered her around as if he owned her day and night.

"Hey, Gemma, Larry, nice meeting you. I'm very sorry but I need to leave right now. But do remind her tomorrow that she has a lunch date with me." Brice was to my side, his fingers weave through mine politely holding me, yet telling me that he still wanted to be with me. I feel him caressing my hand with his thumb from time to time as he was talking to Gemma.

Larry looked bored, while Gemma couldn't stop smiling and she made me want to hide under the bar from the embarrassment alone.

"I'll see you tomorrow, beautiful." He swiftly kissed my forehead and was gone moments later, and that's when Gemma suffocates me with her hug.

"Oh, my God! I'm so happy for you, Ella!"

I laughed nervously in front of her boss, who refused to look at us and continue with his drinking.

"Come on, I'm taking you girls home. It's past your bedtime." The man settled his and paid for Gemma's.

I didn't know what's going on between them but I decided to ask later and let him ushered us to his car. Gemma was the first to get inside when his driver opens the door for us. She looked furious and I honestly didn't want to get in the middle of their thing.

I went straight to my room when we got back into our apartment. I can hear Gemma was still arguing with her boss in the living room.

But Brice's text message made me smile instantly.

Can I call you? (Brice)

Sure. (Ella)

"You know there are other words than sure and okay right?"

"Well, I'm not a walking thesaurus like you."

I put my phone on speaker while I change my clothes to my pajamas, then gaze in the mirror. I looked at my boring chubby face with my boring dark brown hair to match. And then smile when I remembered him, calling me beautiful.

I don't have the typical modelesque figure body, I have boring size boobs and boring size ass to match.


"Yeah, sorry I was changing, you're on speaker." I rest back to the headboard and hold the phone back to my ear.

"You shouldn't be stating that to the man you just met."

I laughed and told him that he has a filthy mind, which never in a million years I thought I'd say to the man whose face was plastered on the corner of my bedroom wall.

"I thought you have a date with your laptop?"

"Nothing came to me, I thought I talk to you and see if my mood will change and speed up my writing."

I was liking his flirty side and try my best not to be reminded that he's a famous author, my idol and that I'm his loyal stalker.

"So, I have a nice time tonight." I feel brave enough telling him so, maybe because I'm hiding in the distance.

"Me too, I can't wait for tomorrow. Text me your address later and I'll pick you up?"

"I can meet you at the restaurant, but I won't reject if you want to swing by my place before we go to the restaurant."

"I want to..."

We talked for two more hours, I can't believe he wanted to talk to me for that long without me paying a yearly subscription.

I couldn't erase my smile, I think I even smile in my sleep.

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