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Heartbroken billionaire Austin Colby vowed never to fall in love again after betrayed by his fiancee and older brother but his fate becomes entwine with the daughter of his sister's killer and Austin is determined to protect her even at the expense of his own life.

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Authouress preshy
2021-08-25 22:43:55
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Chinelo Okigwe
Have read so many books on this app but I must say this got my attention. the use of simple English makes it very easy for someone who is not so learned like me.
2021-07-26 03:04:35
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Marcia Gxotiwe
very good😄
2021-06-12 14:36:47
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I enjoyed it, awaits more update.
2021-06-07 23:55:38
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This looks like an interesting story, but I feel the synopsis written on the first chapter shouldn't have been, but it's still up to you to consider taking it down, as it takes the excitement of mystery from the plot. You've revealed all the plot in one chapter, making the story predictable now.
2021-05-06 13:50:26
44 Chapters
Elena slowly opens her eyes, she felt like her head was whirling and could see the room rotating, she struggles to get up but was so weak, it was only then she snagged a glimpse of the IV injected into her, she slowly scans through the room and was now fully conscious of the fact that she was at the hospital. A nurse walks into the ward and sees Elena awake, warm smiles platered on her pale face. “ You are awake! How are you feeling?”“ Why am I here?!”“ You don't remember anything? You fell down the stairs, you were brought in by your mom, I think you should be more careful” Hearing the nurse mention the word ‘mom’ she felt her blood boil and could gradually recall what happened that day.“ Thanks, nurse, was my dad here?” Elena ask hoping in the heavens that he still cares about her and was worried“ No! Just your mom and sister”“ Oh! Okay”ELENA'S POV..........Having been trying so hard for my father to look at me even just once again with those fatherly eyes filled with love, b
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ELENA'S POV.......The moment the gate flung open, my heart skipped, I was scared of the fact that he might ask me to leave the premises. I had no way of knowing the exact time, but I could tell it was late. At that moment, I began to consider if I should go back home but remembering how much abuse I would have to face both physically, mentally, and emotionally, I became reluctant to even consider the thought.“ Why are you still here?” He ask the moment the gate opened, he was wearing a night robe, water still dripping from his head down to his shoulder.“ Please, sir! Once it is morning, I will leave, I promise!!”“ You mean you intend to spend the whole night here, are you not feeling cold?”“It's okay sir, is used to it”He looks at me from head to toe like he was considering what to do with me, he heaved a sigh and spoke “ Come inside! ”“ What?!!” I ask not sure of what I heard“ Come inside, it's too cold out here!” I quickly followed him before he gets a second thought, enter
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 I arrived at doctor Maxwell’s office at the medical center at East avenue, I already called him to inform him I was coming, the moment I walked in, the receptionist let me in.“ How are you feeling today?” Maxwell askWe“ Am fine. I surprisingly had a good night rest”“ By night rest you mean you slept for some seconds?” “ No! I actually slept for hours”“ And how is that possible?”“ It a long story bro” I narrated to him how I met Elena, took her home and how her presence was able to give me comfort enough to make me fall asleep.“ Why did you asked her to leave? You have been writing lots and lots of check just to be able to close your eyes even for just an hour, but despite all the money, it hasn’t been working and then free of charge your prayers are answered, so am curious why did you let her go?&rdq
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I hurriedly served the customers that were waiting and rush outside to settle this once and for all.“ You look all skinny, how have you been?” She ask the moment I was outside“ Am fine and by fine I mean am better, why are you here?”“  To take you home off course”“ I see…. You are not making much money right now, I guess there is no one to be your sex slave any longer, ohoo I almost forgot, Kayla is there, she should go make you some money” I knew that would make her angry but I was ready for her next action, she raised her hand to slap me, but I held it before it could land on my face.“ I see you have grown wings!”“ Sleeping on the street has made me tough, go back to your paradise let me live in my simple world”“ I know you would refuse to come with me, that why I brought some Friends, let see how tough you can be right now” She glowered as two men walk towards us.They walk towards me and grab both my arms in an
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The moment we arrived at his mansion, I was more than elated because of the fact that I get to have a good night rest void of the dangers that lock around the street on a warm bed with thick blanket away from the cold.“ Miss Elena! Good to have you here once again” The gentle but fierce voice of Mrs. Lucy greeted me the moment I walked into that large living room that reminded me of my mom and how she grew a particular flower by the window still and would always come there to stare at it with those beaming smiles.“ Thank you Lucy ”“ I made some lasagna with salad and trust me you are going to love it!!”“ That sounds nice, thanks Lucy but I would like to get away from this clothes and have a warm bath, it been long I had one”“ Sure! I will set the table while I await you and Austin” There was this sincere smile on her face, like she was happy to see me. I walked upstairs as Austin followed me and as I stopped right at the door to the guest room
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  Elena knew her daddy was fully aware each time her step mom took her out to meet potential client, Every time she came back with those bruises, most part of her wanted him to ask her how she got the bruises, that  part of her wanted him to get furious at Mrs. Clara for abusing his first daughter, but each time it just seems he turn a blind eyes and grew even more find of Mrs. Clara.   She opens her eyes slowly, the bedsheet smells nice, very soft and comfortable, she was ready to spend the whole day there but off course she got two jobs she need to be right at the moment. She sat upright, straighten up herself, only then she noticed the presence of the male figure standing right at the window holding a cup of coffee. “ You are awake ” He spoke still staring blankly through the window. “ I fell asleep in your room, am really sorry about that, but how did I ended up on your bed?” “ Don’t you have somewhere yo
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CHAPTER 7.WANT TO KNOW HER. Elena laid in the coldness of the night outside the street of East Ave. She has been saving up money so she can rent a place to stay cause more than anything, she was fade up with the street but each time she was able to save enough, she ends up getting robbed. Elena was half way asleep when she heard gun shot, she is suppose to be use to it by now, but each time, the sound was so terrifying. She covers her head with the thick blanket with which she uses to shed away from cold but it wasn’t helping, the sound kept getting more loud and close and then suddenly, she felt the presence of someone close to her, Elena was scared, she didn’t want to open her eyes nor let go of the blanket until the voice spoke, it was hoarse and stink of alcohol. “ Hey there! Do you mind lending me some money” She had no choice but to let go of the blanket, now sitting upright, she could see the gun pointed at her but this time aro
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 After having a cold shower, Elena isn’t surprise about the fact that the whole wardrobe has been changed. She picked up a simple strapless yellow gown, looks at herself once more before going downstairs.“ Good morning Lucy!!”“ Look at you dear, we taught you left in anger?”“ Well what do they say,  beggars can’t be choosers!!” She spoke with a beautiful smile still plastered on her face.“ So what would you like to have dear?” “ A cup of tea and a plate of Irish burger would be nice”“ I will be done before you know it” Lucy spoke gently before going back to the kitchen where the rest of the kitchen staffs were busy with their chores.“ Is the boss dating that girl?” Amira ask curiously.“ I don’t know, and I don’t think it any of your business!!”“ Are they using the s
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 Coming out of the dressing room, Elena is wearing a red strapless gown that shows the structure of her collar bone, Austin stares at her for a minute before looking away, perhaps for fear of being enchanted by her beauty.“ What do you think?” She ask opening both her arms wide so he could get a good view and then suddenly someone walks into the boutique.A middle age blonde woman in her fifties with her pretty crooked lips, looking so elegant and beautiful with just one glance, you could tell she is from the higher society.“ So it true!! I didn’t believe it when I was told you were closing down the boutique today. She must be an angel to have made you come here today” the woman spoke.“ What are you doing here?” He ask as his face twisted and he clenched his fist.“ It my boutique Austin, I think I have the right to be here”“ Good day ma!” Elena greeted, almost frig
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 Austin Came back home very late, but was surprise to see Elena and his maids still awake. They were at the kitchen chatting so happily like they have known each other for long and didn’t notice him come in.“ Elena!” He called, as the maids all stood up, they greeted him with courtesy before retreating back to their rooms. Elena got up from the counter she was sitting, she tries to grab the brief case he was holding but he rebuked her immediately.“ Why are you still awake?” He questioned.“ I was waiting for you, I made dinner, I want you to try the 'Elena’s recipe' why don’t you go upstairs and have a bath while I set the table” Elena spoke grinning from ear to ear. “ Elena. Don’t you think it time you move out of these mansion” He spoke gently hoping his words won’t hurt her feelings, but they did shattered her heart.Her face suddenly went blank, S
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