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Dear Alice,

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I have a boyfriend, and we decided to be together. Thank you for everything.



My heart was torn into pieces as I looked at the gibberish scribble on the paper.

She forced herself to write, and although it was nearly ineligible, I knew it was her handwriting because I was teaching her to write her full name. River was the only word she wrote beautifully among all the words there. The rest, she was struggling to write.

I wondered how long it took her to write this.

But even if I knew this was her handwriting, the message wasn’t hers. I refused to believe River would leave just like that.

“I told her she was too young to be on her own, but she told me she’s been waiting to leave, and she wants to make sure you’re not here to stop her.” Luna Matilda stated, and my hatred for her just kept getting stronger.

“No. I don’t believe you…” I said in a cold tone.

“What did you say, Ali
Cassandra M

Here's for tonight. I had to pause as my heart was hurting from this POV. I know there are still questions about where she is and what happened when Kenneth saw them. The next chapter will provide answers when I continue with River's POV, so just hang in there, lovelies. Thank you for all the gems overnight! Please keep them coming! 💜

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Comments (17)
goodnovel comment avatar
Matilda & Lenard both need to be banished from the pack as soon as Joshua becomes Alpha. So evil.
goodnovel comment avatar
So that explains why she could stand the alpha command, she wasn’t lying, she manipulated her into wanting to write the letter. I feel so sad for poor river.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kristi Ja'sona Marshall
I want to know how Joshua can make his Alpha command and aura stronger? He is going to need to be strong to challenge his mother and Eugene!

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