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I was helping the Omegas in the kitchen for lunch when Luna Matilda asked for me again. She asked if I had the letter ready, and I handed it to her. And everything after that happened so fast.

I thought she just wanted to check the letter, but before I knew it, she asked me to pack my few belongings and informed me that I would be leaving the territory in thirty minutes. I didn’t even have time to think because she told me if I couldn’t get my things ready, then I would leave with whatever I had with me.

So I rushed back to my room and took my backpack. The first thing I grabbed was the piece of paper where my aunt’s address was written. That was the only place I could think of to go after I left this place.

I then shoved some clothes that I had in the bag. I had limited space, so I chose only what I needed to have.

My eyes lingered on the dress Alice gave me, the one I used when we went out. As much as I wanted to take it with me, I didn’t. I no longer needed the memory
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goodnovel comment avatar
can we send Luna Matilda & Eugene in the deepest part of hell ...... they're so horrible
goodnovel comment avatar
pls, let Cyrus be her savior again I hate Matilda and her son so much
goodnovel comment avatar
Tina Hart-Dillon
Nooo not our sweet River

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