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“Will you be okay, Mom?” Alice’s shoulders shook as her hands clamped on her mouth to stifle her sobs, and my arms wrapped around her as I let her head rest on my chest, hoping my touch could calm her down.

She told me that she was recently able to understand why her mom was rude to most males who would show interest in her. She wanted to make sure they would never go for her because Alpha Drex wanted to forge more alliances and was always thinking of mating Alice to anyone who could offer him that. The only thing stopping him was his Luna and Alice’s refusal to date them.

Luna Renee’s eyes watered, but it was gone in seconds, her head still held high as she looked at her daughter. “I will be fine. After five years, I’m hoping Roan will let me go back to the place where I was born and raised. But if not, I’m sure I can find my place somewhere.”

Roan’s hand on the top of the table coiled into a tight fist, but he didn’t say anything. At this point, I was sure that even if
Cassandra M

Merry Christmas, lovelies! 🎄🙏I said no chapters today, but the kiddos went to bed early (dead tired), and I have time to edit the chapters I wrote a few days back. But sorry (#Notsorry) for the cliffhanger, but we will hear from our Sweet River tomorrow. So don't let this last part spoil your Christmas, let's focus on the Renee-Alice meeting. 💖 Thank you for being amazing! Don't forget to throw in some Christmas gems for this book before they expire at the end of the month! 💖

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a b8g fat lies because she doesn't know how to read and write
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Suzanne Monaco Jeskie
we all know River can't read and probably write, Luna Mathilda did something
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If the kidds were so tired, it means it was a blast. thank you for the early update.

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