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“Again, who told you that you get to decide?” He growled lowly before I heard him unstrap his belt, and fear coursed through my whole body.

He was starting to unzip his pants when I finally had the courage to move myself.

My hands pushed his stomach away as my feet kicked his knees. He staggered backward, and I took the opportunity to run, but he was fast. He caught my hair and slammed my body against the hood of his car.

In no time, he was hovering over me. His eyes were dilating, and if looks could kill, I would be dead already.

“Please let me go!” I shrieked. My hands were on his chest, trying to stop him from leaning closer.

“After you fucking flirt with me, you will leave me hanging? Can’t you feel how hard my cock is already? You need to finish what you fucking started, whore!”

I tried to push him, but I couldn’t move as my feet were caged in between his thighs, and I could feel his erection against mine, but before he could dip his face into mine, I saw a hand gra
Cassandra M

I dropped another two 💖 Thank you for all the gems and comments. I know you are all worried for River, but like always, I will never abandon the good people in my world. #NoOneWillBeLeftBehind. If we don't get any closure for her in this side story, I'm sure we will meet her again, as we have many books still waiting to be written in this series. 💛🧡💚💙

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goodnovel comment avatar
Well, I’m sure we’ll get to know more about River in Cyrus book, as she’s his fated mate. Too bad he’s so invested and infatuated in Davina that he wasn’t able to recognise and acknowledge River. :(
goodnovel comment avatar
Nikita Styles
Oh my heart hurts for River,but I know she will have her HEA in the end and Eugene will have the punishment he deserves.
goodnovel comment avatar
Thank you for the update.

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