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My coiled fist connected with his jaw. I had punched several men in my lifetime, but I was sure I had never hit anyone as hard as I hit Eugene.

After Kenneth told us in what state he found Eugene and River, I knew that there would never come a time when I would forgive him.


Of all the females to assault, he chose River — someone who was too good for anybody.

Rage was ruling my whole body, and I acted without thinking. As soon as my fist hit him, a loud growl erupted from his throat, and even though he staggered back, he was able to gather his footing right away. And before I knew it, he was launching at me.

“You, mother fucker!” He roared, his arm stretching back with his hand balled into a tight fist.

He was planning to hit me back. My eyes widened, and even if I wanted to scream, no sound left my lips. But I saw a figure pass me, and the next thing I saw was Joshua lunging at Eugene. His hand snaked around his neck before he slammed his body to the ground.

A lo
Cassandra M

I only have one! Thank you for reading! And for all the gems and comments, especially for all the love for River 💜

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Nikita Styles
Let Eugene die as the pig he is.
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The chapter was so intense. I loved it!
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As I read this chapter, I feel that I’m right at the packhouse and witnessing all these. So intense. Thanks Casa for allowing us to immerse in the storyline.

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