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When Camilla Clarkson discovered her father's killer five years ago, she ran away from Kingswood and swore never to come back. But in a twist of events, the past catches up with her. And it is deadlier than she thought... This is a 60 Days Sequel, The Return.

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Joy Hayden
This sequel was absolutely great! I loved both books!
2023-09-26 14:21:27
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2021-10-26 15:40:58
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Lasheena Morant
loved this book.
2021-06-25 15:41:59
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Hi, i noticed chapter 25 is published multiple times.
2021-04-23 20:29:25
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Liza May Arcillas
Pls update daily
2021-03-31 20:27:18
57 Chapters
RAMON"Eat your food Ramon!"Mom says for the second time now in a row. It is funny how I am a thirty-two year old man but mom still treats me like I am still some kid in kindergarten.I sigh. "I am not hungry, mom."She looks up instantly."You have not had anything since you came back!"I came back today in the morning.I was finally released from jail. After five  long, sad years behind bars, I was finally set free.I am free..."That is because I am not hungry, Mom," I respond as politely as possible."I made you your best dish and now youare not going to eat?" she grumbles. "Do you know how much time and energy it took for me to make it just for you?"First of all, spaghetti with minced meat is not my favorite dish. It was my little sister's bes
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-Chapter One-
CAMILLA This book is stupid!This is crap! So Carly ends up with Ramsey? A guy that killed her dad? Bullshit!I said it before, this story is pathetic and it does NOT make sense at all!  A complete waste of time! Someone please bribe this writer to stop writing! This must be the worst book of all time!I would pay to have this book and the stupid writer wiped off from the face of the earth! This book should be crowned the worst book of all time. This is not even a book! This is Complete Trash!Pathetic book! I just finished writing my book, "Sweet Stranger" , and I am getting a lot of backlash from readers. I know I should not focus on the
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-Chapter Two-
 I grip Roy's hand and drag him swiftly out of the supermarket. "Mom! That woman is calling you!" he tells me in confusion as we scamper out.  We step into the cold night when I notice that Riana is following us quickly. "Quick Roy!" I open the car door and push him in the backseat. I climb quickly and start the engine as fast as I can.  The engine roars to life and I drive away as fast as I can. I can see Riana from the side-view mirror, standing staring at us in astonishment, with her big bump shooting. "Mom, who was that woman? And, why do you look so scared?" I look at him from the rear view mirror.  "You see those evil witches you hear from the bedtime stories, she is one of them. And she wants to harm us." From the look on his face, I don't th
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-Chapter Three-
I fix the collar of Roy's shirt as he scampers towards the school bus.He stops abruptly and scuffles back to me and smiles sweetly."I think i forgot something."What did he forget? I wonder.I have packed his lunch and an apple, not to forget a bottle of water. So, I wonder what he really forgot."Bend!"That is suspicious.Why does he want me to bend, I wonder? And what does this have to do with what he forgot?I bend quickly and he pecks me on the cheek. He touches the left cheek with his soft little hand."I love you mommy..."My face breaks into a happy smile.I peck his brow."I love you more, My love."The driver honks at us.I hear Renny yell at my son."Dude! It is getting late..."He groan
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-Chapter Four-
The man quickly turns back to look at me in astonishment.He takes off the dark glasses and narrows his eyes at me."Who are you?"Shit!It is not Ramon.This is so embarrassing.I clear my throat, as I let go of his denim jacket, feeling embarrassed as fuck."Sorry, Sir..."Eric drapes his hand over my shoulder and scowls at the guy."What is the matter, Mila? What did this guy do to you?"Oh God!I not only embarrassed myself but I am also embarrassing this stranger."I mistook him for someone... " I explain to Eric.I turn to the stranger. "I am really sorry..."The guy just shakes his head and walks away, confused and a little embarrassed.Eric cups my face between his hands gently. "Are you okay, Mila?"
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-Chapter Five-
 I would have kicked her out.  I swear I would have.  But how could I? She brought her cute little daughter with her.  The pretty little thing has beautiful hair and wide green eyes like her dad's. She looks a lot like her dad, Warren.  "Claire, meet my best friend, Camilla."  The little girl looks up at me.  I squat to talk to her.  "Hallo there, Claire."  She is a shy one.  Her head falls then she mumbles.  "Hi."  Roy, Lumia and Renny are standing behind me, staring at the visitors. Renny shuffles towards Claire and touches her hand,  "Come and play with us."  I have never seen Renny so confident before.  Roy p
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-Chapter Six-
 I stand stiff, glued to the ground.  For a moment, I completely freeze and my blood stops running through my veins.  I hold on to my son so tightly, not sure what to do.  "This is Mr. Lawrence, mom!" he says in delight, pointing to him.  Ramon is a fucking devil.  Once he deceived me and now here he is, deceiving my poor little son.  "Nice to meet you Ms. Clarke," he stretches his hand shamelessly to me.  How did he know I changed my name from Clarkson to just Clarke?  I fake a smile.  "Nice to meet you Mr. Lawrence."  My son looks up at us and smiles.  "Mom is single, Mr. Lawrence."  Ramon looks up at me with a wide grin on his face. "Well, seems like I am a luc
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-Chapter Seven-
My heart sinks."Is that a threat?"Ramon looks at me sternly."If you dare expose me, I will have no option but to demand for the full custody of my child."I freeze completely."And just remember," he leans in to whisper. "You will be battling in a court of law with a professional lawyer. Now, would you really like that? Our dear baby getting dragged from one side to another, totally confused just because of the selfish actions of the parents?"No!I know how ugly custody battles can get. And the sad part is, the kids suffer the most. No. I would not want to put my baby through that.I look at Ramon and I see the victorious grin on his face. You would think he just won a lottery. He is enjoying to see me in a state of fear."Listen!" I hiss. "Do not think for a second that you have won this just yet..."
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-Chapter Eight-
"What is wrong? Tell me!" I am shrieking and completely freaking out."My ex-wife is a psychopath!" he blurts out. "She tried to kill Renny one time... And you just gave him away! Just like that!"My heart sinks."I did not know Eric! If I did... If I did, I would not have given him away!" I quiver. "Now what are we going to do?"He bolts to his car. "Find Renny."÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷"FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!" Eric bangs the steering wheel, cussing furiously when his psychopathic wife declines his call. Roy is sitting at the backseat silently, aware of the tension floating in the air. Eric looks frustrated and I feel so fucking horrible that I am the one making him go through all this. It is my fault all this is happening. "We sh
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-Chapter Nine-
A week has gone by with me trying to avoid Ramon the best I can. And he's done a good job at staying the fuck away from me and I am impressed.Maybe changing my mind was a good thing.I couldn't pack up and just leave this town like that without considering Roy. Most of his friends are here. He loves school more than ever and he's very fond of his fake teacher, Mr. Lawrence. Basically, his entire life is in this town and taking that away from him would be selfish.I wish there was something I could do to get Ramon fired so that my son could get a new class teacher.My only worry is Ramon.What if he takes him away from me?"Why would Ramon take your son away from you?," Riana asks, looking at me like I'm being ridiculous.I sip my hot cup of coffee. "I don't trust him. I know he can do anything!"She munches on the apple. "I don't th
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