Tales of the Broken Queen

Tales of the Broken Queen

By:  Red Rose  Updated just now
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"I'm sorry" "I'm not going to take sorry from you, Eleanor, I want something else" I whispered huskily, my eyes boring into hers, then traveling down to her lips. "Wh… what do you want?" She asked nervously and before she could process what happening, my lips met hers. My hand pulling her close by her waist as the kiss went deeper. I expected her to push me away but she didn't. Instead, her hands went around my neck, sending excitement down my groin. I deepened the kiss and she moaned silently, making me rock hard with need. She surprised me by kissing me back, matching my every pace as my tongue played with hers.... ~~~ Eleanor was the weakest werewolf in her pack and was thus the laughing stock of her pack. Her parents, the ones who were supposed to protect her were murdered in the pool of their blood right in front of her, with no one to come to her rescue. She finds her mate who turned out to be worse than everyone. Just when she thought that the moon goddess had finally decided to answer her silent prayers, her life moved from fire to hell. Everyone she loved turned out to be the villain in her life. ~~~ He found himself falling for her which was against the rules. She was only meant to be the gateway to his never ending powers.

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Looking forward to more updates......
2023-08-09 16:02:43
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Nice book!
2023-11-25 05:34:25
42 Chapters
~~EleanorI walked into the school with my head held high. I wasn't going to let what anyone says about my nature get to them. I am finally going to stand up for myself. I heard them talking behind me but I made sure that the smile on my lips never wavered. They don't affect me again. I was too focused on making it to my locker in peace that I hit someone. The books in my hands drop to the ground and I squatted to pick them up as I muttered sorry to whoever I bumped into."Can you watch where you are going? I wouldn't want to be infected by your wolfless nature."I recognized the voice. It was Kaitlyn, one of my biggest bullies. The Beta's only daughter, and a completely arrogant one at that. I wouldn't want my parents to have a problem with the Beta and his family. I muttered sorry to her but she stepped on my fingers with her high heeled boots.I winced in pain then glanced up to see the reaction on their faces. They were laughing and it seemed to give them joy when they inflict
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~~Eleanor's POV"My money is missing!" Kaitlyn screamed and everyone rushed to her side. She is such a drama queen.I arranged my bag and was prepared to step out of the class. At least no one bullied me today, they were all in a good mood.Chloe blocked my path and I tried to walk past her but she held my hand. "Bring the money out in peace and you won't get hurt leech."I blinked my eyes at her. Wait! She was accusing me of stealing Kaitlyn's money? "I swear I didn't take it." I replied simply. By now everyone had shifted their focus to me. "Why would I even steal it?" I asked no one in particular and Chloe took a step towards me."Are you trying to get back at Kaitlyn?" She asked and I shook my head.Kaitlyn walked closer to me."Everyone knows that your parents are too poor so cut the crap thief." I moved backward and she moved closer to me. I was done with them talking bad about me."I am not a thief!" I shouted and everyone looked at me in shock. It was probably the first tim
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No one cares
Eleanor's POVI moved closer to my parents' dead bodies. I didn't realize that my hands were shaky until I placed them on my mother's. I tried to feel her pulse but I didn't get any. I touched her neck and got the same result. I refused to believe that she was gone. She couldn't have died so quickly. She had a wolf. They both had their wolves, so why couldn't they fight back? I turned to look at my father's headless body and I shook his body, desperately waiting for a movement, but none came. It took me a while to realize that I'm finally alone in this cruel world. I just couldn't believe that my parents were gone."Dad? please open your eyes. I promise not to complain about anything again. I promise to be a good daughter. Please!!!" I cried bitterly. My parents were gone. The only people that cared about me were gone. I screamed for help holding my father's head in my hands. No matter how loud I screamed, no one came to my rescue. It was as if they didn't hear me. I didn't bothe
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Eleanor's POVIt's been three months since I lost my parents and my life had been worse. My parents had no relatives so there was one to take me in. I learned to fend for myself while being treated like a parasite by the rest of my pack members. Three months since the little peace I had was shattered.I couldn't even go to school anymore. Not like I could afford it anyways. There was no one to share my grief with. No one bothered.But I didn't care. All I wanted was my mate. I was waiting for my mate. He was going to take me away from all these toxic people.Mother told me that a mate is someone who would treat you right. Someone who is destined to love you till death just like she and Father .I had always loved the way my father treated my mother. He treated her like she was the most precious treasure in his life.Mother told me that my mate would always stand by me, he would always understand me and believe in me no matter what people say about me and I was waiting for my mate to
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Eleanor's POV"I Ethan Raymond of Crystal Pack reject you… what's your name?"He was rejecting me before we even got to know each other? Right in front of all these people? I wished the ground would open and swallow me.I pursed my lips not only because I didn't want to tell him, I knew that the moment I opened my mouth, I would lose the last bit of control I have."What's your name?" He thundered grabbing me by the same arm not caring about the pain he was subjecting me to."Eleanor Stefan of the Red Crimson pack." Someone said I didn't need to look at the person to know who said it. Of course, it had to be her. Kaitlyn!He nodded and pushed me away from him as though I were a plaque. I landed my butt on the ground again."I Ethan Raymond of Crystal pack reject your lowly life Eleanor disgusting Stefan of the Red Crimson pack as my mate." He said and I closed my eyes waiting for the pains that usually come with rejection to take over me."Complete the rejection process bitch and let
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One night stand
~~Eleanor's POV"Fuck me" I cursed inaudibly as my eyes met his.His Auburn hair, deep blue eyes like the depth of the ocean, lips hot and sexy like the color of ketchup which I badly want to taste.My fingers instinctively tightened around his shirt. I was hot, I felt an attraction with this guy, an attraction that made me wet within seconds.His cologne sweeping through my nose wasn't helping things.I was a little tipsy from the alcohol I drank at my table but I cared less.He suddenly pulled me up. I was standing properly now but he wasn't letting go of my waist.He pulled me closer to his body and I notice the slight smell of alcohol.I needed him badly. How could just the sight of him get me so wet?I looked back into his eyes and could see vividly well that he also wanted me.I felt tingles in my lower stomach. But hell, I almost lost it when his lips came down hard on mine.I reciprocated immediately, letting out a little moan as his tongue slide into my mouth. His mouth taste
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MOONLIGHT PACK ~~~~Alpha DerekI'm finally back to my pack after my two-day visit to Red Crimson Pack. It would have been a meaningless visit but my last night at the pack was a memorable one.I fucked a random girl but damn, I had never felt so attracted to any girl in my life. She stirred something inside me and fucking her was something I never wanted to stop. I had to stop thinking over a mere lowly wolf and focus on my duties."Alpha Derek, you have a call" Lucas, my Beta informed and I nodded once before heading to my study.Moonlight pack has been in chaos for the past two years before the former Alpha, my father died. He had a dispute with the dark witch and she ended up placing a curse on the Moonlight pack.I had trusted him to find a solution on how to lift the curse but he died eight months ago after getting affected by the curse. Many citizens had died over time but I was still stuck at finding the answer that would lift the curse.After several searches and findings, A
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~~Eleanor's POVI slowly peeled my eyes open and I felt so cold that I had to curl up tightly as cold raked through my body.I opened my eyes completely to get a hold of what was going on, and I couldn't believe I was locked up in an ice room. Tears formed in my eyes rapidly as I shivered.He locked me in an ice room, naked and sore. "Could he be meaner?" I wondered hurtfully as my thoughts wandered to my pack, my classmates and all.I should totally get my mind off school for now; I can't even afford going to school anyways. I was so cold that my teeth started clamping together but I had to endure a little more."Is anyone out there?" I called as loud as my voice could bear, but I knew fully well that I wouldn't be heard except the person passes through the ice room."Please, help me" I pleaded as my eye lid started shutting on its own. It felt like my intestines and liver are all frozen.I couldn't save myself and no one was ready to save me, all I could do was to pray to the Moon g
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She cares
~~Eleanor's POVI peeled my eyes open slowly and I was finally seeing a strange ceiling and a cute florescent light above my face.I recalled drifting off to unconsciousness in the ice room and I almost laughed at myself. I was finally dead and this is afterlife, I guess.I scanned the room briefly but why is it looking so real? I was still wondering when a voice interrupted me."You're awake!" I heard beside me and I faced the direction of the sound immediately, only to see an elegant lady sitting by the side of the bed with worry written on her face.I knew it! I'm presently in the afterlife. I thank the Moon goddess for giving me someone who cares in my afterlife. I thought to myself smiling inwardly until she finally held my hand."You must have been so scared to be alone and so bare in the ice room" the lady said and I pursed my lips."Wait! Am I still alive?" I found myself asking no one in particular."Yes, you are" the lady replied and I blinked severally."Then why are you so
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~~Laura's POV"What's going on? Why is Eleanor still in there" I asked myself and tiptoed to the door. I placed my ears to listen for any sound but I got none."Eleanor!" I called silently my hands tapping the door but I still couldn't make out a sound from the bathroom."Should I just go in?" I asked no one in particular then I shook my head once. She might hate any kind of intrusion to her privacy.I pushed the door open, regardless and peeped in but I was welcomed by a very shocking scene."How the hell could she comfortably sleep in the bathroom, I mean, bathtub?" I almost yelled but then the sight of her in the bathtub was so appealing, and I could finally see why Ethan was so after her. She's beautiful and simple, the only problem is just that she was Wolfless.I snapped my fingers and she was taken to the bed instantly with the duvet around her body. I emptied the bathtub and did the necessary things before heading to my study.~~Ethan's POVI couldn't get my head off Laura and
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