Tales of the Throne

Tales of the Throne

By:  Kariimia  Ongoing
Language: English
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For thousands of years now, queens have been ruling our kingdom. When a Queen's reign has come to an end, a successor must be chosen by what we now know as The Rule of Cardinal. Miss Katherina Daventin, a young naive and innocent girl, has been chosen by the Cardinal to rule over the people of Nydisia. In a world where supernatural beings have not been kept a secret, she struggles to prove herself as a human chosen to rule a multitude of diverse creatures. Lucian Williams, one of the strongest beings to walk the earth, and the son of Queen Orizelle, fights alongside Katherine to help her stake her claim to the throne as it is his duty as the General of Nydisia, and slowly love surpasses duty. *This is a slow burn book, it is not going to be rushed as you will see a lot of character development and growth in the plot at a steady pace.* Disclaimer: This cover does not belong to the author.

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waiting for the next chapter. by the way, i am wondering, do you have any social media to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-13 10:21:37
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Josephine Beebe
Great read
2021-04-22 21:35:51
20 Chapters
Chapter 1: Troubling Weather
--The Nydisian Kingdom, Countryside, Lady Morgan's Manor--'The troubles of one's mind and the thoughts within the soul bring forth a long-forgotten pain only to be remembered by those who sow the reward.If only time could tell the fate of one's life, how much time would be saved? Destiny, however, laughs in the face of time, mocking its existence for being nothing but a measure that means nothing compared to its counterpart.However long, wherever it may be, the once-forgotten pain along with destiny will turn back to mock your existence before moving to its next victim.'- N.A. AinsleyKatherine, the doe-eyed brunette, was seated peacefully on the downstairs balcony of the modest but spacious manor she lived in.She flipped the pages of the book she was reading while finding deeper meaning in the words that were said on its pages.She thought back to the summer she spent a few ye
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Chapter 2: The Castle
--The Nydisian Kingdom, Countryside, Lady Morgan's Manor--Katherine woke up the following morning with the same unsettling feeling as the night before. However, she did not dwell on it and decided to take a walk.She grabbed her robe from her bedpost and wrapped it around her nightgown before stepping out. The sunrise had just begun and Katherine seemed to have craved the fresh air.As she was making her way out of the living quarters, she passed by Lady Morgan's study and heard voices."This is outrageous! You cannot and will not come onto my land and demand for me to abide by the wishes of what? A sorcerer? My answer is no and will stay no!" A voice Katherine recognized all too well, shouted.What's going on? Katherine thought. She could hear Lady Morgan all the way from the corridor. Who would make such demands, enough to warrant her shouting?Lady Morgan has always been known for her calmness. Although Lady Morgan had n
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Chapter 3: General Williams: Part 1
In the Cyrene Kingdom, the town of Neim, near the Neim border two men prepared for their departure."We should be heading back to Eraregord, they've been expecting you," Llewellyn Charter, the captain of the C.L. Charter said to the man beside him, General Lucian Williams.They've delayed their stay at Neim long enough, the general thought to himself. The royal court sent out a letter requesting his presence for the arrival of the next queen. However, in the general's eyes, his expectations for the girl were low.Seeing as the only other commanding position higher than the general was the King, his mother, Queen Orizelle, was fond of tampering with the cardinal, in an attempt to upgrade her son's status.Orizelle wanted to keep the throne in her family. She hoped that tampering would deem the entity unfit to choose the next successor, forcing the throne to remain with her family, even after her reign is over.Although Lucian, her son, never agreed
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Chapter 4: General Williams: Part 2
--Approaching the Castle, Center of Eraregord, Sunset--"How does it feel to be back General Williams?" Llewellyn smirked almost knowingly, Lucian instantly knew he was talking about Victoria.Lucian had assumed a position in the Kingdom's military and worked his way up the ranking to where he is now. The only ranking higher than that of a general was the king.When Lucian became the general he was assigned to a mission near the infernal valleys as per his mother's request, conveniently taking him away from Victoria at the time they were to be wed.Lucian's mother had her own personal reasons and vendetta for not wanting Victoria to be her daughter in law and in her sick twisted way, she was right.Lucian turned his head slightly and spoke with a blank expression, "Victoria is no longer my concern."Before Llewellyn had a chance to respond, the carriage stopped and the guards surrounding the gate of the capital city verified
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Chapter 5: What? Is He Going To Kidnap Them Too?
--Before the General's Arrival, The Castle - Left Wing, Living Quarters--"The General will arrive soon and until the General arrives, attend to Miss Katherina. Take her around the castle, most especially help her settle down." Lord Killian said to the maid that was assigned to take care of Miss Katherine.Katherine stirred as she heard a familiar voice speak, her head was throbbing due to her bumping her head on the carriage door. It felt slightly better due to the ice around her forehead.She could hear footsteps approach her but Katherine's futile attempts to pretend to be sleeping didn't fool the maid as the girl said, "Milady, I know you're awake,"Katherine's eyes slowly swung open to see a young girl with dark brown eyes smiling at her. "My name is Lily, Lord Killian asked me to tend to your well being-,""Wait," Katherine said abruptly, interrupting the young maid. She began to feel bad at her sudden outburst so she smiled
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Chapter 6: Nothing To Smile About
--The Nydisian Kingdom, The Castle, The Royal Court--"How does it feel to be King?" Llewellyn half-joked as he and Lucian walked through the halls of the royal court of Nydisia.The crown had now been officially passed unto Lucian until the girl, Katherina Daventin, ascends the throne. "Is it supposed to feel any different?" Lucian queried his friend, with his eyebrow that raised perfectly.Lucian smirked knowingly. Before and after becoming King of Nydisia, the entire kingdom has always been under his rule. The only difference is that with the crown his rule is absolute.Llewellyn chuckled while shaking his head as they walked through one of the entrances of the gardens that connected the court and the palace. "You know the people would prefer it this way,""And what way is that?" Lucian had a fair idea of what the people wanted.Llewellyn frowned as he turned to look Lucian in the eye under the scorching hot sun. He stopp
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Chapter 7: Wikerstone Manor
--The Nydisian Kingdom, Country of Balewen, Wikerstone Manor--The ladies in waiting alongside Minister Wikerstone's youngest daughter gossiped freely while having their afternoon tea.Word had spread in less than a day that the General had returned and has now assumed the position of King.Everyone in the kingdom knew just how powerful the general was and for him to ascend the throne did three things to the citizens of Nydisia.Those that hoped to oppose him, hid in their own shadows. Those that hoped to gain his favour, continued to seek it. And those that hoped to be his wife, were more determined than ever now that he was King."Oh, you don't have to be rude about it, Macie. I'm merely pointing out that if he was to be wed, it wouldn't be with someone that can't fit into her newly made corsets," Lady Murie retorted while placing her teacup back on her tray.The woman who went by the name Lady Macie was fuming at Lady Mur
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Chapter 8: What Exactly Are You?: Part 1
--The Nydisia Kingdom, The Castle, The Right-Wing Living Quarters--"My lady, the King requested that this letter is to be delivered to you and that you have breakfast with him in the dining hall," Lily said, passing the letter one of her fellow maids had given to her.Katherine inhaled as Lily tied her corset from the back. The dresses Katherine had received were luxurious and more expensive compared to the ones she had at Lady Morgan's manor.Seeing as Lily didn't make the corset unbreathable tight, the dress Katherine wore was very comfortable and fit for a lady that was to appear in front of a king to wear.Lily had offered to do her hair but Katherine refused. She always felt more relaxed with her long wavy hair resting calmly around her lower waist.After drinking the iced tea that Lily had specifically brought as per Katherine's request. Katherine opened the letter from the King and it read:To Lady Katherina Dave
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Chapter 9: What Exactly Are You?: Part 2
--The Nydisian Kingdom, The Castle, Dining Hall--Immediately, Katherine knew he was talking about her avoidance of eye contact. She turned to look at him, but the presence of the maids had already captured his attention.They all murmured 'Milady' or 'Milord' as they dropped our meals. The food smelled divine but Katherine couldn't muster much of an appetite.She didn't really pay attention to the food as she was more curious as to what the King had to say to her. "I prefer to be called Katherine, milord," Katherine said respectfully then reached forward to grasp a cup of water."Very well, you may address me as Lucian. Forgive me if there have been any inconveniences." She silently shook her head.He seems so straightforward and uptight, it was quite difficult to know what he'd be offended by, she thought to herself."Are you not hungry?" Lucian frowned at her whilst he was munching on a breadstick and sipping what was eit
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Chapter 10: Bruised
--The Nydisian Kingdom, The Castle, Left-Wing--Katherine couldn't help but stare at the garden from her room balcony as the sun was starting to rise. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Lily was trying to get her attention."The Captain is requesting your presence, milady, I've already taken your bag downstairs. I wish you a safe journey." Lily said while packing the last bit of Katherine's load. Katherine smiled at the maid that has been nothing but kind since her arrival.Considering it's been less than a week since Katherine's arrival in the castle, the King was kind enough to have her closet filled with fine attire.As Katherine made her way down the stairs, she crossed paths with the man she had begun to tolerate, Lord Killian.He respectfully bowed her way as Lily greeted him. Katherine turned back briefly to notice shared glances between Lord Killian and Lily.The General and the King, mention
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