The Alpha King Second Chance Mate

The Alpha King Second Chance Mate

By:  Belle Jameson  Completed
Language: English
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Rosella had been living in pain since birth and she's quite convinced that the universe hates her. From losing her mother to being used to pay off the debt her father owed the alpha, she doesn't need a soothsayer to confirm it. She was abused and trampled on till she could no longer take it. Multiple escape attempts all ending in the same way; Her being caught and beaten seriously. A final attempt at suicide delivers her right into her true mate's hands. Maybe the universe doesn't hate her after all. Finding out she's pregnant for her alpha and her true mate is his half-brother, maybe the universe hates her truly.

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Marj Beckley
Is this book completed? Says it is
2023-07-09 05:05:18
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Bella Jersey
She’ll start acting like a real Luna when start acting like a real man
2023-06-30 08:06:41
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Delinda Schumacher
76 chapters 6-29-23
2023-06-30 01:38:13
default avatar
Sonja Mallery
It’s a little hard to follow.
2023-09-07 04:17:35
89 Chapters
Chapter 1
ROSELLA “One… Two… Three…” I counted in my head and waited for him to throw down the door. I heard him park his car outside, expecting him to start screaming my name very soon. With the way he banged the door so hard, I knew another soul must have pissed him off, and I would be the one to bear the brunt. It has always been this way, him taking out his anger on me. “Five… Six… Seven…” I continued counting before waiting for him to get to the bedroom. Like most alphas, we weren’t staying in the packhouse, but this man beats me everywhere inside this house. It’s no news to the guards and mads again how I’m being treated, and I no longer feel shame when I get the opportunity to leave this room. I am the Luna that gets beaten every time, the Luna that the alpha rarely touches decently, but he has a truckload of concubines scattered all over the packhouse."Rosella, where are you? Where the fuck are you? Dirham said you missed your Luna lesson again this week" I heard his voice barkin
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Chapter 2
"Are you deliberately waiting for me to remind you to wear your makeup?" He screamed, slicing through my chain of thoughts. He hated it when he reminded me to do simple things a Luna should know; maybe I needed to stop skipping the Luna lessons. It’s been a year inside this hell, and no help was forthcoming.I almost convulsed at the sound of his voice. I rushed to the dressing table and wore my makeup as he liked it with trembling hands; the only thing I learned from Dirham successfully. When I finished, he brought out a vanilla cologne and made me wear it. I couldn’t choose, I wouldn’t want something for myself, I always did whatever he wanted. I don’t have enough balls to tell him that I think the"These heels will match." He said he loved seeing me wear the shoes as he handed me the shoes. It's a pair of glassy silver shoes that made my legs sore whenever I wore them. He said it made me look like Cinderella. He sure had a thing for fairytales despite his messed-up head. I wasn’t
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Chapter 3
ROSELLA As I was about to step out of our room, I heard footsteps advancing, which sounded exactly like that of Alpha James. A wave of fear washed over me, I froze on the spot, trying to get my mind to think of something quick, but the fastest way was hiding under the duvet on the bed. He wasn’t supposed to be back this early, and I needed enough time to escape, or else or my plans were going to be futile. There was not enough time to undress or hide those clothes, so I did the only logical thing I thought would work for me.Before he got to the door, I jumped onto the bed and wrapped the thick duvet over my body, revealing only a tiny fraction of my hair. I turned my face away from the door so that he wouldn’t notice anything. I started breathing a tad bit higher, trying to make it look like I was genuinely asleep before he came in. The door opened before he banged it against its hinge loudly; with the way he opens the door like a lunatic, the door would come undone one day. “Get u
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Chapter 4
I noticed a sound coming from inside, and my father finally opened the door; his eyes widened like saucers as soon as he saw me. I know they would be shocked to see I ran away because he rarely let me visit them. Since we mated, I’ve not called home. This place might look poor than the palace, but I don’t care because I didn’t get beaten every day here. “What are you doing here?” he asked after recovering from the shock. I was surprised because, for someone who hadn’t seen his daughter for almost a year, he wasn’t excited to see me. I hated how Alpha James messed up my life without so much effort; I wonder what kind of threat he must have threatened my parents to make them so unwelcome.My awful stepmother came into view as soon as she heard our voices. This woman was the sole idea of making me get mated to Alpha James. She came up with the business plan, and she made sure to drop hints until he finally suggested it himself. I hated her but not today though, I needed them to keep me
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Chapter 5
Alpha JulianI sent my wooden sword flying in the air, breaking into the sword of my best friend and beta, Robert. He already knew something was bothering me but knew better than asking anything at this moment. I was too tense to do anything the right way; I wanted a solution so fast. This was my own way of releasing pent-up anger, and I hated how it felt like I had zero control over my emotions. I was trained to do better than this, but I guess desperate situations made you forget your training. He understood that all I wanted to do right now was vent out all my frustration through sparring. We fought that way till I dropped the wooden sword on the floor and sat down. Robert handed me a water bottle, sitting beside me on the smooth floor of our private sparring room. He opened his mouth a few times before closing it back. I knew he had a lot to say to me. He didn’t know what way to put it without pissing me off. I hate that we were reduced to this; I hate that the moon goddess won'
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Chapter 6
ALPHA JULIANWe walked back to the Alpha’s quarters to get ready for the meeting when Robert spoke up, “Your brother will be coming today as well with his mate so that the pressure will be more on you. You have to be ready for anything,” he advised. I nodded, already aware of what to expect at the meeting. They were trying to undermine my effort as the Alpha King, and they were trying to make me look like a fool. It was a repetitive circle, and I wonder who made the Council of Elders be my power check to start with. They were just older adults with plenty of problems.I dressed up and went to the throne room; as soon as I got there, all the elders, my father, James, my half-brother stood up as I walked into the Packhouse meeting hall. Looking at all of them, I fought the urge to hiss or roll my eyes in irritation. I can handpick a number of elders who wanted me on the throne, and they won' be up to three. I sat down on the throne while the rest bowed before taking their seats. “I wou
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Chapter 7
JAMESWalking into the house, unnecessary silence met me. Asides from the guards sitting outside, something felt terribly wrong. I could feel it deep in my bones, and it only heightened my anger. I halt the usual hide and seek game, and I head straight to the bedroom where I left her; a little beating won't hurt anyone, especially the fact that she made me lose the tiny chance I had to usurp the throne from Julian. I threw open the door, and I looked around the room. It was empty, and the bed was empty too. I removed the duvet, but instead, a pile of clothes was arranged there, and It made it look like she was trying to deceive me that she was present in the bed. Since when did she start having such sense? I felt instantly enraged; my blood boiled like a pit of lava in hell. How dare she disappears when she’s supposed to be helpful to me?. Who would I pass out my anger on?I was already exasperated that my brother managed to deceive the council of elders, ruining my chance of getting
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Chapter 8
ROSELLAWe drove into the pack’s territory, towards the four junction roads that lead to other pack territories. I wished I had escaped to a place farther from here to maybe one of the other packs, but Alpha James’s father was the former Alpha king, so he could have easily fished me out even though it took him longer; he wouldn’t rest till he caught me.I sat shriveled up in the car, wrapping my hands around my body, avoiding the look of contempt Alpha James was giving me. I was dead tonight, and no soothsayer could tell me otherwise.“See how skinny and dirty you look. You’ve grown some guts, haven’t you? To even conceive the thoughts of running away is extremely laughable.”“I’m sorry, Alpha...” I whispered, my voice hoarse from crying too much. I've cried enough tears to last a lifetime today, and t looks like I will still cry more tonight.Sorry was all I could say, even though I knew it wouldn’t change anything, any punishment I would be receiving today. My head throbbed as I im
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Chapter 9
JAMES I sat in the car waiting for my dumb Luna to come back to the car from whatever it was she was doing out there. I was already imagining everything I would be doing to her tonight. I would ravish her mercilessly, making it part of her punishment. I won’t even bother using the lubricant; I’ll penetrate her dryness to teach her a lesson of what she would go through if she ever dared think of running away again. But what the hell was taking her long? A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts; I rolled down the glass to see Gates, the guard I ordered to stay with Rosella while she sorted herself out. I noticed a look of alarm plastered on his face, and I knew immediately that something was wrong. Before he could say a word, I pushed the door open, shoving him off balance at the same time. “Where’s she?” I asked with a snarl, already losing my mind. I looked at the guard and wondered how dumber could he get. I’m sure Rosella must have outsmarted him too. “She told me to turn ar
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Chapter 10
ALPHA JULIAN After the meeting with the Alphas, I went back to the gym, where I sparred with the sparring robot. I fought and fought for hours till I was tired. The robot wasn’t, though; it didn’t have flesh and blood like me. Too much was on my mind; I would never think of giving up on my throne, nor do I want to give up on finding my fated mate. And it was only a matter of time before James got an heir, which would make his claim for the throne stronger according to our customs in the realm. “What would you do if you were me, Robot?” I asked the skinless robot holding a wooden sword with one hand and a clenched fist on the other.“Black?” I asked my wolf, who had been grumpy since the meeting. “I don’t know, Kay, I don’t.” “Then, let’s go for a run, shall we?” “Sure,” he replied, and I walked out of the gym into the pack’s forest. Aside from my heightened sense of sight as the Alpha King, the moon’s bright lights made me feel better tonight. I had no idea night had fallen al
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