The Alpha's Daughter

The Alpha's Daughter

By:  Kylie  Ongoing
Language: English
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With her first mating ball coming up, Summer is unusually nervous. She is scared of not meeting her mate, but at the same time she is scared of meeting her mate. But when she heard that word 'MATE' she was relieved that he was nothing like she thought. But when he doesn't want her to tell her father about their mating, she becomes suspicious. Something isn't right there, and she knows that there's something that she doesn't know from the past. When she is being forced to marry a different Alpha, her mate comes to her rescue and hoping to live happily ever after. But that isn't so much the case when her father won't accept them being mates and does everything he can to stop them from being together. Little does he know that she has plans of her own.

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I hate my hair. I hate my eye color. I hate everything about me. Why was I putting myself through this? Even if I did find my mate tonight, he would probably take one look at me and reject me. That's all I need, isn't it? To be publicly humiliated like that. My Alpha father would be so proud of me then, wouldn't he? I know that he just wants to hurry up and marry me off so that I would be out of the way and my older brother could take over as Alpha, finally. I don't know why he's waiting until I'm out of the house to pass the reins down. He just was. My father did a lot of things that didn't make a whole lot of sense to other people, except himself. I didn't know why I was really putting myself through this. What if I was mated to someone that was a complete loser or someone that was a total prick? What was I going to do then? "Summer." My mother sang out knocking on my bedroom door. "Yeah." I sang out and she opened the door and walked inside. She stopped as soon as she saw me st
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When we finally got to the ball, about an hour later, my heart was still pounding in my chest. But that all but vanished when Ryker held his hand out and helped me out of the limousine at the front steps of the packhouse. I looked up at the packhouse that looked completely different from our ‘packhouse’. Ours was a mansion that just suited the Alpha family. But this was a proper packhouse that was open to the pack. Something that ours should be, but my father is too much of a bastard to let other people come stumbling through his house. As we walked up the stairs we were greeted by the hosts and Ryker led me into the grand ballroom that took my breath away. It was decorated with candles and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling with a large chandelier in the middle of the room. Everything else was in gold and silver, the tablecloths and chair coverings and even the curtains. It was absolutely beautiful. Ryker chuckled to himself when he saw the look on my face and he knew that I wa
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As the entire ballroom went quiet I could hear my heart beating in my ears. Everyone was paying very close attention to what was happening between Alpha Ethan and Alpha James, all the while I was just sitting there astounded. I usually had a million things running through my head but right now, it was completely blank. My wolf on the other hand, she was going crazy. She was jumping up and down and making my head hurt, but it was easy to ignore with this beauty standing in front of me. Holding Alpha James off the ground and scaring almost everyone. I didn’t even notice Ryker stand up and stand right beside me until Alpha Ethan turned to face us and growled at him. “It’s alright. I’m her brother.” Ryker said. And Alpha Ethan looked him up and down and then looked back at Alpha James. He dropped Alpha James, not gently, to the ground and Alpha Ethan looked at me and his whole face softened from that scary looking creature that was just threatening a man. “Can I escort you outside
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I was trying to wake up at the same time as I was trying to register what my mother was yelling at me. I didn’t understand at first. She was screaming at me about some wedding. But then Alpha James’ name came into it and I flew out of bed. I didn’t even bother getting dressed, I darted for the bedroom door and straight down three flights of stairs until I got to the living room and my father was casually sitting there with Alpha James. “Oh. Here she is now.” Dad said with a smirk on his face. And Alpha James stood up with a beaming smile that made me want to puke. “What the hell is going on?” I asked breathlessly. And my father started walking closer to me rubbing his hands together. “Well, today is your lucky day. You said that your mate rejected you at the ball so chances are you never will never find another one. You don’t go anywhere or leave the packgrounds at all so Alpha James has stepped up and offered to make you his Luna.” Dad announced. “I don’t want to be his Luna. I
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When I woke up I was feeling groggy and dazed. I didn’t know where I was, but it was an unfamiliar place. I had a weird taste in my mouth and a ringing in my ears. I tried to sit up, but my eyes were all blurry and my face was really starting to hurt. I heard some muffled voice trying to talk to me from pretty close. But I couldn’t make anything out just yet. I blinked a few times and tried to look around and get my senses back when I realized that I was in the dungeon. I was in one of the cells and Ryker was sitting outside the cell trying to talk to me. He couldn’t come too close to me because the bars were made of silver. “What…what happened?” I asked, barely able to think. “Dad injected you with wolfsbane.” Ryker says. And I felt really sick to the stomach. I thought I was going to throw up and I needed to lay down again. I was looking around but things were still blurry. I couldn’t see properly but I did notice a bunch of men standing along the other wall of the dungeon. The
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I knew that I had no hope in this fight because I was still feeling the affects of the wolfsbane and pretty soon I realized that my father wasn’t by my side anymore. He had been unintentionally holding me up when he had a hold of my arm, and when he left I had to lean on the table that was right beside his officiant. Everyone started jumping from their seats, scattering everywhere. The warriors shifted so they could take on the attack and the woman, children and elderly tried to get somewhere safe. I looked around behind me and there were thousands of people running in all different directions. I knew that this was one wedding that was going to be talked about for a really long time. And that’s when I saw my father. He was running into the packhouse and shutting the doors. He wasn’t letting anyone inside and the vulnerable needed to take care of themselves. Ethan’s warriors started running straight into the crowd, but I noticed that they weren’t attacking the unshifted. The vul
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No sooner did Ethan close the door of the SUV I heard him start shifting back into his magnificent wolf and he started stalking towards dad. There was no fear, no intimidation. I was in awe and really respected Ethan at this point. Because all I knew of my father was that he was very feared and intimidating. But Ethan wasn’t scared at all. I saw them both come face to face in the middle of the road and my heart was pounding out of my chest. “Hey, it’s going to be alright. Alpha Ethan knows how to fight and he never backs down. People usually back down from him.” The passenger in the front said. “You don’t know my dad.” I retorted. “You said that your father never fights his own fights. Then he doesn’t stand a chance. But you must be pretty important to him.” The guy said. “No. He just wanted to make a stronger alliance with another pack so he was marrying me off. Ethan killed that Alpha so dad would have found another creepy old man to marry me off to.” I explained. “Well,
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As soon as I placed the phone down I saw how badly my hand was shaking. I was scared that he was never going to stop coming for me. We raged war on his pack territory and that isn’t something that was easily forgotten or forgiven. I had a really quickly shower to wash the dried blood off of me and the dirt from the dungeon and I got dressed in a pair of long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Despite it being really hot outside. I walked into my room and the door was open slightly and I went into the hallway and I saw that Ethan’s door was also open and I could hear him walking around in there. So I knocked on the door and he came to open it. I liked his bedroom. It also had a fireplace and a large screen TV but it was decorated in darker colors than what my room was decorated in. He had a darker paint color on his wall and red and black bedding in his room. “I just got a call from dad.” I said, turning to look at him. “What did he say?” Ethan asked, looking concerned. “He tol
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I stood there almost frozen in place while Ethan was standing there staring at me. He didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And I knew that I had to try and think of something quick, but nothing was coming to mind. Ethan was really confused but I was really worried about everything that he was going to think about me and what he was going to think. So I dropped the shirt that was in my hand onto the bed and I sat next to the bag that was sitting on my bed. “What are you doing?” He asked. “I was hoping to avoid this.” I say. “Summer. Just be straight with me. Tell me what the hell is going on. Why are you packing?” He asked. “I thought it would be easier than a rejection. On either side.” I say. “I’m gonna need more information then that. No short ass answers anymore. I want to know what you’re talking about.” He demanded. “I think it might be best to show you instead of trying to explain it. Because you won’t believe me otherwise. And then you can decide whether you want
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“Eva. I told you to leave. Do not make me command you.” Ethan says coming between me and Eva and I got to my feet, wondering what was about to happen. “You wouldn’t command me, baby. Would you?” Eva asked, stroking her hand down the side of Ethan’s face and that forced me to let out an involuntary growl from my chest. Ethan looked at me over his shoulder and he grabbed Eva’s hand and pushed her away. “Get out Eva.” Ethan says. “You can seriously be happy with her and not with me.” Eva says. “Eva. I demand that you leave.” Ethan says, exuding his Alpha aura out. I could feel the aura but it didn’t affect me because I came from Alpha blood. But Eva looked like she was in a lot of pain. She was holding on to the doorframe and she was trying to stay upright as little beads of sweat started to form on her face and she nodded her head and turned towards the door. Ethan released the command and she was able to leave without it hurting her anymore. Ethan turned and looked at me
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