17-Clubbing With Friends

Emmett’s POV

Luca got me off the field as quickly and quietly as possible. Rita told us about a private gym where she and her sister practiced when they were learning.

Luca spent hours teaching me basics and sparing with me. He never lost patience or acted frustrated.

We ate lunch in the cafe, before showering for classes.

It was in the shower, I showed my appreciation for his understanding and willingness to teach me.

We went to our individual classes. I learned about seating etiquette and invitation design.

“Hey, so do you have like part ownership of Mastic?” Melissa asks me, as we are working on designs on tablets.

“It’s owned by my family; all profits are in a trust and spit evenly, between the two packs. I get a paycheck as a board member. Well, I did, I won’t now,” I tell her.

“Does that mean you can get us in? None of us are 21, but as werewolves….” Melissa flexes her eyebrows.

I smile. “Sure, who all wants in?”

“Me, Clint, and Tim are for sure, should we ask Drake, Zach
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