70-Chilly in July

Emmett’s POV

I am standing by the car, waiting for Luca to come out, so we can get to Atlanta. We are taking a commercial flight like we did 18 years ago. We are going to do everything the same. Well, we were, until Luca stopped speaking to me over the kids' names.

Why is having Wallace in their names so damn important?

I thought he would be okay, little miffed maybe, but never ready to kill angry.

The last thing he said to me was, “I need I cancel wet teams.”

He was going to kill James. So much for breaking tradition.

We needed to talk, to clear the air. He needs to understand my decision to exclude Wallace was the same as Marie’s, Sara’s (no, not, Sara, she named her first born Wallace, bad example). Rona’s son is Wallace-Marshall, so that’s out. Patty is a perfect example. She is tough, independent, strong willed, she only uses Marshall for Hewy, Dewy, and Louie. Those aren’t their names, but they have such big lips, we couldn’t resist nicknaming them after the Duck triplets. She ac

Devon is Claire Wallace’s father and mate of the moon goddess.

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Debbie Proffer
I remember now. I love that woman

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