74-Turning 18

Warning this entire chapter is sex. All of it. You have been warned.

Walker’s POV

11:59 October 30, 2060

“Why am I nervous?” I ask my Dad.

“Because you have waited so long for this, and well, now it’s happening,” Daddy smiles. Dad is standing beside him and next to both of them, is the love of my life.

In 30 seconds, she and I are going to haze.

Patty showed up just to make sure she is right.

“Don’t worry, other than not being able to recognize my own mate for bit, I’ve never been wrong,” Patty smiles. “It's gonna be fine.”

12:00pm October 31, 2060

I feel my wolf snap into place.

“MINE” it wasn’t me, but a force I have no control over.

I'm holding her and kissing her, she is kissing me. Please let me come out of this and it be Nora. Please.

The fog clears and it is Nora.

“My Muffin is now my mate,” Nora smiles up at me.

“Damn, right,” Patty smiles. “I still got the magic!”

“Congratulations, bro, and sis,” Saturn smiles. She won’t haze for 7 more months.

“Thanks,” Nora hugs
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