76-His Mate

Luca’s POV

“Baby, what are your plan today?” I ask, seeing him getting dressed for the office.

He has had three minor heart occurrences in the past week. He keeps putting off his doctor's appointment, because DeVine’s daughter is “just too young to know anything”. So, I have been begging him to rest more.

“I have to meet with Nora and Dennis. They are just about up to speed. And the ceremonies are in a week. I promise to take a nap afterwards,”. He kisses me and heads to the office.

“Sweet goddess, if you hear me, protect him. I want him with me in retirement. We are so close, goddess protect him.”


Me and my kids are setting the border and alliance agreements between their packs.

“So, we won't patrol this border, but we will double our efforts on this border,” Saturn point to the map.

“Yeah, that will work,” Walker agrees.

“See how easy this will be, you two get along, just remind your kids to do same.” I laugh and then we hear Nora scream.

Walker gets there first, but I a
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