72-Home and Trials

Emmett’s POV

“If we can be quick, we can have one more round and shower before the kids come through the portal,” Luca tries to get me. We have landed at Blood Moon and need to head to the portal, but my man is trying to get one more round out of me.

“Luca,” I whine. “I love you, but I haven’t seen the kids in 8 weeks. I want to be there when they come through. Plus, I think Melissa and Clint are there already.”

“Screw them,” Luca kisses my neck. “You are going to be talking to the kids all afternoon and evening. This is my last chance to have you alone.”

“Luca,” I moan, as he rubs me through my jeans. “Lose the clothes, sir.”

Luca growls. We manage two rounds and a third in the shower on the plane.

We dress and walk to the portal.

“Hey there,” Melissa smiles.

“Hey, Luna,” I hug her.

“Micah is bringing his mate. Have you heard the news?” Melissa smiles.

“No, we haven’t,” I smile.

“Apparently, his mate is Beta at a bigger pack and doesn’t want to give up his position, so John is going
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