16- The Exes/ Emmett Fighting

Luca’s POV

We enjoy our evening, but I’m ready to get my mate alone and talk about Zach. The Beta pip squeak didn’t let me and Cameron out of his site all day long. Now, I find out he and my mate had a thing. What was he a spy? Is Emmett so insecure, that he needs me spied on by his ex?

“Well, this was fun,” Emmett says, after more jokes and chats. “But, we have tandem training in the AM, and I for one need some rest.”

“Same,” Melissa echos.

Once the door is closed, both Emmett and I remove our shirts and bare our chests. We are about to fight as men do.

“Talk to me about Zach,” I say first.

“Talk to me about Sally,” he snaps back.

“Sally who?” I ask confused.

Emmett looks annoyed, “Luna Sally, said she fucked you.”

“Completely possible. But if it was a hit and quit, I wouldn’t remember her name.” I confess. Yeah, it makes me a jerk, but I don’t care. The only wolf I give a fuck about is Emmett. The rest are just noise. “Wait, is that why you introduced me to Zach so quickly? Because
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