75-Before They Can Take Over.

Emmett’s POV

“And I quit” Saturn plops in a chair next to Nora in my office. “For two people who claim to love each other, they fight like children!”

“What are they fighting about now?” Nora asks.

“The order of Accession. Since we get to set our own rules and stuff, we want to do a joint ceremony. But Phoenix wants to do the Alpha part first, then the Beta part. Her logic is it’s a new pack, we need an Alpha before we need a Beta. Dennis says that since it not a new pack but rather the re-establishment of an old pack, we can do the Beta part first and then the Alpha. Both of them make valid points, but I can’t decide; so I’m out, they can duke it out and I will do as I’m told,” She leans back.

I laugh, “Daddy and Walker do the same thing. It’s a good move for an Alpha.”

“DAD! I came in here for you to fix it,” Saturn whines.

I look at her. “You are about to be Alpha, what the hell are you whining about. Am I going to have to rush down to Silver Lake every week to fix something fo
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