The Alphas of Silver Creek

The Alphas of Silver Creek

By:  RALF  Completed
Language: English
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Luca and Emmett always knew something was missing from their lives. They didn’t know it wasn’t a something but a someone. They say the goddess knows her creations best… so when she pairs Luca Lopez and Emmett Wallace everything clicks into place. But it’s not a street of gold. A companion to the Mate Series, can be read as a stand-alone.

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Claudia Marguerite Ruby
I LOVED the entire series! so sad this is the end of the line! PLEASE consider another!!! I am so in love with all the characters!
2024-04-25 13:09:51
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Great book! I couldn't put it down! It's definitely one of my favorites. I love Emmett and Luca! So sad it's done. You did such an amazing job author.
2024-01-10 09:05:46
user avatar
Amazing book and author..
2023-04-15 20:48:29
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Ren Spencer
Loved this book and all the other ones in the series.
2023-01-29 02:22:03
default avatar
Such a great series!!! Highly recommend all the books!
2023-01-29 01:38:11
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Michelle Blevins
love this book so far!!!! I just found this Arthor like 3 days ago and have now read all of their books and absolutely love them! I love how they all play in to one another. I have cried and laughed so hard I can't wait for the next update
2023-01-23 20:13:52
78 Chapters
1-Emmett Wallace
Emmett’s POV.“Keep moving, bob and weave, don’t give him a target,” my dad is screaming instructions, while my brother, who is twice my size, is trying to pound me into mincemeat. “Emmett, you have the agility, Edward doesn’t, move.”“Come on, little brother, you make this too easy!” Edward’s immense right hand makes contact with my face. I’m done.“Get up,” my father yells.I get back up, but honestly, what does Dad expect of me? Edward is huge, bigger than dad, the only wolves I know taller, are my uncle Liam and his twin sons; but, and this is a big but, no one has the muscular structure of Edward. He looks like two Alphas smashed together. Stealth is not his foray; he is more a brute strength kind of guy. Me, I’m still an Alpha. I’m 6’4” with a muscular build. Like the men in my family, I have dark curly hair and green eyes. I keep my hair short and styled in a romantic swoosh.“You know you could kick him in the balls, right?” My littlest cousin, Patty, says watching us. She’s 8
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2- Luca Lopez
Luca’s POV“Work harder!” I tell my warriors. “It’s not easy to win, you have to have the will to win. See the whole picture. Hips, shoulders, ankles. See what your opponent is going to do, then go in for the kill.”We train to kill here at Silver Creek. The most badass wolves come from here. My Aunt Kass is so badass, she kills Lycans for breakie.My Uncle Taylor, her twin, is Beta to my Dad and, for real, he’s deadly. Uncle Taylor is mated to my Uncle Cliff. Cliff is originally from Blood Moon, so he came here knowing how to fight. They make a great Beta Team. My mom calls them relationship goals, whatever that means.I take down six of my warriors and barely break a sweat.“Geez, Luca, calm down. Since you got your wolf, you have been a beast,” Uncle Taylor smiles and winks. “Starting to think you got a little Byatt in there somewhere.”“Did you just wink at the Alpha?” Uncle Cliff pops Uncles Taylor’s butt.“It was friendly, but if I get popped every time I do that, I’ll do it aga
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3-Emmett’s Intro to Wallace 101
Emmett’s POVI’m in the car with Uncle Liam and my parents. They are introducing me to the family business. My kind doesn’t go to college normally, we learn from experience.“After we look at the site, we should surprise Sara and Shay,” Uncle Liam tells us.“Oh yes! I want to get some good gossip,” Mom does a little dance.We build and own nightclubs in both realms. We already have two in Atlanta, GA but we are building a third, because Dad wants to.We check out the site and see the progress. There are walls, and a dance floor, the lights are going on today. The stage for live music or a DJ. It’s all very nice. Mom is making all the decorating decisions with her favorite designer, and I’m listening as Dad and Liam inspect everything.“We let you mother and Aunts make the design decisions, they have great eyes for that,” Dad tells me.“Not Grace,” Uncle Liam says. “Remember the London Club?”Dad shivers, “Yeah, not Grace. You dated her? Why?”Liam shrugs, “I was trying very hard not t
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4-The Day Before
Luca’s POV“Okay, feel good?” Uncle Taylor is massaging my shoulders.“Yes, sir,” I say, as I mentally pump myself up for the fight.The dawn hasn’t broken yet, and my Beta Uncles are out here, to both witness and coach me through the fight.“I see my Betas have chosen a side.” Dad jokes, as he comes to the field.“You can’t make us in charge of his safety, and not expect us to always be on his side,” Uncle Cliff is overly protective of me. Uncle Taylor has given me the side eye, more than once, after his mate has gone into overprotective mode.“Well, once he beats me, he will be Alpha and will need a Beta, any ideas?” Dad asks.“We try day and night, sometimes in the afternoon, but neither of us can get pregnant, it’s like we are cursed,” Uncle Taylor has jokes.“The Alpha triplets of Cooper River have a younger cousin. He is 18, and they are training him to be Beta in Taylor’s place,” Uncle Cliff has answers.The Cooper River Alpha triplets are Uncle Taylor’s first cousins. Since Un
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5-A Battle of Epic Proportions
Emmett’s POV“So let me get this straight, Shay is spelled, and her mate is going to kill the son of the wolf responsible, but we are going to defend her pack, in the human realm, with 30 Blood Moon warriors, all of us and Luca Lopez?” Edward asks, very annoyed. “Wouldn’t be easier to just give Shay to this Felix guy?”“Edward!” My father yells. “She is your cousin!”“Uncle Liam, I love you, you know that. If it was any other of your daughters, I would be leading the charge, but it’s Shay. How do we know it’s a spell and not just Shay’s wondering eye? Let’s be honest, none of us expect her to be loyal to one man forever.”“A witch, and the goddess, confirmed it’s a spell,” Uncle Liam tells us.“Fine, but are we sure we want to take Emmett and Luca? They are young and just got their wolves. They might be a liability, rather than an asset.” Edward continues to argue.“Emmett has his wolf and took Ike down in training,” Uncle Nic defends me. “And Sam said Luca is good.”“He went round af
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6-Waiting for Luca
Emmett’s POVI’m sitting by my mate’s bed, when an older version of Luca and a redhead, come crashing in.“Luca,” the woman screams and grabs at my mate. I restrain myself understanding she must be his mother. “James, he’s marked!”The male grabs at my mate's neck.“Who the fucked marked my son?” His dad yells.“James, calm down,” Uncle Liam says, holding James down. “He found his mate. He found his fated mate.”“Where is she? Why is she not here? What kind of mate would abandon him?” His mother says, rubbing his head.“I’m right here, I carried him here, I haven’t left him,” I say, in almost a whisper.“Who are you?” The woman asks, almost in tears.“I’m his mate,” I tell her.I see Uncle Liam talking to Luca’s father.“It’s not fucking possible, Alphas have Lunas. Alphas are never gay,” Alpha James says.“Yet, here we are,” I say to him. “Marked and mated.”“Exactly, where and when, would you have had time for that?” Alpha James asks, as Uncle Liam still holds him back.“That doesn’
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7-Luca Vs. James
Luca’s POVI hear Uncle Taylor question, why dad is having a difficult time accepting my mate. Now, Uncle Taylor and Dad are like brothers, so this is going to be an interesting conversation.“Can you ask them to come in, or let me out?” I ask the doctor, who just finished her assessment of my condition.“Sure, you look good. One more night and we will release you to your mate,” the doctors smiles and leaves.Emmett is the first through the door and by my bedside.“Just one more night and I’m all yours,” I tell him.“Things I’m gonna do to you,” Emmett teases, as I pull him in for a kiss.“I can’t wait,” I smile. “I assume from all I’ve heard, that my mate and I can’t go the Silver Creek Packhouse?”My parents stop and mindlink each other.“We want you home,” my mother states.“My home is where my mate is. So, if you can’t come to terms with the fact that my mate is male, I’m not coming to Silver Creek,” I sit up, as much as I can. My stomach still sore. “But, when I do return to Silv
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8-James and Emmett
Emmett’s POVLuca is released from the hospital, but needs to stay close for a few more days. My cousins, Sara and Shay, are still back at Blue Mountain while their Alpha secures the pack. It’s Monday again. One week and one day since the battle. Luca is up and walking, as we come into the Southern Crescent Packhouse. “Brother,” Edward calls out to me, as we enter. “This is my mate, Monica.”The she-wolf is small, chocolate colored skin, her hair is shoulder length and natural. “Nice to meet you,” I smile and shake her hand. “My mate, Luca.”Luca smiles and shakes both of their hands. “Move out of my way,” I hear my mother yelling and running. May the goddess help us. She grabs Luca’s face. “Oh, you are simply handsome! I can’t believe it. I mean, look at your dad, you have good genes, but you really did something with them. Welcome to the family. I’m your mother-in-law, please don’t hate me, but I will get your Luna trained. I promise.”“Mom, chill,” I say. “I will not chill.” Sh
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9-First Night As Mates
**Mature Content Chapter****Luca’s POVMy dad is acting in a way I don’t understand. He loves Taylor and Cliff. He would lay his life down for Taylor. Taylor isn’t even a Beta by birth!Taylor and Kassandra’s parents were not mated. Their father was head warrior and their mother an Alpha’s wayward daughter. Their mother left when the twins were only three days old, and my dad was 2 months old. My dad’s mom took the twins into the nursery, with my dad and raised the three of them, until they were 6, as siblings!Taylor was mated to Kline, my dad’s original Beta. Kline allowed himself to be lead astray and Dad banished him, in favor of Taylor as Beta. When Taylor brought home a warrior from Blood Moon as his mate, the whole pack accepted Cliff as second Beta.And, honestly, until I ran off and got hurt, Cliff has been a perfect Beta. He kept me alive all these years, despite the rogues who tried to take me down.I don’t understand my dad.When I pull it together, after a serious cry, I
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10-Life With Luca
Emmett’s POVI wake up in a bed, for the first time in over a week. It’s Tuesday, there is a nose in the back of my neck and an arm around my torso. He is breathing steadily. He is my mate. My mate has me, I have my mate.“Good morning, Baby,” Luca whispers in my ear. “How are you feeling today?”“I’m amazing and you?” I turn, so we are face to face.“I didn’t know I could be satisfied and comfortable, at the same time. I didn’t know my heart could belong to one person, so completely.” Luca traces my face with his finger. “I’m so, fucking, happy!”I can’t help but smile.“We need to get down to breakfast. I want to see if Thomas needs anything to get his Lunas back,” I kiss Luca and we get ready for our day.We find Thomas sitting alone, at a table with only coffee.“Hey, we wanted to know if we could do anything to help you get the girls back,” Luca asks, as we sit down.“Thanks for the offer. I think I have almost everything secure. I want to finish getting the last of Dark Crescent
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