71-End of Training

Walker’s POV

“Muffin, what is wrong?” Nora asks me, as we walk on our final Saturday at Golden Moon. We have one more week before we all return home.

“This morning, Dennis had Phoenix wrapped up in a very passionate kiss. It’s weird seeing him kiss anyone but Saturn,”. I tell her.

“I caught him and Saturn doing more than kissing in the bathroom of the rec room yesterday,” Nora giggles. “I talked to Phoenix, she says they are doing well. She loves her alone time with Saturn and her alone time with Dennis, but her favorite is when the three of them are together.”

“She doesn’t feel like an outsider when they are all together?” I ask.

Nora smiles, “she says no. She made the joke that Dennis is the outsider when they are together.”

I laugh.

“Why have we spent this time together talking about them? We spend a lot of time talking about them?” Nora asks me.

“Because I’m getting used to the idea,” I tell her.

“Well get used to this idea. One year from now, you and I will be taking oaths in fro
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