The Alphas of Silver Creek
The Alphas of Silver Creek
Author: RALF

1-Emmett Wallace

Emmett’s POV.

“Keep moving, bob and weave, don’t give him a target,” my dad is screaming instructions, while my brother, who is twice my size, is trying to pound me into mincemeat. “Emmett, you have the agility, Edward doesn’t, move.”

“Come on, little brother, you make this too easy!” Edward’s immense right hand makes contact with my face. I’m done.

“Get up,” my father yells.

I get back up, but honestly, what does Dad expect of me? Edward is huge, bigger than dad, the only wolves I know taller, are my uncle Liam and his twin sons; but, and this is a big but, no one has the muscular structure of Edward. He looks like two Alphas smashed together. Stealth is not his foray; he is more a brute strength kind of guy. Me, I’m still an Alpha. I’m 6’4” with a muscular build. Like the men in my family, I have dark curly hair and green eyes. I keep my hair short and styled in a romantic swoosh.

“You know you could kick him in the balls, right?” My littlest cousin, Patty, says watching us. She’s 8 going on 30.

“That is not honorable,” my dad reminds her.

“Maybe not, but it’s effective,” She shrugs. “Come on, Emmett, you got this.”

“You know tomorrow I’ll have my wolf and then, I can maybe do something,” I remind everyone.

“Wolf or no wolf you are a Wallace, and we kick ass, so kick ass.” Dad yells at me.

This pisses me off. Edward tries to hit me again, but I dodge this time and he can’t control his momentum and falls.

“Good enough?” I ask, ready to be done with this stupidity. I prefer to workout, rather than spar. I want my human body strong, but fighting Edward without my wolf isn't helping.

“Yeah, can I have Emmett, please? I need his help,” Patty asks my dad. She is a little redhead that no one says no to.

“What do you need, little one?” I ask smiling.

“I’ve got to finish my human literature project. You are the best,” Patty smiles.

I laugh a little. “Okay, little bit, you came all the way here for homework help?”

She lives about an hour away, at my Uncle Liam’s pack.

“It was nothing, Ike orbed me. He can only give me two hours. So, get a move on,” Patty orders.

“Yes, ma’am,” I say, picking her up.

“Okay, so fables tell a story, but with a mortal?” Patty asks.

“Moral. A mortal is a human, who dies of old age.” I correct her.

“Whatever,”. She rolls her eyes. She is so cute. I want two just like her.

We work for a little while and her brother comes to take her home.

After dinner, I go up to my room for some peace, only to find Stella is waiting for me.

“Alpha Emmett,” she coos from the bed.

“Stella, I thought we discussed you coming in here, unannounced and uninvited,” I smirk at her. She is good fun, but not someone I want to be my mate.

“Well, I thought those were suggestions not actual orders. I mean, in a few hours we will know for sure, don’t you feel the pull, we are mates. We are each other’s forever.” She is smirking and removing her robe. She is beautiful no doubt, but even my dick is uninterested.

“Sorry Stella, I’m really not feeling it tonight. You should leave,” I tell her.

She looks devastated, like I punched her in the gut. She recovers and covers her pain in a sly smirk.

“If I leave here tonigh,t you are going to be sorry. At midnight you’ll know. I might not let you mark me.”

“That is a risk I’m willing to take.” I push her away, gently. No need for anyone to get hurt physically, emotionally I can handle.

“Fine, maybe Edward wants a blow job,” she smirks.

“I see the mate bond is pulling you hard,” I roll my eyes.

“I was hoping you would get jealous. You know I like your dick better than any other,” Stella comes close to me and reaches her hand into my pants. A week ago, I would have been as hard as rock; but today, her touch is kind of repulsive. “Really? Soft as dough?”

“Sorry, I told you I’m not interested,” I pull Stella’s hand away. “Now, please leave. I want to take a nap, before we do the whole midnight find my mate thing.”

Tonight, at midnight, I’ll be in the foyer of the Packhouse, and the doors will be opened. Hopefully, I’ll find my mate. That one soul that completes mine.

I have it easy. I’m a male Alpha, meaning I will be mated to any female: wolf, human, witch, vampire, Fairy, Lycan, siren, Angel, or most rare Demon. Hopefully, I only get one mate. Identical twins will often share, as in the case of my cousins, Sara and Shay, who share an Alpha in the human realm. Twins can also be gifted a second set of identical twins, as the case of my parents, Cullen and Mable Wallace and their twins, Luke and Sable Wallace. The alternative is what my brother and twin cousins, Ike and Sam, have experienced, I can have to wait for my mate. Ike and Sam are nearing 20 and Edward is 8 months older than me. How is that possible you ask, werebeasts are only pregnant for six months and heal incredibly fast.

I lay here and think about what my mate will be like. I’m bi-sexual and I have known that since childhood. It’s not advertised, but my parents are aware I have boyfriends. They don’t approve or disapprove, since the goddess of the moon will gift me my mate. So, who I spend time with before that is not important.

I finally drift off the sleep until 11:30. I want to be ready if my mate is here. So, a shower, shave and my gray linen suit, with a green shirt to accent my eyes. No tie, open collar. Grey shoes with green socks matching my shirt.

My mother told me a few pack members were showing up to see if they were my mate, so I expect an audience. What I see before me in the foyer is sea of unmated females. All these desperate shewolves wanting to be mated to me of all wolves. Why?

I mean, technically, if I am mated and marked before Edward, I am the next Alpha, and my mate would be Luna.


There is a collective gasp, as everyone holds their breath. So dramatic!


My wolf is silent. I smile and nod at the ladies in front of me before I wave, returning to my bedroom. I meet Stella coming out of Edward’s room. Nothing.

“Did he taste good?” I ask, with a scoff.

“I love you, Emmett,” Stella tells me, looking ashamed.

“But not enough not to blow my brother,” I raise my eyebrows and continue to my room. She acts like she is going to follow me, but I close and lock the door in her face.

After I hang up my suit, I toss on a tee and cotton shorts.

As I crawl into bed, I am grateful my mate isn’t in the pack. The idea of someone who knows my family so well and it’s possible my cousin Sam has slept with, bugs the shit out of me. I don’t want anyone my cousin or brother has been with.

“Hey, son,” my dad, Cullen Wallace, the psycho half of the Wallace twins. Master of the blade and torture. My Uncle Liam gets to be the sweet Alpha and us, Dad, and Uncle Luke are his enforcers. He has a key to all our doors and has used it tonight, to have one of our heart-to-heart talks.

“You know, I could have had a shewolf in here,” I mumble, as I sit up.

Dad shakes his head. “I worry about that with Edward, but not you. You’ve been smarter than that.”

I smile at his understanding of me. “What’s up, Dad?”

“You are doing well in training, but you still aren’t giving it your all. I’m concerned that when the battles come, you won’t be ready.” Dad looks me in the eye. A sign of respect, nice.

I nod. “I’ll try harder. I’m sure I’ll improve, now that I have my wolf.”

Dad looks in deep thought. “I’m not as strong as Liam and Nic, or as fast as Luke. My skills are weapons. You have some really great potential there. Would you maybe want to start training? We can start with blades, or if you have another preference….”

I know where this is going, I’ve been training with guns for a while, just me and Uncle Nic. Dad wants in on the secret.

“Who told?” I ask, raising my left eyebrow.

“Jasper and Nathan saw you and Nic.”

“Spies, I'm surrounded by spies,” I laugh dramatically. “Come out to the shooting range, tomorrow. I’ll show off my skills.”

“Thank you, my son!” Dad smiles and kisses my head, like he did when I was a little boy.

“Wanna tuck me in, maybe read a story, turn on a night light,” I ask sarcastically.

So, it didn’t surprise me at all, when my huge father turned to mush, grinned and pulled Goodnight Moon from under his shirt.

“Father, I am eighteen years old. Don’t you think the time for bedtime stories and forehead kisses has passed.” I tell him.

Dad allows tears to fill his eyes, before putting his forehead to mine and commanding my full attention.

“Never doubt for a second, how much I love you. Never doubt for minute, that I would lay my life down to save yours. No matter how old you get, I’ll always tuck you in and help you find the mouse. You are my son, no matter if you are eight, eighteen, or eighty.”

He tucked me in and read to me. Smiling, the whole time. We found the mouse on every page and when it was over, Dad closed the book and the most heartless psychopath in Wolferton cried.

“I can torture a wolf to within an inch of death, but watching my boys become men, breaks my heart.” Dad says wiping his tears away. I love my dad.

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