The Billionaire's Second Endeavour

The Billionaire's Second Endeavour

By:  Shreya Sengupta  Completed
Language: English
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[THE NEW YORK BILLIONAIRE'S CLUB, #1] [Formerly known as Healing Mr. Brown] Vincent Brown has a past filled with cuts and bruises. He knows how to transform his pain and rage to bring out the best in him. He has made mistakes big to change, but Joy wasn't one of them. Joyce Gale has grown stronger than ever. After losing the person closest to her, she has done everything she could to feel complete. But nothing could ever make her happy except the man named Vince she met five years ago. When fate brings them together once again, it makes them face the truth that they both have changed and so have their feelings for each other. Their desire for each other has grown into something that neither of them can retract from. The only thing that stands between them is their fear of being too broken to be healed. © 2020 Shreya Sengupta

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Really really enjoyed it! The writing is beautiful.. love watching their love grow n healed each other ! Great job ! Where are the other series you mentioned? Not here ?
2022-04-01 19:26:46
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Really cute story!
2022-03-05 01:23:24
68 Chapters
JOY I looked at the door with the signboard ‘Bridal Suite’ on it. Usually, I stayed far away from the drama that went on inside, with a bunch of people storming around, pestering the bride and all that. But today was different. The bride behind the door wasn’t just anybody. Taking a deep breath, I twisted the knob with my shaking hands and pushed the door open. The room was large, with comparatively less furniture than I had expected—everything clustered in one corner of the room. Aubrey was standing in front of the mirror and constantly stroking her belly with her hands—something she often did when nervous. There should’ve been hoards of people helping her. But here she was all alone, in the sheath wedding dress that clung to her slender body, skimming down and falling straight to the floor below her hips. “Don’t tell me you need to shit right now.” A smile tugged at her lips as she noticed me. I closed the door behind me while teasing, “Do you know how hard it’ll be to lift your
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VINCE I couldn’t help but rewind all the memories I had of her in my mind. Joy had been the only woman I had regretted not getting to know properly. And that was all because of a stupid agreement. I had always wondered if she had faked her name. Little had I known she was more similar to me than I had thought. When I had introduced myself as Vince, she had said her name was Joy, both being the shortened versions of our names. "What's her full name?" "Joyce Gale," Jordan quickly answered. Joyce Gale. I exhaled and folded my arms over my chest. For a year since I had last seen her, I had thought only of her, had wished if I could reverse time and get to do things differently between us. But that had been all a long time ago. Five years ago. "Man, no.” Jordan’s voice pulled my attention back to him. “She’s not your type.” Funny. I had said the same thing to myself when I had first touched her smooth skin. “She doesn't even look at guys in that manner,” Jordan said. “She once admi
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[FIVE YEARS AGO] VINCE I was eager to get out of the office doors—the white walls and the cream marble floors. So, when my childhood friend offered to take me up for some drinks, I couldn’t say no. "You have no idea what you’ve saved me from," I said as we walked past the massive line outside the club. "Humour me." Cole ran a hand through his coffee-coloured hair. "On second thoughts, please don't. Your job is the very reason I ran from home." "Not everyone's as lucky as you. I had no option," I huffed. Cole shook his head and raised a brow at me. "That's where you're wrong, man. You had a choice. It's your fault you didn't take it. You were too busy mending what your mother left behind." I knew damn well Cole was right. There was always an option. But I was the practical one. No matter which option I would’ve chosen, someone would’ve got hurt. The streets of Paris had something about them I could never understand. I wanted to know why this place was called the city of love, no
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JOY   By the aura Vince carried, I wasn’t surprised to see how quickly he had booked a VIP area for us. The area was larger than the lounges—a semi-round couch around a round table that had a champagne bottle dipped in a bucket of ice. "Deux verres, s'il vous plaît," said Vince, turning to the waiter. The waiter handed him the glasses and walked past me with an odd grin glued to his lips, making me scrunch my face. "They are not used to seeing such an entrancing woman like you," Vince said. “Entrancing?” I asked, sitting on the couch with a leg over the other. He only nodded. "So, do you come here often?" I tried not to ogle at him and pulled out my phone. I caught glimpse of a few messages from Aubrey, and I laughed. Aubrey worried more than my mother ever had whenever I went off to a club or a party. I quickly replied to Aubrey with a few heart emojis and strode the phone back inside my purse.
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JOY   I heard a loud slam of the door and turned to look. It was Vince. His jaw tightened and his eyes focused on mine as he made his way around the car and toward me. I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could, his hands slipped to the back of my neck and he pulled me toward him, connecting his lips to mine. With his other hand, he gripped my waist to keep our bodies pressed tightly together. I stood still for a fraction of seconds, my mind processing what was happening, but soon after, I complied, allowing our lips to dance in a perfect rhythm. His towering height was making me bend back a little. The kiss was demanding and sensual, enough to ignite a searing feeling down the pit of my stomach. I’d never been kissed this way before—a kiss filled with so much need. So much desire. My entire body hummed with pleasure and my nipples peaked, painfully straining against the fabric of my strapless bra, underneat
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VINCE   The unexpected for me was to wake up beside Sonia, our legs tangled and bodies naked and sticky. Well, not entirely unexpected. I’d hoped to see Sonia gone by now, but she was sleeping soundly, with her chest pressed on the soft mattress of the bed. I sighed, got up, and made my way to the bathroom. I double-checked the door to make sure it was locked, as I was in no mood for repeating last night's innuendos. My muscles relaxed as the warm water glided down my skin. The decision I’d made last night—leaving Joy alone when she was drunk and clearly scared for reasons I was clueless about—was bugging me. No matter what I did, I couldn't push past that one moment that had ruined it all. Joy pulled the shirt off of my body and tossed it on the floor before pushing her red dress down her legs. She pulled me back to her, her lips demanding. I could've kissed those plump lips and devoured them all day if I could.
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JOY I wanted to ask Vince many questions, but yet again, my fear of ruining the moment took the chance away. I gulped, gripped the coffee cup and kept walking through the long pathway that led into the park of Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. The place was enormous and crowded with people, clicking pictures of each other and the trees that were aligned by the sidewalk, their long branches providing a perfect shade for the pathway. The sounds of children laughing, birds chirping and people talking were mixing into a rhythmic symphony. I noticed Vince twisting and turning in hesitation, as if he was battling with his own mind. Stop fidgeting and start talking—I felt the inner Aubrey in me scolding me. She was the only one who could push me to do things, no matter how stupid, and sometimes it was definitely worth it. "You eat a lot of sugar," I blurted out in a breath and looked away, cursing myself. I was meaning to say something el
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JOY   The next spot on our list was the Eiffel Tower. We were having a great time. I missed being this childish since Mason started working and travelling. And with Vince, I just didn't care what others thought. I was sure Vince wasn’t judging me. What was surprising was the way Vince was behaving. I hadn't expected him to be this fun. As promised, I treated us both with hotdogs. It was quite clear that I was the losing party, so I’d stopped running midway. We made our way to the venue when it was around the afternoon. This city was something. No matter what Vince believed—even though he had his reasons—I was willing to fight. Paris is the city of love. Period. The first thing that we did after nearing our destination was getting pictures of me taken, pretending to hold the tower in my hands. And Vince was kind enough to take them for me. The pictures came out spectacular. He surprised me with his knowledg
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VINCE I didn't want to feel this way. I hated to be so weak. I’d been claustrophobic since childhood. Whenever the fear haunted me, I was alone. Without Mum and Dad to comfort me. My pride hadn't allowed me to seek help from my caretakers, either. I used to cower down and rub my hands on my chest until my breathing returned to normal and the fear faded. I had no idea what caused this fear. Whether it was really a closed room, I feared or the thoughts and nightmares about being alone and left in a room with no escape, I couldn’t understand. When Joy had pressed her delicate hands on my chest, fear was the last thing on my mind. No one had ever made me feel this way. I couldn't push past the reverie of emotions I was feeling after that, so much that I ended up acting upon them. I’d kissed her. And before I knew it, I had unintentionally pulled back, reminding myself that I didn't deserve her. I couldn't even accept the fact th
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VINCE My phone was constantly buzzing in my pants. And that entire time I was busy scolding myself, persuading my mind and heart to get Joy out of my thoughts, to think straight. Nothing was ever going to happen between the two of us. Joy had made it very clear last night when she’d pushed me away, not once, but twice. I finally glanced at the humming device, striding it out of my pocket. It was Jordan. Taking a deep breath, I met Joy’s stare and said, "I have to get this." "Sure." I quickly headed out of the restaurant and picked up the call. "You fucking asshole, what took you so long? I’ve been calling you all day," Jordan growled from the other side. He sounded devastated, which only made me believe that whatever the matter, it had to be a huge matter or he wouldn't be so freaked out. "I was busy with business.” Lies! “Why? What happened?" I asked, peaking at Joy through the glass windows o
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