The Black Princess Chi

The Black Princess Chi

By:  Mishi  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a world of Magical Beasts and Humans, the Chi family, bearers of an ancient prophecy, face a chilling fate: a cursed princess destined to bring disaster. When she's born, the sacred Black Rose vanishes, marking her as the one. Rejected by her parents, she seeks her mysterious mate, the key to breaking the curse. With her parents gone, she navigates a treacherous path, protecting her siblings and the world from impending darkness. Will she conquer her destiny and save the world, or succumb to the curse, plunging all into chaos? Embark on this epic journey of fate, courage, and love, where the magical and the real collide, and the heart's strength is tested.

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53 Chapters
The Dream
Under the radiant sun, young Mia hummed tunes, her joyful steps carrying her toward the tree nestled in the heart of the field. Abruptly, her song faded as she spotted a boy, his back turned to her, standing by the tree. He appeared a few years older than Mia.Mia stepped closer, reaching out to the boy. Before she could speak, he took her hand, chuckling, "Silly girl, enough of your tricks. Come with me, I have something to show you."The boy sprinted ahead, still holding Mia's hand as she trailed behind, a sense of familiarity enveloping her. Despite the connection, his face remained a mystery, visible only from behind. Fueled by curiosity, she couldn't help but ask, "Do we know each other? Can I see your face?''The boy halted and let go of her hand, yet his face remained hidden. "You claimed we know each other. Don't you recognize me?", he questioned.Innocently, she responded, 'No, but if I could just...'Her words hung in the air as the boy sprinted away once more. She chased aft
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Birth Of Chi Family And The Black Rose
The fragments scattered across the entire earth, causing a cataclysmic change. Powerful beasts vanished, leaving behind mere myths, while only ordinary wild and domestic animals managed to survive.However, these fragments absorbed the essence of the vanished creatures, becoming imbued with their extraordinary powers. Remarkably, humans endured the upheaval. In regions where these fragments fell, the magical energies seeped into the bodies of the inhabitants, granting them newfound abilities and altering the course of humanity forever.In the wake of the magic-infused cataclysm, those who harnessed the mystical energies underwent a profound transformation, embodying the essence of the beasts whose powers the fragments had absorbed. These beings possessed the remarkable ability to shift between beast and human forms, a characteristic intrinsic to their magical nature.Individuals who absorbed the essence of ice, water, and wind from the fragments became the awe-inspiring Magical Ice Dra
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Birth Of Cursed Princess
In his dream, the Chi ruler witnessed a flourishing kingdom, but fate took a dark turn when a girl was born into Chi's family, leading to the tragic demise of the Black Rose. The very instant the black rose turned to ashes, all the magical beasts in the realm began to perish abruptly.As she matured, she ascended to power, and chaos ensued among the magical beasts, staining the world in blood. The girl's crown was fashioned from this very blood, symbolizing her rule.Upon awakening, he recounted his dream to the leaders of the Magical Beasts, prompting the Magical White Wolves to stand sentinel at the Black Rose's cave.Henceforth, the girl was christened Black Princess Chi, after the name of the fallen Black Rose, and whispers of a curse surrounded her name.Ever since the prophecy of the cursed girl's impending birth, the Chi family lived in constant dread. They had planned to hand her over to the Magical Beasts immediately upon her arrival. However, as time passed, the ominous event
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Decision Of Her Life
They decided to keep her on the island for a few days, attempting various methods to awaken her evil side, but all their efforts proved futile.Initially, they tried to provoke her by putting her in danger, hoping her evil side would surface in self-defense. One day, while she was playing with Hao in the garden, they sent a fierce lion her way. However, Hao, aware of the situation, disappeared the moment he sensed the danger.As everyone secretly watched, anticipating the outcome, something unexpectedly strange unfolded.Upon hearing the lion's roar, Mia calmly turned towards it, her confidence unwavering. Unfazed, she stepped forward, using her teleportation magic to effortlessly reach the lion. To everyone's surprise, she gently stroked the lion's face, and miraculously, the ferocious beast grew calm, sitting peacefully in front of her.In a gesture of trust, the lion raised its massive paw and offered it to Mia, acknowledging her as an unexpected ally.With the lion's paw in her han
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The Conference
Everyone was taken aback by her peculiar behavior."Let's commence the conference," she declared, her face devoid of any emotion."I've gone through all your concerns. Based on them, the mortality rate has risen, and magic is waning. What about the herbs I provided to each of you?" she inquired."Princess, the herbs did aid in healing, but their effects were short-lived; the ailment returned after a few days," responded the Phoenix Leader."The same holds true for all of us," added the Griffin leader."I've recently devised an alternative approach, although it's temporary. Nonetheless, I intend to implement it with your cooperation," she explained, and they all nodded in agreement."I need each of you to bring the affected beasts to the island. This time, I plan to use the water from the Magical Lake along with other magical essences. It will require my magical power and a bit from each of you to enhance its potency. Additionally, you'll receive a list of specific herbs to collect from
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The Missing Twins
Mia trembled, her eyes wide with fear, upon seeing Hao drenched in blood."Hao, why are you covered in blood? Where are my siblings?" She hurried towards him, her voice filled with panic."It's not my blood; I'm a spirit, I can't bleed. Your siblings are safe, but someone took them," Hao explained."What? Who took them? And please don't tell me this blood belongs to them?""Don't worry, they're unharmed. Some humans took them, but I sensed a Magical White Wolf nearby. This blood is Liana's," Hao started, but Mia cut him off."She lost so much blood, and you just stood there? Take me to them now," she scolded him, her eyes blazing with anger."Don't worry, I used a healing spell on her. She's not bleeding anymore, although she hasn't fully healed. Come with me; I'll take you to them," Hao reassured her."But how did she get injured?" Mia's concern deepened as she sought answers from Hao.Hao relayed the situation to Mia, his voice filled with urgency. "Both of them secretly went out whi
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Hao appeared, his voice cold, "Let them face the consequences, Mia. They deserve it. And by the way, I've already brought your siblings home."Mia, suspicious, questioned him, "Did you reveal everything to them?" pointing towards the leaders."Of course, I did. Those wolves dared to harm you, but I intervened in time. I sensed the old wolf's evil intentions and rushed to protect you. Though you had already passed out, the Magical Tree helped you recover. But there might still be traces of the toxin in your body," Hao explained, hoping for praise but received a swift hit on the head from Mia."Ouch... why did you hit your savior? You are such an ungrateful... humph..." Hao seethed with anger."You are becoming increasingly disobedient. I never asked for your interference. Have you even considered the consequences of endangering me and my siblings? What's the point of your magic and powers if you run to others for help? You're growing lazy day by day. I'm sending you for Magical meditati
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She caressed the sword's blade with her fingers, her tone laced with a potent mix of threat and confidence. "Only a single strike from this sword, and all of you will be reduced to ashes. This blade is just a minuscule manifestation of my magic, akin to a single grain of rice. It serves as a testament to my unimaginable power. Yet, one of you attempted to bribe me, while another nearly succeeded in ending my life. Even though you may not have intended to kill me, the cold toxin you used almost proved fatal. Understand this: my strength doesn't make me immortal. I owe my survival to the Healing Tree. Had I not awakened, your fate would have been far bleaker."She shifted her gaze to them, "Moreover, my power extends beyond that of common humans or other Chi members who have lived before or will live after me. Despite your efforts, your antidote fails to fully heal me. I spare you today, but don't mistake my mercy for weakness. Remember, the one responsible for this chaos is Elder Master
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Theft At The Magical Island
Mia's voice echoed through the room as she directed the group, "I have something important to discuss with the Young Master, so the rest of you may leave." With that, they swiftly departed, leaving him standing there, his curiosity piqued. The portal closed behind them, cutting off any glimpse of the outside world."Follow me," Mia said, her tone carrying a sense of urgency. She led him to the grandeur of the Conference Hall, its polished surfaces gleaming under the soft glow of ambient light. Mia gracefully took her seat at the head of the table, and with a subtle gesture, invited him to sit beside her."Your Highness," he inquired, his voice laced with curiosity, "Is there a specific business matter you require my assistance with?" His eyes met hers, searching for clues in the depths of her gaze. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation. Mia regarded him thoughtfully. "Hmm... It's something related to the Island. By the way, do you know what this room is called?"He contemplated
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Late at night, Mia emerged in her garden, drawing a deep breath before venturing indoors. Upon entering the kitchen, an old woman greeted her cheerfully, "Greetings, Your Highness."Mia arched an eyebrow, and the old lady chuckled, "I apologize. I meant greetings to my dear Mia."A warm smile graced Mia's lips, "Ah, that's more like my sweet Grandma Wen. I'm utterly exhausted."Mia went to her and hugged her tightly."Thank God you are finally back. I was really worried about you. The kids were also worried about you," the old lady said, her voice filled with genuine concern and relief.Mia released her from the hug, concern etched on her face. "Are they both alright?""No need to worry, they are both fine, but Liana is a bit hurt. They ate their lunch and went back to their rooms. Oh, I forgot to mention, your Grandpa Wen is a bit sick. If I don't have anything else to do, I will go back," the old lady informed her."Okay, you can go back. Thank you for always helping us. If Grandpa's
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