Fated Division

Fated Division

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Dear Student, I am delighted to inform you that you have been accepted into Terlace Academy. As you know, Terlace is a school that welcomes all species from all different realms. We believe in unity and equality. You will receive a high-quality education and have the opportunity to learn even more about yourself. There will be a follow-up letter send out addressing several topics such as uniform, curriculum and starting dates. Until then, I wish you well and await your arrival. Look forward to seeing you, Asmodeus Headteacher Of Terlace Academy - Unification For All. Division For None. -

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enjoying this book so far.. is there any active social media that I can follow?
2021-07-22 19:03:57
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A piece of art! Great book. Expecting the new stuff!
2021-04-28 16:59:55
8 Chapters
{Prologue - Radyn}
Radyn was thrown into the chaotic world of boarding school as soon as he was able to shift. Something about getting a proper education instead of casually looming around the packhouse. As if there was going to be anything that could benefit him for when he returned. However, a promise was a promise no matter how much he wanted to argue back.There would be no way he could genuinely disobey his parents without getting ditched on the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Under mysterious circumstances, obviously. Werewolf parents were...strict. Strict was a rather large miscalculation but you don't want to mess with them. Traditions still hold such an important place within the Werewolf's pack.Radyn got ready to leave, taking his sweet time to put on the extremely compact white shirt. Must have had another growth spurt. Gr
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{Prologue - Caden}
Caden closed his last bag and placed it down on his bed, moving his pink hair to the side. He'd waited sixteen years for this day and it'd finally had come.The day he'd begin his time at Terlace Academy.Caden's eyes glowed pink as he lifted the same bag and moved it over to his others using telekinesis."I think that's everything." His eyes faded back to their natural dark purple shade.Caden's uniform was packed in a separate bag from the rest as he was unsure when he'd need to wear it. He was going to wear it but decided not to due to it not being the most comfortable ensemble of clothes."Are you done yet?" The door flew open to reveal a raven haired boy, Emett.
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{Prologue - Bianca}
The moon rose in the night sky as Bianca sat at her oak desk. Her long nails tapping on the dark wood. She sighed. Today was the last of her days at home before she was teleported into a boarding school.As if she couldn't just go to a public one, where weird uniforms didn't exist, posh manners weren't needed all the time and the only species was hers, the vampires.She gazed around her room. The homely and familiar furniture comforting her.Bianca really didn't want to go, but being a pureblood meant strict parents and therefore no say in anything.Her mother controlled her like a robot, adding new upgrades and new options whenever she could, her father wasn't around much because of his business but Bianca always felt closer to him. He always let her make the choices, he didn't teach her what to think, he taught her how
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{Chapter 1: Adapting}
  3 weeks after the first day of school Radyn's eyes fluttered open only to be presented with the sight of his fellow roommate meditating on the ground in before him. For the past few weeks, he was woken up by the bright rays of the sun instead of alarm. He still wasn't used to all that light and tended to spend the first 10 minutes of his day opening and closing his eyes. He sighed as he came to the realisation that he had to share a room with another classmate. Even worse, a different species. His old Werewolf roommate had been expelled which sadly left a free bed. He went to inspect him further, trying to work out whether this being could possibly be a threat to him. The male before him had his eyes shut, chanting endlessly at the wall. It sounded l
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{Chapter 2: Emotion}
  (A/n: TRIGGER WARNING: MENTION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT. I'll put another warning just before the scene) Nothing else could distract Radyn ever since the words on the letter were ingrained into his brain. The night was spent restless with those thoughts taking control of his mind and infecting it. He had decided that it was pathetic to be attached to such an old yet valued tradition. Nevertheless, he couldn't stop thinking about it. Ever since he received the letter yesterday, the thoughts refused to leave him. The trial will begin on the first day of your brief return back. From, Bahram Vaslof. A simple sentence was all it took. All the
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{Chapter 3: Discovery}
  Each of the windows in the classroom was a different length. None of the tables in the room were aligned. Werewolves were intimidating. Three things that Caden had observed from looking around in the past hour of Citizenship instead of actually paying any sort of attention. The reason for this was because he was running on 2 hours of sleep. He got to Zephyr's room just before 22:00 and spend the next 7 hours watching an array of films. Along with Emett, they'd accidentally broken the curfew rule but luckily no one was checking. Caden fell asleep at 5 at woke up at 7. School began at 8:40 so he could have slept for another hour or so but he could never fall asleep after he
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{Chapter 4: Power}
  The clock ticking rhythmically was overpowered as the teacher spoke. Mr Hughs had a very loud and deep voice which could be heard clearly as he taught. The students whispered among each other quietly. Bianca chose not to, staring at the Pe textbook in front of her. Pe was a lesson she actually liked, it had a lot to do with health and fitness which she was very fond of. Once she learned something, she understood it pretty quickly, as much as she liked Pe, single periods sucked, no physical work, just writing and Mr Hughs constantly dragging on and on. 'Great, I'm stuck here for another 8 minutes'She thought, and leaned her head on her hand. Scarlet was sleeping after her night duties, lucky bitch. Bianca felt uneasy, sh
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{Chapter 5: Mistake}
Moonlight beamed through the window, casting onto Caden's face as he sat on his bed. It was late at night and he couldn't seem to fall asleep. Emett was asleep across the dorm, preventing Caden from moving anywhere to avoid waking his best friend. The sole thing on Caden's mind was the Mystic Zone. He hadn't been able to go back earlier due to school work which made him, even more, intrigued to find out what or who was there. Was anything even there? Caden had never heard from any psychic he knew about there being someone else in their Mystic Zone without their knowledge. That fact both scared him and intrigued him to look into it immediately. "It's now or never," Caden huffed. The psychic closed his eyes, focusing solely on h
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