The Blood Of Devil Hunter

The Blood Of Devil Hunter

By:  Jhon Hicks  Ongoing
Language: English
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Iris never imagined that she could fall in love with an immortal creature who was known to be so cruel. Was it about her having a strange fetish with that creature, or because of her charm that couldn't make her eyes blink for a few tens of seconds. Jonathan Hickman, the demonic figure most feared by the demon hunter organization. His first encounter was like an ocean of magic. Bewitched by the figure of Iris who gave herself up to avenge the deaths of her adoptive parents. But unfortunately, Iris was chosen to be one of the members of the demon slayer where the main target of the organization was to hunt down Jonathan. The two intersecting roads miss each other. Need each other. How will the story continue? Will Iris betray her friend or will she have to let Jonathan die at her friend's hands? Read the full story in this novel.

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I enjoyed read this novel. Keep updating
2021-08-05 15:36:34
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Wang Xiuhuan
I thought it was about a vampire story. But it turned out to be different. I'm also confused about describing this novel. This is supposed to be a horror novel, but why is there a comedy? One side is funny, one side is tense too. I have mixed feelings reading this. Good job!
2021-08-05 01:04:02
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Just Me
Five from me!
2021-08-04 22:27:49
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You must call Gal Gadot too Iris lol. DCEU need notice here. I'm really fans wonder women ...... whoooppss!
2021-08-04 20:19:55
25 Chapters
Chapter 1. Evangeline Bowen
-Los Angeles, United States-   "See you tomorrow. Thanks for this, James!"   A woman with a thick gray coat had just said goodbye to a man named James. Iris smiled widely as she held up the plastic wrap to James.  "You're welcome. Keep warm, Iris. Having the flu in winter sucks."   Iris laughed as she walked away from the small cafe near midtown. "Yes!" She shouted while waving her hand at James, then turned and left.   Iris is a 24-year-old young woman who works at James' cafe. She lives with his adoptive parents in an apartment far from the city center.   Her life is so normal. Living far from the city makes her unable to get along with girls her age. She worked as an amateur barista at James' cafe for two years.  Her father, Robert, was old and could not afford to do heavy work like his previous job as a butcher. And now, Iris is the backbone of her family so that her adoptive parents can e
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Chapter 2. Devil Hunter
Jack then untied Iris' hand and leg straps. Then lastly, he pulled Iris's chin a little rough before opening the duct tape on her mouth.   "I'm quite surprised they didn't find this woman in the midtown of Los Angeles. I mean, look at how she looks!" Jack looked back. He looked at Eva and his friends, who seemed relaxed.   Iris was still watching with a high degree of vigilance. Judging from the expressions of these four people, it could be that they were changing the atmosphere to calm her down a bit before they killed her.  But when Iris looked here and there, she didn't find a single sharp object. Like a knife to skin her body or even a big saw to cut her body. She was sure she would be mutilated.   Her mind was already worst after she was kidnapped on the side of the road. The worst possibility if kidnapped is none other than to be killed or may be sold, right? Iris had seen the terrible news about the murders on television man
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Chapter 3. The Hunters Gallery
Iris was instantly rendered speechless. What did she say? Devil Hunters? What organization is that? Iris's mouth opened because she thought that Eva had kidnapped her for a crucial reason. But in fact, this is very unimportant.  In all her life, Iris had never heard of a child calling their group Devil Hunter. But the woman in front of her was an adult woman who was estimated to be over 28 years old.  "Wait a second. Devil Hunter? … Are you kidding me?" Iris asked while laughing a little dryly. Maybe she was joking with her, although she hoped Eva wouldn't do that.  Eva rolled her eyes lazily. That's why she didn't want to teach the new members because it was always the same thing that happened. She sighed and then stood up from her chair.  "Come with me." Iris thought for a while whether she should join or not since she didn't want to get involved in their organization's ridiculous activities. Devil Hunters? Demon hunting?
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Chapter 4. Miles
Tommy walked over to Iris and pulled her hand slowly toward the table. He then took out a knife and suddenly slashed her index finger. The movement was so fast that Iris herself didn't have time to wince in pain.  "Only the blood of Hunters can kill demons. And you are a Hunter, Iris. You are destined to possess that blood to exterminate demons." Eva said while collecting Iris's blood drop into a stainless steel container.  Iris winced in pain as Tommy deliberately pressed hard against the incision on her index finger to force the blood to stop flowing out. Then he wrapped the incision with a cloth and gave her a lemon.  "Only my blood? That's all? How to kill him? Doused him with blood?" Iris asked Eva and occasionally looked at the lemon that Tommy had given her.  Eva deliberately held back her words as her hands worked deftly to put Iris' blood into the glass tube and then gave the blood back to her.  "Devils will b
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Chapter 5. The Devil
Iris quickly turned to Tommy when she heard that Eva's best friend had just died. No wonder she saw everyone in the house wearing black clothes. Iris thought it was their organization's dress code.  "I'm sorry, Tommy. I didn't know about that." Tommy smiled a little as he saw Iris looking down with a guilty expression.  "Relax, we all understand," Tommy said to lighten the mood. Iris would try not to say anything reckless now.  "Did something happen?" She asked, tilting her body slightly so she could face Tommy.  Tommy's expression turned sad. Iris felt like Miles was a very influential person in the organization. Even Tommy, whom she saw was very quiet, could express such open sadness.  "Miles... Our leader. Now the position of chairman has fallen to Eva. That's why she is very depressed at this time. Both us and Eva, we both lost a friend, family, and chairman. This is the most painful blow for us while working as Th
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Chapter 6. A Demon Slave
Iris inched back away from the demonic figure. Her heart rumbled and raced as her fear completely overtook her body. Her breath hitched as if her lungs had suddenly lost their air supply. Iris trembled in fear. "Y-you killed my parents?" Iris asked, continuing to back away as the demonic figure stepped forward towards her. She wanted to scream for help, but her stiff tongue choked her voice. Her hands touched the floor as she continued to drag her body backward. When she was in front of her mother's room door, she thought to turn around and run as fast as possible. But accidentally, her back hit something in front of the door. "You seem to have misunderstood. It wasn't him who killed your parents. It was me." Iris closed her mouth when her back touched another demon standing behind her. She didn't want to look back anymore. Her head was lowered when she saw the demon's feet approach her. "Why are you doing this to me? … Am I th
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Chapter 7. Shoot
Iris felt a hot sensation from the scar Jonathan had been sliced. She saw that demon who became her master walking towards the room's door. She immediately got up and took the blanket to cover her body. "What about my request?" Iris pressured him not to break his promise. But Jonathan paid no heed to her question. "Put on your clothes, Ana." He rebuked while glancing with his scary eyes. Iris was stunned for a moment. She couldn't stop watching him as he picked up the bottle of her blood on the carpet. She hastily put on his proper clothes and stood up to approach him. Jonathan turned and locked her gaze again. "Stand behind me." He gave orders again. Iris complied obediently and stood right behind him. But Jonathan pushed her gently to keep her away from a little. "Too close." He said in a low voice. Iris smiled awkwardly as she brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Sorry." And when Jonathan opened the
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Chapter 8. The Dust
With an expression of enduring pain and fear, that demon crawled away from Jonathan. He could no longer survive because, in his heart, there was already a little blood from the Hunters that made him in pain. Jonathan still set a cold expression as he watched his partner crawl away from him. He violently stood up and kicked the demon until it crashed into the wall. "Ugh! You're a traitor! So you've been the one-"The demon coughed violently while spewing black liquid from his mouth. Iris and Tommy were horrified to see them because the black liquid didn't just come out of his mouth. But also out of the eyes like tears.  "Die quickly, buddy." Jonathan immediately stuck the bottle filled with blood into his partner's chest. Iris and Tommy were wide-eyed in surprise, and they quickly fled when the demon suddenly woke up and ran aimlessly. She immediately ran away in fear while taking cover under the table. It was the first time she saw
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Chapter 9. Join The Team
Tommy, Iris, and Shane returned to the base, and they have been awaited by several Hunters who had been waiting for them there. Shane immediately took them to the lab for treatment while waiting for Eva to return. Inside the lab, Iris could see various kinds of medicines and she assumed this place is the private clinic of the Hunters. Shane then directed her to sit on a chair. "Are you a licensed doctor? I don't want any malpractice to happen to me." Iris asked directly revealing her mind. Shane just smiled as she took some equipment and medicine towards her.  "I'm not a doctor, I'm just a scientist. If you want to see my scientist license, I'm fine to show it to you."  Shane's words made her roll her eyes lazily.
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Chapter 10. Rack
Inside the Laboratory, Iris sat restlessly for fear that the demons did eat humans. Shane walked to her desk and turned on a large monitor screen right in front of her. But when she saw the picture that Shane showed, she immediately covered her mouth because she wanted to vomit. Even Tommy, who was drinking soda, was immediately annoyed by Shane's behavior. “Oh, man… Can you display a normal image? It didn't pass the censorship!” Said Tommy immediately looked away and looked at Shane annoyed. He wanted to throw his drink can at the sadistic scientist's head. "What? This looks normal. These are the scars on the victim's body. You're being overdramatized, Tommy." Shane said with an ordinary expression.  Iris, who saw it naturally, couldn't stand it. "Ugh! I'm going to the toilet for a bit." She said immediately ran to the toilet.
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