The Choice of Us

The Choice of Us

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Language: English
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His hot breath fanned my ear and I nearly died the moment the straps of my dress fell away. Revealing a part of myself that left me vulnerable to his hungry gaze that moved over me. I pride myself on decency, to always be appropriate but the way he clenched his jaw and ran his large hands on my thighs made me go. . . to hell with decency. Reaching out, the need to touch him no longer bearable, I traced the outline of his torso through the fabric of his shirt. But even that wasn't enough as my hands moved underneath the fabric to trace the muscles there. He shifted slightly away triggering a fear in me that I had done something wrong. However, the fear diminished when he removed the fabric- granting my eyes the chance to feast on seeing more of his skin. He moved forward peppering light kisses all over my neck and torso only to latch onto my nipple tugging gently on the hard nub. I cried out at the movement of his teeth and tongue as his hands kept me close hindering any chance to reduce the contact to damn near impossible. Reducing the contact was the last thing I wanted, especially considering how far we had come. . .

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Beautifully written
2021-11-09 19:59:52
43 Chapters
MIssing Face
 TIANA I want to smile.I really do.But my lips refused to lift and pretend as if the sunflowers in my mind still bloomed at the feel of finally holding a degree in my hands. "I am so proud of you, Tiana," my mother said as she hugged me, squeezing me a lot tightly as if to place some of her strength into me. It hadn't been easy for her, no parent ever wants to bury their child and as she pulls away to look me in the eye, it's in t
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Feel Right
 TIANA Once we passed the threshold an unsettled feeling, crept in causing a sudden chill up my spine. Still, I dragged my lead feet into the dark house choosing to ignore the feeling that something was amiss- only to jump in surprise to find the light suddenly on to reveal the smiling faces of a few friends and people we considered as 'family'."Surprise!" they all yelled, I felt my heart rapidly beat against my ribcage reacting to the noise.I relaxed slightly moving further into the room once I realized there was no danger awaiting us. And nodded my head acknowledging t
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Stranger Scares
 TIANA Along black and white lanes there's a peace and ease that reverberates throughout the essence of our souls. A serenity that many can easily take advantage of. I had lost that calm, beaming sun in my life once he left and I felt trapped in a perpetual storm. And just when I felt I had managed to find adequate resources to somehow survive each agonizing day, the sound of bells ringing melodiously triggered a swirling tsunami into my life at the voice on the other end. And my body no longer felt like my own. Even when I swirled my tongue around my dry mouth to gather
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Dark Dreams
 TIANA Entering into the shop, I'm perplexed; hoping the things I was seeing weren't really there. Here my mother was laughing with that man. Giving him a generous portion of velvet cake.That was my cake! Narrowing my eyes on their interaction just as I was about to turn and leave, her eyes landed on my profile, only to wave me over.
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An Odd Pair
 TIANA I took a sharp intake of breath as I rolled my aching shoulders. Sitting in a hunched position for over two hours staring at the papers took a toll on me. My stubborn nature was going to lead me to an early grave if I wasn't careful. It had been a long day, filled with staring at thick books. Tossing my head back to somehow relieve my muscles in some way I could already see I was one of the few people left. That's how it’s been for quite some time; I was always one of the earliest to arrive and the last to leave.I didn't mind it though. After all, I had no r
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A Friend
 TIANAIt was enough of an encumbrance being black, a target on your back over something you couldn't control but the world we live in placed a burden on many to ask the stars just why we were made with melanin coating ones' skin. The other added on pressure strong enough to crack my bones was being a woman. History had proven how much of a liability the juncture between our thighs was in attracting the wicked.And yet I always strove to be positive, to squint my eyes past the dark clouds in the hopes I'd catch a
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Dinner With Him
 TIANAAnimated expressions lit my face upon listening attentively to my mother's story. After checking on the chicken in the oven, I leaned against the counter taking a sip of my wine nearly choking on my drink when my mother cursed. She giggled lightly," I'm telling you. Your father used to be so fucking crazy. . ." she paused grabbing the gold necklace he had given her and I watched on in awe as a fond smile spread across her face to add a level of youthfulness to her as she bit her lip recollecting that distant memory," as much as I complained about his jealousy, I loved it."
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 TIANA "Never in a million years, did I ever think I'd be seated here saying this- openly coming out about the fact that for years my first ever sexual experience wasn't with some cute guy whose smile cracked my mask, melting my insides," the young woman paused, audible sniffles soon followed and I felt myself blinking profusely to hold back my tears at the look in her eyes.I could see something was amiss to the rhythm at which her heart beat. And what was left was
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Unwanted Guests
 TIANAIt had been difficult and tough; days had passed before she finally forgave me. Sadly my mother possessed an incredible ability to hold grudges.Now I see where I got that system from.Needless to say she was still ignoring my calls. I probably deserved it given my behaviour. Granted, I hadn't meant to snap particularly at her. Another part of me- a small, minuscule part of me felt bad for the outburst that chose him as its target.
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Saying No
 TIANA The light draft whipped across me making me shiver at the unexpected chill. I rubbed my arms littered with goose bumps scanning through the desks. Wondering which one fit my price range.I finally overcame procrastination and hauled my ass out of the apartment. There was only so much abuse my coffee table could take.
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