The Cold CEO's Woman

The Cold CEO's Woman

By:  Goodness Chiamaka   Ongoing
Language: English
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Anita Baker, doesn't expect for the cold CEO, Liam Jackson, to fall in love with her, and chose her over her best friend, Temisa Patrick. She submitted an application with them but was employed as his assistant secretary. She didn't expect him to fall love with her, but he did. What should Anita do, knowing that her best friend is engaged to him and she had slept with him too? Should Anita accept Liam's proposal or flee for her best friend's sake? Read to continue.

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104 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Anita Baker just graduated from the. University.She's a 24 years old lady and the first daughter of her parents. She has five younger sisters.Her father is a banker while her mother is a trader. She's fair in complexion, very beautifully shaped with sexy curvy hips. Amongst all her sisters she's the only white amongst them, as the rest of her sisters are black, with some fair brown in complexion. She looks like her mother but more beautiful, as sometimes her father usually accuses her mother of cheating on him, and he doubts he's truly her father, as she's so white, but her mother has always kept mute about it, and told her not to mind her father, that she's really his child.Her father even threatened to run a DNA test on her, as he couldn't understand why she's so white, unlike the rest of her sisters. Her immediate younger sister, Flora who is dark skin beauty. 22-years of age, also dislike her, even as she's two years older than her.About four of her sisters hated her, well
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Chapter 0002
In Benson Group, Mr. Taiye Jackson sits in the front seat in the conference hall, where they're having a meeting with their different boards of members working under him in his other companies, all of which are registered underneath his name.He speaks to his personal assistant softly in his ear like a whisper, "Introduce the new head to them now."While they sit in the meeting hall waiting to meet the newly appointed CEO whose name has been announced, none of the workers has seen him yet. Mr. Taiye Jackson is the former CEO, while his late father, Mr. Benjamin Jackson, was the first to establish the Benson Group of companies, which means Benjamin and Sons Group of companies.They sit waiting to witness the new handling of company ownership to Mr. Taiye's only son, Liam Jackson.He's rumored to be cold, unfilial, and the workers know that once he resumes the position as the new CEO, they will be dealt with harshly, as some have heard of him being arrogant, mean, and unappreciative. Non
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Chapter 0003
Mr. John Patrick smiled at Mr. Taiye and said, "Oh, she studied Business Administration at the University of Nigeria.""That's fine then. Have her submit her CV to us once she's home. I'm sure we have more vacancies for newcomers like her. I will be expecting her response.""Father!" Liam quickly cut off his father's speech as his frown deepened."You cannot just court me with her yet," Liam said, and his father smiled at him."I know, son. I am just trying to compensate Mr. John Patrick for his goodwill and commitment in working with us for over twenty years," Mr. Taiye responded, while Mr. John only smiled faintly at Liam and bowed slightly before leaving."I will be taking my leave now, boss. Thank you and congratulations once again, Liam," Mr. John said as he left.Liam nodded as he heard Mr. John's last words and walked with his father back to the front of the meeting hall, standing near the exit door and said, "I don't like all you just did right now, father. There are many other
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Chapter 0004
Anita goes back home with her father and mother who arrive at her school to witness her final convocation ceremony.Her mother is very happy, but her father keeps his usual non-smiling face as he drives them home.Anita's father is proud of her that she didn't allow her beauty to sink into her brain and deter her from becoming successful in life, but nonetheless, he's still confused as to how she's the most beautiful amongst all her siblings.Even as his wife doesn't bear him a son, he isn't bothered about that, as their custom permits a woman to inherit her father's property, even though she's already married to another man.He sighs as he drives towards their home, as the university is closer to their home in the city.Arriving home, he drives into their simple compound and parks as their home is just a simple house, which is a flat, consisting of 4 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and 5 toilets with bathrooms.Mr. Joshua Baker is the owner of the house as he acquired and bought the
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Chapter 0005
Mrs. Tonia smiled faintly at Anita as she made way for Glory to pass with the tray of soup in her hands. Anita walked into the kitchen and didn't utter a word to her mother, but her face held a sorrow that her mom understood better."Anita," Mrs. Tonia sighed and called her name."What is it, mom?" Anita asked and walked beside her mother."I want you to know that your father really loves you, like the rest of your siblings, and isn't against your success," Mrs. Tonia replied, holding Anita's hand in hers."Hmph," Anita sighed."I know, mom, but I don't care about that. If Dad likes me, fine, if he doesn't, fine. I will always see him as my father and that's all.""Anita...""Mom, where's the fufu?!" Flora stepped into the kitchen and interrupted them as she eyed Anita and walked to the kitchen cabinet to meet their mother."Mom, why are you holding her hands and talking to her? Are you begging her for something?" Flora asked, crossing her arms around her chest."No, Flora, I am only a
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Chapter 0006
Mrs. Tonia doesn't say anything after Flora exits the room. She sighs and walks up to sit beside Anita on the bed, while Favour and Esther exit the room next."You shouldn't be harsh with your sister. Fighting with her wasn't necessary," Mrs. Tonia says as she sits beside Anita on the bed."I know, mom, but they disrespect me too much and it's getting out of hand," Anita replies."It's okay. I can understand, but don't change yourself because of them. Keep being my sweet and calm daughter.""Okay, mom," Anita sighs as she stares at their mother while Glory walks up to sit on the bed too."I have to go now and join your father. Glory, you go now and pack your bags and come join Anita here.""Okay, mom," Glory replies as she stands up from the bed and walks out of the room, going to the room she shares with Lisa. Flora is in the room, arranging her bag of clothes and she doesn't utter any word to Glory who steps in and carries her own box of clothes out.Lisa sighs as she returns from th
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Chapter 0007
Anita can't say anything again after their mother leaves them and walks back to the room to be with their father.She sighs and stares at Flora, who seems worried, and they walk back to sit on the couch."What do you think is the problem?" Esther asks Flora. Flora shakes her head and responds, "I don't know, but I'm worried it's something serious."They sit back on the couch waiting for their father or mother to step out and talk to them.Anita sighs and finally walks back to her room as she doesn't know what the problem is either. She believes her mother will let them know about it, even though her father doesn't want to, as she saw her father was already dressed to leave for work before receiving whatever news that made him devastated. She prays silently in her heart, "let it not be that father has lost his job."Anita murmurs and walks into her room, feeling his screams echoing in her mind has something to do with his office work. She sits on her bed and takes up her phone to type h
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Chapter 0008
Liam walks into his office and takes his seat on his executive office chair. He swivels the seat sideways, staring at his office. He smiles and rolls up his sleeves to start his new day in the office. Leaning forward on his desk, he switches on his computer to check the company's records, waiting for the computer to boot. He ticks off the time as he waits for the computer to finish booting. Just then, his secretary knocks, and he responds, "Come in."Margret walks into Liam's office holding a file and smiles faintly at him, looking downward. "Yes... What's your name again?" Liam asks her, staring at her pretty yellow face."Margret Jonathan," she says, still smiling."Okay, Miss Margret, what do you want or how can I help you?" Liam asks as she steps forward."Sir, Mr. John Patrick brought this file this morning and said I should hand it over to you," she replies, staring at him."Okay, please drop it here," he points to the side of his desk with empty space and a few files. Margaret
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Chapter 0009
"Hello Boss," Margret immediately picked up the office line and received the call."Come into my office right away," Liam responded. She gulped and quickly stood up from her office seat, dropping the phone line. She saw Bambam smiling at her as Bambam prepared to attend to the client sitting in front of her.Some clients stepped into Margaret's secretary's office to see her too, and she immediately directed them to other staff working on the third floor to attend to them, knowing the new boss didn't like to be kept waiting.Margret immediately walked towards Liam's office door, knocked, and heard his cold response, "Come in."Margret swallowed as she opened Liam's office door and walked into his exquisite office to see him."What took you so long to respond to my call?" Liam questioned, continuing to type on his computer without shifting his gaze away from the monitor screen as his fingers clicked faster on the keyboard."I'm sorry, boss. I arrived late from lunch," Margret replied. Li
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Chapter 0010
Temisa is in her father's mansion as their home is a standard duplex in a government-owned estate, as her father bought the duplex as a new house."Father, have you submitted my CV and letter of application to the new boss?" Temisa asks, as her father just steps into the living room and she sits on the couch filing and brushing her long nails.Mr. John just stares at his daughter as instead of her standing up to welcome him, she sits comfortably on the couch filing her long nails and asking him questions like he's her errand boy."Temisa, you're quite unbelievable, not even a welcome greeting from you to your father?" Mr. John asks, as he drops his briefcase on the living room center table and slowly loosens his necktie."I am sorry, father. Good evening, father. Welcome," Temisa drops her leg down from the couch where she previously rested it and relaxes while filing her long nails."Where's your mother?" Mr. John asks, and Temisa responds, "She went to the market to refill the house
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