Ch3 - The Truth

‘In my 21 years living in this world... I never thought that my life was like a movie. There are so many unexpected plot twists. And there are untold truths, and it gradually revealing.’ Mariane snorted at her thought.

‘I should have written my story. Maybe there’s a chance that directors will notice it, and probably they will film my life.’ She wiped her face out of her frustration and groaned.

After hearing the truth about her identity from Anastacia, Mariane ran away from their house and went to the convenience store. She bought a soju and stayed outside the convenience store where there was a table with an umbrella where you could sit and eat.

Mariane needed some time to process the things she found out today. And now she completely understood why Diego didn’t look her in the eyes. And he was treating her coldly. Now Mariane was confused about what she should feel for Diego. Will she despise him? Or grateful? Or will she pity him? But maybe she'll feel the latter. It wasn't easy to accept the person you love was being raped by someone you knew. And it wasn’t easy to see the fruit of the tragic past and live under the same roof.

Mariane heaved a sigh. ‘Well… I guess dad is right. I should be grateful to him. Because he still accepts my mom, even after knowing that the person he loves dearly was being raped. And she even bears a child from the fruit of the sinner.’ Mariane clicks her tongue and sips her soju.

From afar, Kimberly Chua, Mariane’s best friend, passed by the convenience store and noticed her. Kimberly Chua was Mariane’s classmate back in high school. But even if Kim was her closest friend, Mariane was not used to telling her problems from her unless it was about school or her love life.

“Hey!” Kim tapped her shoulder, which made Mariane jump in surprise.

“Oh, my gosh! You make me nervous, Kim. I thought you were someone I didn’t want to see right now. Don’t surprise me!” Mariane exclaimed while holding her chest as she felt like her heart will get out of her ribcage.

‘I thought it was the guy from earlier.’ She sighed in relief.

Kim narrowed her eyes at Mariane suspiciously. “And who is that someone you don’t want to see?” She intriguingly asked.

Mariane rolled her eyes towards her friend. “None of your business,” she said, which made Kim hold her chest as if she got hurt by her remarks.

“Ouch… The person who I thought was my best friend never shared her secrets with me… I sometimes question myself if I am your best friend… Or just someone who's nothing to you.” Kim dramatically said.

Mariane looked at her friend as if she got heard a ridiculous drama. “Why don’t you apply to become an artist… I think you’ll be a talented actress.”

“Ha-ha-ha. Funny,” Kim sarcastically said, which made Mariane chuckle.

“But seriously… What’s the matter? You looked so serious earlier while sipping your soju. You’re supposed to be happy because it’s your birthday. But here you are drinking alone.” Kim stated.

“Yeah… It’s my birthday… I should be happy. But how can I? I don’t even have the right to celebrate my birthday.” Mariane muttered.

“What are you saying?” Kim asked with her brows furrowed. As she didn’t hear Marian clearly.

“It’s nothing. I was just getting some fresh air while drinking this.” She raised the bottle she was drinking. “I was just exhausted, that’s all.” Mariane shrugged.

“Are you sure?” Kim asked, which made Mariane nod.

“By the way… I have something to ask… This is a story of my friend, and she wanted some help.” Mariane started.

“Do you have any other friends aside from me?” Kim asked her sarcastically, which made Marian glare at her.

Kim muttered, ‘sorry’ while her hands were raised like she was surrendering. “Go on. I’ll listen.”

“Well… The friend I was talking about is my colleague at the bar where I work. She had a problem. She told me that she found out that the parents she had known were not her biological parents. She asked me what to do if I were in her shoes.”

Kim slowly nodded as if she understood what Mariane was talking about. “Well… First, I will ask who are my biological parents. Then, I’ll be grateful because… If it weren’t for them, I would be nothing. But if my life became miserable while I lived with them, I’ll probably leave them and find my family.” Kim grinned.

“You know me, dude… I will not stay where I know they will hurt me. Luckily, I have reliable parents and a twin brother.” Kim stated.

“Thanks,” Mariane muttered.

“You’re welcome. But are you sure it was your colleague’s story and not yours?” Kim narrowed at her.

“Yeah.” Mariane smiled to reassure her.

“Okay. If that’s what you said.” Kim shrugged.

“Do you want to go to my place? Let’s celebrate your birthday.”

“Nah… I have something to do,” Mariane said as she stood up and was ready to leave.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“In my house?” Mariane answered in a sarcastic tone.

“Fine. You owe me a treat, alright?” Mariane nodded.

They both bid goodbyes to each other before they went apart. Mariane was walking on her way back to their house when a group of thugs came and blocked her way. She got stunned when she saw them drooling over her body with lust looked on their faces. Mariane immediately covered her chest with her arms when she realized that she was wearing a body-fit shirt that shows her curves.

“W-who are you?” Stuttering, Mariane managed to ask.

Mariane swallowed as one of the men slowly approached her. The man raised his hand and was about to hold Mariane when a dagger suddenly flew and stabbed directly into the man's arm, causing him to cry out in pain. His companions immediately became alert and looked at the origin of the dagger, while Mariane's eyes widened in shock at the speed of the incident.

‘What just happened?’ she thought while still in a daze.

“No one dares to touch my woman.” The guy who just arrived at the scene sternly said, which made the thugs turn their heads to the newcomer.

“Hey! Who are- It’s David! Run!” One of the goons said as they saw David and his group approaching them. 

The thugs ran away immediately as if they saw a ghost coming after them and leaving Mariane alone while she was still in shock and speechless.

“You are safe now. I will escort you to your home.” David said.

Mariane stared at David and nodded as she got cast into his spell.

‘Did this guy really save me?’ she wondered. ‘He’s really handsome, he could be my knight and shining armor. But no. Mariane, you should get back to your senses. You don’t know him well… Don’t fall for him,’ Mariane reminded herself. 

Suddenly, she immediately shook her head to get back to her senses.

“If it’s okay. I have also something to tell you.”


(SOJU- is a Korean alcoholic drink made of rice or sweet potatoes. (Definitions from oxford languages) Searched in g****e

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