Ch4 - “I Do”

“If it’s okay. I also have something to tell you.” Mariane abruptly said.

“Oh. Alright. Why don’t we stop by at the coffee shop to talk?” He asked.

David looked at his men and ordered them to get the car and secure the coffee shop they planned to go to. As soon as they arrived at the coffee shop, Marianne frowned when she noticed David’s men spread outside the said shop like they were securing the parameter for their safety. She even noticed that only the staffs of the coffee shop were there and no customers were eating in the area, which made Mariko frown.

“Why are there no customers other than us?” She asked.

David ordered the crew to prepare their orders as they sat in the seat.

“I reserve the entire area,” David nonchalantly said, which made Mariane’s jaw drop as she looked at him in disbelief.

“Why?” Mariane snorted. “I mean… Are you that wealthy to waste money just for our simple conversation?”

Later, the coffee and cake that David ordered for them arrived. David asked her what to order, but Mariane said nothing, so he ordered food for them.

“I just want you to be safe. You’re my future wife. That’s why I need to keep you safe.” Mariane laughed as if she had just heard a ridiculous joke.

“Who says I will marry you?” Mariane asked.

“Me. Because I know you will have no choice but to marry me.” David said, full of confidence.

“Oh, is that so?” Mariane asked.

Mariane closed her eyes and heaved a sigh out of frustration. “Mister, I have no plans to marry you… And this is the reason I wanted to talk to you.”

David tilted his head to the other side in confusion. “So you don’t want to marry me?” he asked, which made Mariane nod.

“I wanted to talk to you about my father’s debts. And ask how much he owes you. So I can pay you.” Mariane asked, which made David raise an eyebrow.

“Are you sure you can pay me?” Mariane shrugged.

“How much was it?”

“One million plus One hundred thousand interest. And I want you to pay me in three days.”

Mariane’s eyes widened in shock. “What?! T-three days?!” Mariane stuttered as she exclaimed.

‘How can I pay him one million and one hundred thousand in three days? Gosh! This guy is making me nuts. He's pinning me for what? Follow what he wants me to marry him? Arghh!!! No way?! But... Where can I get such an amount? My salary is below the minimum wage. And I've never even held that much money before. What should I do now?’ Mariane bit her lower lip unconsciously.

Mariane was worried she might end up marrying this stranger out of her own will. For her, marriage is sacred. Mariane wanted to marry a person whom she really loved… And as of now, she hadn’t found that guy yet.

“Stop biting your lips. Because I would end up kissing you right here, right now.” David warned her.

But there’s something deep inside of her that suddenly urges. And Mariane felt like she shivered down her spine.

‘Ghad! Why am I feeling unusual here? He tries to threaten me, right? But why do I feel like he sounds sexy the way he spoke to me?’ Mariane shook her head. ‘No… Mariane. Be consistent. This guy in front of you is not good for you. You should not fall from his spell.’ Mariane shook her thoughts away as she tried to remind herself to be careful.

“Don’t play on me. I don’t buy your tricks, mister.” Mariane reminded him.

“I don’t play. I am just telling what’s in my mind.” David smirked as he looked her directly in the eyes with lust.

Mariane felt uncomfortable with his stares, so she turned her gaze away and cleared her throat.

“Alright… Give me three days to pay you. And if three days will come and I still don’t have money, then… I will marry you.” Mariane stated.

David clicked his tongue and smirked. As he was confident, Mariane couldn’t bring money to him. He’ll do what it takes to make Mariane crawl for him and beg to marry him.

“Well, It’s a done deal, then.” David raised his hand and offered a handshake to her. But Mariane stayed stern and did not shake her hand to his. Instead, she stood up and left the place without a single word.

‘Go then, and find me money, baby. But I bet no one will lend you a hand. And if someone dares to, I will break their necks.’ David muttered as he saw Mariane walking away.

David tapped the table and called his secretary and his right hand, George Lee, through the phone.

“Hello, Master. What can I do for you?” George asked.

“Call all the banks in this city, and tell them to block Mariane Ramos from borrowing money. Even the shark loan owners… Tell them not to allow Mariane to borrow money from them. And if someone tries to let her borrow, they will be sent to their grave immediately.” David ordered.

“Alright, Master. I will call them right away.” George said before David turned off the call.


Mariane went home, feeling down. As she was walking nearby their house, she saw her mom sitting on the bench in front of the house. As if she was waiting for someone.

“Mom. What are you doing here? It’s dark and cold out here.”

“I was waiting for you. Where have you been?” Anastacia replied.

“You should have waited for me inside. You’ll catch a cold.” Mariane sighed. “Let’s get inside.” She held her mom’s hand and asked to get inside the house with her.

“Honey, I’m very sorry for keeping this secret from you all these years. I know you deserved to know, but I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Anastacia sincerely apologized as her eyes watered in tears.

Mariane immediately wiped her mom’s tears. “Hush now, mom. It’s not your fault in the first place. And I am thankful because you still raised me, even though I was the reason your life was ruined.” Mariane swallowed the lump in her throat.

“No, honey… It’s not your fault. Okay?” Anastacia smiled at her daughter, reassuring her that it wasn’t her fault. “You’re the greatest blessing I’ve ever had. And I can lose everything I have but you.” Anastacia added.

Mariane and Anastacia sniffed as they kept wiping the tears from each other, which made them chuckle. “We looked like fools here,” Mariane stated, and they both laughed.

But those smiles faded as Anastacia remembered the guy who intruded on their house earlier. “Yan-yan, how can we pay the guy from earlier? Are you going to marry him? Let’s talk to him. Maybe he will allow us to give you a little more time to pay your father’s debts.” Anastacia said, but Mariane shook her head.

Mariane heaved a sigh and smiled. “Don’t worry about it, mom. I will find a way.” She smiled to assure her everything was fine.

But three days passed, but Mariane couldn’t find someone to help her and lend her money. And David arrived at their house, wearing an all-white-three-piece suit with a white hat. He knocked on the door, and Mariane opened the door for him.

David smiled at her. “I am here to collect debts… or shall I say, to get my future wife. Are you ready to come and marry me?”

Mariane exasperatedly sighed. ‘I guess I have no choice but to say I Do.’

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