Ch5 - David Cruz

David Cruz is the youngest billionaire bachelor in their generation. David owned different businesses, such as a five-star hotel and restaurant, one of the most famous malls in the country, and a law firm. At a young age, David managed to build his own empire, making him the most influential and popular bachelor.

Aside from that, in the underground world, David was called a Mafia Lord. He also has a shark loan business. Everyone feared David because of his viciousness. He was also cunning and short-tempered. But before that, David was gentle, understanding, and sweet. But it fades away after his break up with his long-time girlfriend.

David proposed to her girl. But the woman rejected his proposal and embarrassed him in front of many people. She left David while he was on his knees.

David thought, ‘Maybe she was just pressured. I should have asked her hand in private.’

The other day, David went to Stacey’s house. He planned to propose to his girlfriend again and will ask her hand in marriage, privately. But David was surprised instead. He caught his girlfriend sleeping next to another guy, naked. David couldn’t believe what he was seeing. David beat the guy into a pulp and broke up with Stacey.

After what happened to his past relationship, David promised himself that he would never have a serious relationship again. Instead, he will just play with the girls.

After six months, Geneva returns home when she hears about the break up of her son David and his long-time girlfriend, Stacey.

Geneva asked his son to get back to Stacey. But David was too stubborn and had no plan of getting Stacey back into his life. And because of that, he and his mother argued.

“Come on, David!” Geneva groaned.

“I want Stacey for you. Go get her back! If you and Stacey will not be together again, I will take all of your assets. And I will not leave any single centavo from you.” She threatened him.

David looked at his mom in disbelief. “Are you serious? All the assets that I have come from my blood and sweat. How could you threathen me with the money that I earned?!” David emphasized the word ‘I’ as if he wanted to tell his mother that what he had was not her business anymore.

“I’d rather find another woman to marry than bring her back into my life,” David stated.

After two years of looking for the right woman to marry him, he finally found the one. But this woman was ten years younger than her, and when he saw her, David knew that the girl wasn’t ready yet.

The young girl was still a minor. And she was studying at the university. After knowing her background, David marked her as his future wife. He even blocked those guys who wanted to pursue her and threatened them as he always did to his enemies.

David never thought he would be charmed by the beauty and innocence of the girl. Her black, round, dolled eyes, cute little nose, pink-kissable lips, and captivating smile make him fall into her. It made him want to ravage her with his kisses. He wanted to taste every bit of her skin. The longer he waited for her, the longer he longed for her. This woman was unlike any other girls he had met before, who threw themself whenever they got to see him. She never tried to use her charms to seduce him.

‘I don’t think she recognizes me.’ David thought as he tried to come back and forth to her work countless times, even if he requested her to serve him.

‘Was she that oblivious? Or she’s just playing hard to get? Well… if it’s the latter, I can say she’s good at it. She took all of my attention.’ he thought.

After three years of waiting, David finally finds the reason to get her, even if it is by force. He found out that Diego, Mariane’s father, became addicted to gambling, and he had a debt to Lucas, the Gambling Lord.

One day, Lucas charged Diego for what he owed when he lost his gambling again. But Diego had no money yet to pay his debts from him. Lucas was about to kill him, but David came to rescue him. And he paid all his debts from him. In exchange, he signed an agreement saying that David will take Mariane in exchange for his debts.

“How did you know my daughter? Why do you want her? What will you do to her?” Diego asked before he signed the contract.

“I wanted to marry your daughter,” David answered.

“But why? There were plenty of girls out there…”

“Because I want her to give me an heir. You don’t want me to get her? Well then, pay me with your debts with you and your wife’s life in exchange for her.” Diego got stunned by his remarks.

So, he had no choice but signed the agreement. “You can have her,” Diego said after signing the papers.

A smirk appeared on David’s lips victoriously.

‘You’re finally mine now, Mariane Ramos. And no one will get you away from me.’ He grinned from his thoughts.


Back to present

David smiled at her. “I am here to collect debts… or shall I say, to get my future wife. Are you ready to come and marry me?”

“Do I have a choice?” Mariane said in a sarcastic tone.

“Don’t worry, baby. From now on, I will treat you as my Queen.” David grinned which made Mariane’s face turned sour as she looked at her in disgust.

“But before I marry you. I want you to help me find the man who abused my mother. I know you’re a thug and I want you to punish him,” she asked.

“If that’s what you want, then I will do it for you, then,” David promised.

“Once you find him, I will marry you right away.” She sternly said.

Mariane was so serious about finding the person who took her mom’s dignity. As she wanted to punish him for ruining Diego and Anastacia’s relationship. She wanted to avenge her mother. ‘Because of him, my mom was in a miserable state.’  she thought while clenching her fist as she remembered the cause of her mother’s miserable life.

“Alright, then. Give me ten days. And I will find him, right away. So you better be ready, my lady.” David caressed her chin, gently as he stared at her full of desires.

‘In ten days, you will be officially mine.’ David thought.

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